Chapter 39: Change of Plans

"We apologize if everything that is happening right now is confusing you Sir" Field Marshal, Alexis Calveria, immediately filled Feihren in to what really was happening. Confusion was evident within Feihren's face.

"Yes! Yes, please! Do fill the gaps, I am confused as hell to what is happening right now, were supposed to be enemies, you know?" Removing the [True Kings Crown], Feihren had thought that they might not have recognized him for the new armor he was wearing and thus decided to change into the 'Titan Slate' mode of the Titan Armor.

"I am the one responsible for wiping almost half of you, don't you hold any hostility against me then?" Floating besides Feihren was the slate board that was the only thing visible atop the wall back then before the black condensed sphere exterminated half of their army.

Although surprise was evident on the generals and some of the soldiers that had witnessed this, they only nodded helplessly, they had figured out that the one who had slain King Louie would be as powerful as the one who wiped almost all of them from the beginning, they have not only anticipated that it would be the same person.

This was the enemy of their Kingdom that slaughtered thousands of them. But within their hearts, they to, were the enemies of this man, and was only driven by choice to kill within what he thinks was right.

If they were truly enemies to the core, this formidable opponent who was capable of killing thousands in mere seconds would have made his move already, either to start slaughtering all of them that were present or escape, but they all believe he might do the former. But now, this man is definitely not a murdering maniac as he was able to speak his mind in front of their leader and have a rational conversation with him.

"We# were here because of an order from King Louie III, but it has been years since we were able to step foot within the capital. We are forced to be garrisoned far from the Wolfenstein Capital and had stayed there for almost 5 years! Away from our loved ones!" Hint of pain and regret could be seen within the eyes of these supposed war-hardened veteran, Alexis.

Five years is not that long if one would consider the risk one had to take when joining the military. What pained them the most was the disappearance of several of their comrades; every now and then, elite teams were formed within their troops, being commanded to do errands by the king, but not even a single one of them would return! Every single time it happens, not a survivor would come back and report to what has happened within their mission. It was so suspicious that Alexis made a move back then and had discovered the dark truth.

Fuel; the people sent to these supposed "mission" were just mere fuel to strengthen the presumably dead King Louie! Alexis had been hiding the fact that he already knew all this with a few fellow generals within the army. Yet, it was the bitter truth that they were still under the command of the king, and more or less, not everyone would believe them if he would tell them everything without any proof. They had long planned for a coup d'谷tat to overthrow the kingdoms royalty, but garnering the support of the entire army that was huge in number and is somehow divided, was not an easy task.

The appearance of Feihren, however, was definitely heaven-sent for those people who wanted to remove the control of King Louie within the kingdom. Well, Feihren had already slain King Louie, but the fact that the kingdom would be left without a strong and proper ruler after overthrowing the last pawn of the royalty, King Louie III, would only leave the entire Wolfenstein Kingdom vulnerable. It would look as if it was a delicious food that is ready for the taking of the other kingdoms that hunger for bountiful resources.

"#That is why I ask of you lord sir, that we need a powerful ruler right now, we may not be the entire kingdom, but we, the entire Wolfenstein Army right now, will serve you, for the justice that our fallen comrades back then deserve#" Sincerity could be felt from those words of Alexis, and Feihren could not help but sigh, another ridiculous responsibility he could just deny, yet, he felt somewhat# guilty? It was maybe because of the thousand kills he did back then? Or the fact that he was the one who was responsible for the death of King Louie? Well, either of those made this old man's heart felt troublesome, it was definitely something he could not just put off right there and then.

"My name is Gama Feihren, I am a former general myself# although..."

Feihren had not yet finished his introduction before being interrupted by the sound of numerous galloping horses coming from the direction of the eastern gates. Feihren creased his brows as he was wondering who these people might be. His ears were sensitive enough to detect all this way before the others noticed, but as soon as the galloping sound grew louder, the entire Wolfenstein Army immediately reacted, and had returned to proper war formation.

If one would view this from above, the formation of the Wolfenstein Army is so neat that their alignment itself would even scare the crap out of the enemies. The reduced numbers of the army, which was now only around 100,000 soldiers and mages, was definitely more manageable and thus promptly prepared themselves just after 10 minutes. This feat was definitely fast, it just goes to show the top-notch quality and discipline these people have; yet, they were nothing compared to the man who was now "leading" them.

Feihren did not continue his introduction as he instructed the other generals, including Alexis, to prepare themselves and come with him. The other soldiers within the army were the instructed to keep their formation and stay vigilant, but it would still be best to keep their heads up and stay alert, just in case.

14 military generals including Alexis went with Feihren, traveling with their armored horses, while Feihren was on his 'Titan Slate', they had immediately arrived at the direction of where the noise was coming from.

Excluding Feihren, the others gasped in surprise as to see who these people were, bearing heraldic flags with different insignias and coat of arms, the generals behind Feihren could not help but speak up in shock.

"Ranustin Kingdom? and# are those the other Kingdoms from the Blaz Continent? What are these people doing here all of a sudden?" Most of the generals were familiar with the coat of arms of the Ranustin Kingdom as it was the closest kingdom that does not belong to their continent.

The generals were immediately hostile towards these people, although they do not have the largest number, only numbering around a few thousands, they did not dare underestimate people with low numbers now, after all, Feihren singlehandedly wiped half of them; they still do not dare believe many people like him exists, but being careful every now and then is always beneficial.

Feihren signaled the people behind him to calm down, as he proceeded to step forward towards the direction of the Ranustin Army, Feihren waved his hand as if he was calling out for someone. This made the generals behind him curious as to what was happening.

A small group of people immediately arrive in front of Feihren. Aside from the original 10-man party of his, there were a few other including King Samson.

'# and it seems that the Emperor of the Bainzen Empire has come as well.' Feihren threw a casual smile towards this Emperor as the people of his 10-man party that belonged to his empire were just putting their heads down as if they were ashamed to look at Feihren in the eyes.

"Ah! It seems that you are indeed powerful, and have seized this place quite well." King Samson spoke up after inspecting the now desolate stronghold, the kings of the other kingdoms within the group nodded in satisfaction as well. "Now then, well handle everything from here, all you need to do is wipe the remaining enemies, squeaky clean." The Bainzen emperor added, while sending a grin to the people behind Feihren.

"You# You work for them?" Alexis said in a low voice caused by despair.

"I did, but you know what#" Feihren replied to Alexis as he threw a smile towards the generals behind him, before turning to King Samson and the others.

"#You could all go home now, and as for the Wolfenstein Kingdom? Change of plans, I'll be their king now."