Chapter 202: Sharp

Gradon rushed inside the underground castle prison with a worried expression and a squad of fully-armed men.

The "Legacy" was missing!

When the news had reached his ears, he'd been stunned.

He knew what would happen to him if the news reached the Grand Duke's ears.

He would lose both his position and honor.

As the Grand Duke's knight and the Western Commander of the whole principality, Gradon's honor was more precious to him than his own life.

"I need to make those filthy thieves spill the location of the 鈥楲egacy..."

With that in mind, Gradon marched into the prison entrance.

However, the very moment he set his foot on the first step of the stairs, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

He immediately halted. The window was closed, but the wooden block of the bezel had fallen off and landed on the ground.

It was nothing eye-catching. Just a barely noticeable corner of the window. If one had not been paying enough attention, they would have naturally ignored the existence of the wooden block.

Gradon walked towards the corner and picked up the block, his eyes locked on the window.

Suddenly, he pushed it open.

There was nothing outside.

"No one?"

Gradon leaned his head out to get a better look.

He looked left and right in the darkness, but he noticed nothing peculiar.

He straightened his body and frowned before another thought formed in his mind and he moved his head out of the window again.

He looked up this time, but he still did not see anyone.

"Am I overthinking?"

Gradon retracted back into the room, mocking himself with a small smile.

His mind was fully focused on the "Legacy". He had no spare time for other minor trouble. He ordered one of his men to stand guard by the window and quickly headed inside the prison.


At the top of the prison entrance hall was another room which was about five meters away. Kieran and Lawless, who had just gone inside, let out a breath of relief as soon as Gradon was gone.

"What a cautious, sharp fellow! He was just here to clean up the mess, yet he still managed to notice those small details!" Kieran said in awe.

While Gradon had been approaching the window, Kieran had made an impulsive decision and climbed to a higher spot to hide. If he hadn't, they might have gotten discovered.

"Wow, 2567! You really did pay a lot of attention! Thank God you managed to hide this inside your mouth and bring it into the dungeon!"

Lawless was pointing at the [Deceiver's Key] in Kieran's hand.

From releasing Lawless from his shackles to silently unlocking the wooden block blocking the window, the hair-like tool had proved itself very useful.

Without it, the two of them would not have reached their new hiding spot unnoticed.

Lawless felt nothing but gratitude for the life-saving tool, and even more so for Kieran, who had managed to sneak it into the dungeon.

"The idea just came to me and I happened to have this tool with me. It was just a coincidence."

Kieran shrugged humbly, his tone matter-of-fact. He was not just pretending to be humble.

From his point of view, it had been the logical thing to do. Nothing more than a twist of wits. It was not the same for Lawless though.

"This is not just a spontaneous idea! This is the talent of an assassin! Considering your age though... Lawless...voice became softer as he went on. His last few words were completely inaudible.

""It's not safe here. If that guy discovers what happened inside the prison