Chapter 80 – Earth Golem II

With his equipment, Chu Rui's defense and HP stats were that of a Knight's, plus a thieves' critical hit rate and speed, and excellent awareness and anticipation. Should give him a chance to beat the Earth Golem. But seeing the Earth Golem made out of stone, he couldn't help but twitch his mouth.

In any kind of situation, Chu Rui would definitely confront it by rushing to it directly. However, it's a fucking rock. It would be a little painful. Using a dagger to break a stone? Would obviously be stupid to do.

Chu Rui is fast, body is also very flexible, he also has excellent instincts and tremendous foresight, so long as the boss' level is not many levels higher than him, he would definitely be able to beat it and even tease the boss. However, that's only if it's a normal boss. Looking at this situation, the earth golem is a giant. Its strength was also very high. Your flexible, so what? If someone punched your face over time, your flexibility, would be worthless. In Chu Rui's perception, this earth golem's fist was the half the size of a man. Fist is nearly one meter in diameter. If a kite is used to fight in the air and escape, it still wouldn't be a problem. However, this things attack range is 10 meters, what can you do in this situation? Foot also crosses about three-four meters, this feels like cheating. Guessed that he would need a horde to get rid of this thing.

The time passed, minute by minute. Chu Rui didn't act like before where he would use every second of his time. His whole body stood there, motionless. His eyes looked straight at the Earth Golem, finding out a way to beat it.

Strong vitality, impregnable defense, dynamic strength, while only had a single draw back which its low speed but is compensated through its huge attack range. Chu Rui needed to use Nimble Wind, otherwise, he would always be in danger every time. With this absolute speed, it wouldn't be impossible to beat this Earth Golem with its absolute strength. However, Nimble Wind's effect only lasts a minute, and the cooldown for it is an hour, making it unfeasible to do.

So, his only choice was to find another way!

Yes, another way!

Any person, any object, are not invincible. Whatever it is, there would always be a weakness. No weakness, well it's because you haven't found its weakness. The earth golem, weakness is speed, absolute speed could beat it, but Chu Rui couldn't do that. In this current situation, speed advantage is a must, but an absolute advantage, is impossible.

Three mini boss in the beginning, and a powerful boss as a guard. At the rear there's a hole hidden by thorns is definitely not normal. Maybe it's similar to the ※Lost Mine§ hidden map, or similar to a hidden treasure or something like that. Anyway, whatever it is, would certainly not give Chu Rui a small pleasant surprise. However, even if there was a big treasure inside, if he doesn't kill the Earth Golem in front of him then it would only be just an empty talk.

He stared at the Earth Golem for a long time, but Chu Rui still failed to come up with a solution. This f**k is cheating a little bit. It's hiding something, and might contain a hidden map, tasks, equipment, and are likely give a unique skill, This is the world of ※Kismet, naturally, it wouldn't be easy to beat. He previously completed the ※Lost Mine§ hidden quest, killed the Spider Queen Elizabeth, and got skills which may not be unique, but completed an epic task that gave something that he didn't know what it was exactly, ※Blade of Abjuration§, but believes that it is definitely at least a unique item. In this world, even if it's a waste material, can still become a treasure.

This is a game, the system wouldn't make the event impossible to complete. Any time, any place, there would always be a way to defeat the enemy. You just need the key to do it. Among them, the most important thing is to find the key, when you find the way, you've already won half the battle. Chu Rui found a way, but it doesn't work. Unwillingly, he could try it, but the risk would be very big. He can only rely on his speed to defend against the Earth Golem's attack range, but must be careful with his every step. In that small space, with a huge opponent like the Earth Golem, every spot would be dangerous. If it was like the usual, Chu Rui could still rely on his own means to hit and run, but the most difficult thing is that the Earth Golem's skill is unknown, in the case it use it, it would probably be a threat to his life. Therefore, this method was acceptable, but the degree of risk, was a lot.

Was there a safe way?

Chu Rui squinted his eyes again on the Earth Golem's body. This cat, is covered in stone, although its name is Earth Golem, its soil is harder than a stone, it's really disgusting. Looking at its posture and power, it's hard to imagine that it's just a rookie golem. It has the same composition as a Transformer, having a body and force of a granite stone which is simply the nightmare of all melee players.

Hey, wait a minute!

Suddenly, Chu Rui thought of something! Lowering his head and thinking for a moment, then suddenly looked up, eyes looked at the Earth Golem burning with determination.

Transformers! Composition!

Yes, Chu Rui thought of these components.

Looking at its head, body, hands, feet and even smaller things such as wrists, ankles, etc. are composed of stones. The human body, is so flexible, in addition to the flexibility of the body, the most important parts would still be the nerves and joints. This Earth Golem's biggest weakness is its joints. Its body is composed of stones, as long as those interconnections were destroyed, then this thing wouldn't be able to attack and collapse.

Finding the means to beat it Chu Rui approached it with a devious smile. Moving his body, he adjusted his state into his peak-top condition, before slowly rushing towards it while holding his sharp dagger.

After entering the ten meter range of the Earth Golem, who was unscathed, woke up, looking sharply at Chu Rui, but is still not taking action.

Chu Rui gently swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and proceeded carefully again.

When he was five meters away from the cave, while he was only two meters away from the Earth Golem, he was suddenly angry.

※Grass, you f**k trying to hit me with such a direct attack?

Chu Rui watching the Earth Golem's gigantic fist, a smile of disdain emerged, slightly dodged, he was able to evade its attack.

Appearing in front of the Earth Golem's body, Chu Rui bent his waist, and entered the Earth Golem's melee range, the two dagger he held in each of his hand shone brightly from a special skill#..