Chapter 56: Business is Booming

"Black market huh... Although I am a lawful business person, I do have an idea of where it is..." Mark pondered for a while as he honestly admitted to Feihren.

"But for that, coincidentally, you need to register yourself within the adventurers guild for you to be allowed entrance, or so I've heard? It seems that the higher ups of both the guild and the black market are siblings? And had made this whole system of the items from the black market be "bought" from those requests on the guild. It was a clever move in my opinion..." Mark added as he explained to Feihren about why he has to register.

"Registering huh... But if I do that, wouldn't they find out who I really am? Here is the deal. My weapon was stolen back when I was traveling in the central woodlands and I have narrowed down the location of the thieves within this city... Although I doubt that they could even use my weapon, I am pretty sure that they would be selling it on the black market instead." Feihren told everything to Mark so that he could properly assess the situation and thus, could efficiently help him.

"Hmm... If it's a weapon you're talking about, then maybe I could really help. I am both registered within the Adventurer's guild and the Merchant's guild, although I am more inclined with the later due to my work and all. But I guess I could pull a few strings or two so that you could get your weapon back..." Mark replied.

"... Aside from my weapon, I guess I have another business to attend to within that market." Feihren replied as he suddenly remembered about the illusory image that the spirit wolf showed to him back then. 'That's right, I also so have to find whether or not the Spirit Wolf parents were sold here or within another place, but I am pretty sure that transactions such as those would be held in places closest to the forest, which happens to be this city...'

Even though Mark could technically help Feihren about the issue of his stolen weapon, Feihren was actually more concerned in helping the spirit wolf. The matter with the Demonic Carbine was that the Ancient Demon Lord was tightly trapped within it so he could not possibly harm anyone anytime soon unless the carbine was then physically broken, then it might cause another 'leaking'. Although it was still urgent, Feihren could put it down within his priority. A living creatures life would be of much importance, but it was better for him to hit two birds with a single stone.

"Thank you for your help Mark, although, it seems that I couldn't avoid just registering huh?" Feihren smiled as he asked Mark about something else entirely irrelevant. "Do you have anyone you care about that works inside that black market?"

"Huh? As far as I am concerned, there would be none your majesty. Most of the people I know of in this city are those that abide by the laws of the city lord, and I do not know much about those underground. Why do you ask your majesty?" Mark answered.

"Ah, It's nothing, I'm just making sure that I won't be harming anyone you care for when things won't go as I planned..." Feihren waved his hand in dismissal as he answered Mark.

It was already 2 in the evening; Mark had offered for him to stay for the night so that they could finally get some proper rest.


Feihren went on to one of the guest rooms Mark lead him to. He then proceeded to thank him as Mark returned to his room.

It was quite a spacious room with a comfortable looking bed.

Feihren then gently placed the sleeping snow tiger cubs on the soft mattress as he proceeded to take out Samael's gem, placing it besides them.

"Take care of them for a while, I'll be going out" Feihren instructed Samael as the gem glinted.

Equipping the Stealth Armor, Feihren opened one of the windows of the room as he bravely jumped out, landing smoothly without noise. Feihren had decided that always playing safe throughout this entire mission is only necessary when you don't want the innocent to be caught in the crossfire. But as for the black market? He couldn't care less, those places are where scums breed, and Feihren wouldn't even bat an eye when killing this kind of people.

He then immediately used [Battlefield Scan] as he noticed multiple figures moving throughout the city. Feihren hid in the shadows as he lurked throughout the streets that were basically empty.

'This could only mean that the black market is literally underground...' Feihren grinned as he proceeded to look for an empty alley.

Checking within the scan if there were any people close by, Feihren had clarified that there was none, including those directly underground.

Equipping the Titan Armor, Feihren started smashing the brick road as debris flew all over the place, the softer soil revealed itself within split seconds as Feihren continued digging. The dirt and debris were then cleared as a hollow hole was seen. Feihren then returned to equipping the Stealth Armor for him to fit inside.

"Hmm... around 400 different 'stores' and 'booths'; And quite a lot of nobles are here too..."

This place was indeed bustling, It was the fact that these kinds of business do not rest that Feihren had wondered why those mercenaries back then had not immediately proceeded in here. "Are they too confident that I could never track them down" Feihren jokingly thought as a grin appeared on his face.

Roaming the entirety of the black market that spanned almost 1/4 of the entire city itself, Feihren had finally tracked down the place where they sell poached creatures. There were approximately 3 Spirit Wolves left, it seems that business is booming as most of the other creatures are cleared and only common ones were left.

Feihren confirmed and had marked the location of the said store as he went back to the only entrance to this place. It seems like an underground tunnel that leads to an iron-clad door that's connected to one of the buildings above.

Equipping the Titan Armor and switching into Titan Arms mode, Feihren punched the upper walls of the said tunnel as it started collapsing, covering the entirety of the entrance. The noise made by the collapsing of the entrance had grabbed the attention of everyone as panic started rising within this now sealed dome.

Switching into the Titan Slate, loud buzzing sound was heard as Feihren rushed forth towards the place where the Spirit Wolves were sold. Dropping from a certain height, Feihren smashed some of the stalls and destroyed most of the cages that contained other ferocious beasts. The unleashed animals then caused more commotion as they started attacking and biting every merchants and buyer they could land their eyes upon.

A few heavily built thugs had gone out of their temporary tents as they had witnessed the sudden commotion, The eyes within the helm of the gigantic Titan glared at these figures, as they immediately decided to run for their lives.

Equipping the AKM on his hands, as he changed into the Hades Armor, Feihren started wrecking havoc within this underground black market as these scums started running towards the only entrance, only to be blocked by enormous boulders that have piled up.

A few of those people started digging into the pile of rubble as some of the magic casters invoked explosion magic to reduce the size of said boulders. Everything they did was futile as the recoil from the magic attack only caused the tunnel to collapse even further, ultimately making it harder for those that could only do the physical labor.

Some of the merchants that have hired misaligned adventurers have started to turn the other way around and fight back. Although the enemy was something that was akin to a metal giant, there was only one, and there were over a few thousand people within this place that could fight.

Huge magic circles could be seen overhead as the magic caster started enchanting their strongest offensive spell, bombarding all of them towards a single direction. The place was sunk into a mixture of despair and utter chaos as the explosions had shaken the entire place. huge debris started falling from the ceiling as all the of the spells landed on Feihren.

This kind of 'battle' is where Feihren was most prominent with, no surprise attacks, no people actually trying to use disabling spells on him... the complete chaos might have just numbed the sense of these people.

"I guess my only weakness is being a bit reckless by actually catching that dagger huh... I could have just immediately switched into a Titan and get all of it done... tsk" Feihren muttered to himself as he continued, "Oh well, I was also prioritizing those cubs back then... I might have accidentally squished them if I hurriedly switch into the armor... hmm or maybe not? Oh well, what does is done anyways..."

The continued rise of Feihren base HP as he continued killing within the black market was enough to tank every single attack that these people could throw.

Blood splattered all over the place as the beasts that were freed by Feihren everytime he passes by a store that sells them, would immediately retaliate and attack those poachers that have abducted them back then, it was pent up anger that had turned all these beasts into such savage state.

"We thank you, Oh Chosen One..." One of the Spirit wolves that were freed and was now helping Feihren had suddenly spoken.

"Chosen One? How did you..." Feihren was quite in shock as well. Wait...

"You could talk? How..." Feihren was then again shocked; The wolf speaking with human language!

"Yes, I am the Alpha Spirit Wolf, and I could speak human tongue... It does not matter for now, what matters is that you have come to our aid, and as for that, I sincerely thank you." the Alpha Spirit Wolf answered Feihren earnestly.

"And as for how I know that you are the Chosen One? I could smell the elven treasures in you..." The Spirit wolf then added as he proceeds to pounce and attack even more of the people on the black market.

It was all these corrupt people versus a Titan with an army of beasts.

A single bullet from Feihren and everyone that started retaliating and attacking the beast instead would immediately fall; their body lifeless on the ground, only leaving a hole within the skull as blood would start covering the floor.

It was indeed a gruesome scene as shouting and screaming of desperation resounded within the underground market.

The hellish scene matched the blood red color of the Hades armor that blazed baleful aura that covered the entirety of the area... imprinting fear within the hearts of those that saw it before they perish.

Only the stench of blood remained as Feihren started to collect everything within this huge place that was now eerily silent. Feihren had not collected every single body within this place as those carnivorous beast has started feasting on them. He could not help that this was the reality of all these; Those that had removed these beings from their proper habitat deserves the punishment of them being food, as they were starved back then.

Feihren had yet to check the quality of items that he had gathered at this place as he noticed that it was almost 6 in the morning. He then changed into the Titan Armor as he started scraping off the blockage, clearing the tunnel and allowing the entrance to be open again.

"And now, we wait; For my Demonic Carbine to come back home..." Feihren smiled as he stood guard at the entrance of the now empty black market.