Chapter 2124 The Ruler of Face Slaps Returns 7

"It's not just for Soul Slayer, Poison Ivy, and Flame Dragon. If all of you are willing to submit to us, I can also let all of you regain back your bodies. How does that sound? To be able to live in the state like you had before in the world, no longer limited to within the confines of the Spirit World, no longer tied by the constraints of having to become a human's Ring Spirit before you are able to leave this place. Throughout the vast skies and the limitless seas, where you will be able to go wherever you want to." Wu Jiu said, extending a highly irresistible invitation to Flame Dragon and Poison Ivy.

"In your dreams! To have to work together with someone like you to bring harm upon the spirits, I would rather continue to live as a spirit forever!" Poison Ivy said with a cold sneer.

"I shall not rest till I see thou meet thy death!" Flame Dragon avowed solemnly.

"You don't know what's good for you." Wu Jiu jeered, and he turned his head to look at the imposter.

"My Lord, since they have refused our generous offer, we do not need to let them have the opportunity to see that happen."

The fake Spirit Lord nodded his head and then stood up from the throne, where he then came down slowly a step at a time. A powerful blast of power of the spirit then swirled around his entire body, and an oppressive spirit aura then filled the grand hall. In just one instant, Jun Wu Xie and the others immediately felt an aura so oppressive like nothing they had ever felt before.

The Spirit Lord released his own power of the spirit at the same moment, that crashed against the imposter's powerful aura.

The oppressive aura that engulfed Jun Wu Xie and the others suddenly disappeared.

"You think that you are able to stop me?" The imposter said as he stared at the Spirit Lord who was struggling to resist the oppressive aura and his eyes gleamed with a sliver of malice. He then immediately increased the intensity of the oppressive aura he was releasing.

The Spirit Lord's power of the spirit already had a great part of it depleted and in his current state, he was not a match for the imposter at all. As the imposter's oppressive aura intensified, the Spirit Lord's face then began to turn more and more pale, and seeing that pale countenance, the imposter and Wu Jiu just felt nothing but glee.

"How dull and boring….." A mirthful sigh sounded out from behind Jun Wu Xie and the others. The moment that voice rang out, Jun Wu Xie's eyes immediately rose up with a smile.

A black shadow shot into the grand hall quick as lightning, as a tyrannical force with the power of a tempest swept in to completely crush both the auras of the imposter and that of the Spirit Lord!

The overwhelming power that had appeared so suddenly stuck hard, catching the imposter completely unprepared, as the oppressive aura was turned right around to rush straight onto his own body!

The imposter's haughty and arrogant stance then wavered and tilted under the powerful force that came back to bite onto him, his feet falling back a few steps!

"Who is that! ?" Wu Jiu stared in shock at the imposter's wretched looking figure, his eyes filled with utter disbelief.

[How is it possible? In this Spirit World, there was actually someone who was capable of hurting the Lord!]

"You are not even qualified to raise a question." Filled with unmatched haughtiness, the graceful figure of Jun Wu Yao descended right before Jun Wu Xie. The instant that tall slender figure was revealed, utter shock and hopeless despair immediately showed on the faces of Wu Jiu and the fake Spirit Lord….

Jun Wu Yao who stood before their faces, was unbelievably graceful and composed, and the seemingly nonchalant stance of his body felt like it carried the dominating air that belonged to kings, while that pair of violet eyes immediately threw Wu Jiu and the fake Spirit Lord right over the edge into the deep pits of hopelessness!

"Dark Emperor….." Wu Jiu stared with wide disbelieving eyes. In the instant he recognized Jun Wu Yao's identity, all the confidence and arrogance he held immediately disappeared out of him without a single trace left, and his body began to shiver uncontrollably.

[How is this possible?]

[How is it even possible! ?]

[Why would the Dark Emperor appear here in the Spirit World! ! ?]

Mind numbing terror hung right over Wu Jiu's head, and after getting a clear view of Jun Wu Yao, the fake Spirit Lord stood rooted in his spot.

No matter how much he was capable of, when standing before Jun Wu Yao, everything about them was immediately turned into one big joke!