Chapter 1653: “Birthday Well Wishes (1)”

Chapter 1653: “Birthday Well Wishes (1)”

A month passed in a blink. Qiao Chu and the others gradually blended into the various palaces and their powers gained recognition from their respective palaces where they slowly walked towards the center of power.

Although Fei Yan had been secretly investigated into due to the incident before, but through her one month’s worth of “dainty” and exemplarily “obedient” performance, the people from the Dragon Slayers Palace also came to believe Fei Yan’s “innocence”.

And coincidentally at that time, it was the Pure Grace Palace Lord’s birthday and although the Twelve Palaces were not exactly harmonious, they were still expected to put on a facade of cordiality for appearance’s sake. All the palaces had to prepare a birthday gift and send a representative to bring it to the Pure Grace Palace to express their well wishes for the Pure Grace Palace Lord.

This should have been a simple matter of no trouble but voices of discord grew within the Dragon Slayers Palace.

“The Pure Grace Palace still has not given us an explanation for their actions before till this day and it is obvious that they see the Dragon Slayers Palace as being beneath their notice. Why do we have to stick our faces warmly to their cold behinds, rushing forward to send him well wishes?” An Elder with a feisty temperament said in disapproval of the matter about having to send birthday well wishes to the Pure Grace Palace Lord. With the disparity between the might of the Twelve Palaces gradually widening, the gap between the Pure Grace Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace was becoming more and more obvious.

In the incident where a disciple of the Pure Grace Palace had failed in harrassing Fei Yan and had instead been taught a lesson by Fei Yan, from the way the Dragon Slayers Palace saw it, the Pure Grace Palace was at fault. In regards to that, the Pure Grace Palace should have at least come forward to offer an apology but having waited for a month, they had not gotten any reaction from the Pure Grace Palace at all, which greatly displeased a great number of people that grew by the day in the Dragon Slayers Palace.

“We can’t put it in this way. We need not question what the Pure Grace Palace chooses to do but we have rules among the Twelve Palaces right before us. For us to send well wishes to the Pure Grace Palace Lord’s birthday, it does not mean that we are wiping the slate clean in regards to the incident before, but would instead show the graciousness of the Dragon Slayers Palace, which we would display to all the other palaces.” Another Elder said seriously, his gaze turning to look at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord seated upon the main seat.

“My Lord, this old man has heard that the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace had already gotten their birthday gifts prepared and had sent out quite a good number of their members to the Pure Grace Palace to deliver their well wishes. On the surface, they are just delivering the gifts and well wishes, but they are actually using this as a way of showing off their might. This old man is of the opinion that for so many years, the birthday celebrations of the various Palace Lords had never been missed by any of the Twelve Palaces, it must be the same this time, or the Dragon Slayers Palace would be seen as being petty and narrow minded.”

The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord listened throughout without a word and nodded his head slightly. The way he viewed it, the matter between Fei Yan and the disciple from the Pure Grace Palace was just a small altercation and not anything big. It had only drawn so much attention within the palace before they had been worried that Fei Yan might have been a spy sent by another one of the other palaces. But after one whole month’s observation, they were assured that Fei Yan was to be trusted and the matter should now then be seen to have been resolved.

“Elder Yu’s words are not without reason. It’s just sending birthday well wishes. Our Dragon Slayers Palace can still very well afford the gift.” The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord said, having agreed with Elder Yu’s words.

The Elder who had disapproved had wanted to say something more, but was held back by the gaze the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord gave him, having no choice but to swallow back the words that had been on the tip of his tongue.

“Who does Elder Yu feel, will be suitable for us to send this time?” The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord went on to ask.

Elder Yu replied: “This old man heard that the two Young Lords of the Blood Fiend Palace are already making their way there. Although the Blood Fiend Palace did not manage to gain any highly gifted youths in the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet, but it is well known to all of us here that the two Young Lords of the Blood Fiend Palace hold significant powers. Moreover, Gu Xin Yan is also Gu Yi’s most precious daughter, hasn’t my Lord been intending for our Young Lord to interact more with Gu Xin Yan? This old man thinks that this is a good opportunity for it. The other palaces are mostly sending out their younger members this time and the young ones would naturally be less inhibited in their interaction with each other.”