Chapter 96 – The Terror of the Body Transfiguration

He was a level 15 player being made to complete such a hidden mapquest, he felt reluctant. A single player dealing with a level 25 gold boss single-handedly, he was overestimating himself. If Chu Rui didn't obtain the Earth Golem doll before, allowing him to summon the formidable silver boss, if Chu Rui didn't have astonishing speed and perception, if Chu Rui didn't have the skill [Nimble Wind] allowing him to go against the heaven, he would have already been killed and returned to the city in vain.

Chu Rui knew, even if this wasn't the last hurdle, this would absolutely be the 2nd before the final hurdle. So as long as he survives, granted that he completes this almost impossible task. The reward after going against the heaven's would definitely fall into his inventory. His success or failure, would be determine in this one last minute! Now, Xin Jide's hp was dropping by 300 every second. Even with his 18000 hp, would only last for just one more minute!


※Inspire Courage!§

Instantaneously, Chu Rui released two skills, the assassination skill that was originally used to quickly get close to the target, [Onrush] was being used to increase his own speed to increase the chances of him dodging. The skill [Inspire Courage], wasn't for the 30% attack bonus increase, nor the 20% crit rate increase, but the 10% increase to all stats, increasing his hp and speed by 10%.

Now, he didn't even consider how to kill Xin Jide with his dagger, but instead was prepared to kill him without firing a shot using the special effect formalin that would keep his favorite research materials alive, which had poisoned him.

He probably didn't think that his lifetime research, would caused him to become wanted by the nation, and become an object of hatred. He had studied how to produce human variants for his entire life, but he was actually going to die in the hands of the formalin he had created. Was this karma? It's really laughable at the same time sad, and pitiful!

※Roar roar roar#..§

47 seconds had already passed, when Xin Jide had suddenly crazily howled. And his wild and extremely grandiose body had suddenly started shrinking, returning back to its original appearance.

*Ding, the evil alchemist Xin Jide's rage mode had ended, and had gone into a state of weakness, all resistance had been decreased by 20% for ten minutes! *

Chu Rui who was endlessly dodging, heard the system alert making him overjoyed. Looking at the weak Xin Jide with an ice-cold smile.

Although killers would resort to any means for their goal, but as the king of killers, continuously being passive had made him aggrieved. In reality, he would always dispose of a matter with the use of his dagger, being in trouble like this had made him sullen.

And now, Xin Jide's medicine effect was over, and had immediately collapsed, if he fucking doesn't seize this opportunity, it would be disgraceful, and Chu Rui won't forgive himself for this.

47 seconds, while [Onrush] buff had ended, but [Inspire Courage] buff was in effect for a full three minutes! An additional 10% increase to all of his stats, 30% increase to attack bonus, 20% increase to critical hit rate, isn't this enough for him to play around with the weakened Xin Jide?

※Damn#.mankind, I must#.kill#kill you!

He looked at Chu Rui who was holding two dagger walking towards him, he then glanced at his already completely collapsed biochemical laboratory, a hint of sadness and inexplicable anger flashed in Xin Jide's eyes, one that he would never forget, with eyes full of anger, he looked straightly at Chu Rui, the sight of Xin Jide's bitter resentment even with his extremely good temperament, Chu Rui was still unable to bear the chill on his spine. This fucker's resentment, is really too great.

※I say, brother, can you not threaten me? Your way of talking is too slow, and doesn't even have the deterrence force it previously had!§ Chu Rui touched the back of his head, and sighed.

※You ruined my life#..feelings#.blood, I!§

*Scratch*, [Why do you have so much to say?]

He looked at Xin Jide who eyes was filled with hatred and intent to kill, Chu Rui felt wronged.

※In the very first place you were the one that made the Earth Golem that had destroyed your laboratory, this big brother didn't do anything. Why are you glaring at me? Why are you staring at me! Does my fart even matter to you?§

Chu Rui's words, had made Xin Jide even more mad as well as spit out blood. He had seen shameless people before, but he had never seen a person this shameless. He looked at Chu Rui and wanted to shout: Fucker, this father of yours, weren't you the one that barged into my lab, what about that situation? You even dare say &does my fart even matter'? How could someone be so shameless?

※Good, since you insist not to talk. I have to say that your killing intent is really formidable, even this strong big brother of yours could somewhat not withstand it. Consider the poor life you had led, let me set you free, and no longer grieve for no reason, let me help you rest in peace! Do you have any last words, but needless to say, I won't help you with it. As for expressing gratitude, there's no need, this big brother of yours like to help obscene people like you!§

Seeing Xin Jide's indignant stare, Chu Rui with some &honesty' grinned. This extremely shameless words and his weakened body, Xin Jide was unable to stop his blood from bursting crazily.

※Bastard, even if this father of yours die today, I'll still pull you with me to hell!§

Perhaps it was because of his blood bursting, that Xin Jide's manner of speaking had quicken.He madly spit out blood, while blue vein could be seen on his forehead, and without hesitating, he pulled a green bottle of medicine, raising it near his mouth, and drank it.

This fucker, cheating me once isn't enough, and now you want to cheat me a second time? This fucking cheating system, also makes him use the drug repeatedly? Repeatedly coming after me? Wanting to nibble me to death! Does this damn system intentionally want this father dead?

Seeing Xin Jide's action, Chu Rui's eyes were about to pop out. Thinking that the toothless tiger Xin Jide, was unexpectedly going to transform. Cheating like this, and even dare to fool around with me? Damn You!

No matter how much Chu Rui cursed angrily inside his heart, the situation wouldn't change.

Even after Xin Jide had drank the drug, his body still didn't change, but it still gave Chu Rui a much more dangerous feeling compared to before.

Xin Jide emotionlessly looked up, and then the water that was covering his whole body dropped into the special effect formalin puddle, and made a &thump' sound. The atmosphere immediately froze.

Chu Rui narrowed his eyes, and looked at the unusual Xin Jide. And the damage that could been seen on top of his head caused by the formalin was not there anymore. Chu Rui was about to kill without fighting plan, at this point it wouldn't work anymore!


Suddenly, Xin Jide's body shot out with a light sonic boom. Chu Rui's eyes soon widened, as he saw Xin Jide's fingertip emit a bright light, and on top of that, the inexplicably disgusting green liquid covered his body.

※Bang bang bang bang bang#.§

One after another light sonic booms resounded, as sharp bones appeared on Xin Jide's body, but this bones weren't bones, but what seemed to be venom that had immersed to become a poisonous sharp bone. The green venom splashed on the formalin puddle, and had even made a chemical reaction, producing bubbles and white smoke.

Chu Rui looked at him, and once again used observe. His complexion changed when he saw the information he had obtained!

Evil Alchemist Xin Jide

Condition: body transfiguration

Level 25