Chapter 79 – Earth Golem

Shadow Rogue Chapter 79: Earth Golem[i]

What# What the fuck is that!? A Pit Lord? Are the Transformers rolling out? Is this really in Kismet?

Looking at a pile of broken stones that suddenly turned into a huge stone golem, Chu Rui was stunned.

Earth Golem

Level: 20

Rank: Silver Boss

HP: 10,000

Mana: 0

Attacks: 200

Magic Attack: 0

Defense: 500

Magic Defense: 0

Skills: ???

I managed to see the stats but the skills, which are the most important, are unavailable.

Chu Rui just got to level 15 but this boss is level 20 and Silver ranked to boot! Even if it's only 5 levels that's still a lot. It's high enough that he can't see it's skills.

Chu Rui takes a deep breath of the cold air and thinks about the situation.

It has 10,000 HP and up 500 defense, this fucker is gonna be tough.


Violent tremors with a ringing sound blasted out not only Chu Rui ears were hurt, but even his body trembles.

Around the ground of the Earth Golem is a large crater where it had stomped its foot. This bastard has so much strength! He looked at its huge stone fist and felt a cold sweat on his back. If this thing hit his body, he wouldn't even have time to prostrate himself!

The only thing giving comfort to Chu Rui is the speed of the Earth Golem is very slow! It has a strong vitality, high strength, and ridiculous toughness too! Not to mention its attack is nothing to scoff at either. The only negative it has is its speed!

He moved very fast, trying to avoid the Golem's fist that was coming straight at him!


He looked back to where he stood and saw a huge hole instead of solid ground! Chu Rui couldn't help but to have another wave of cold sweat break out on his back! This is like hell!

The Earth Golem was in pursuit, Chu Rui retreated, but he did not find a way to deal with it before. Which is unprecedented for him. But he absolutely cannot afford a frontal confrontation. Its attacks are like hammers he cannot give the enemy a chance to hit him.

He has to attack in its blind spots to occasionally be able to surprise attack it, but most likely this will end in a tragedy.

He flashed his legs and moved ten meters, Earth Golem however, stopped pursuit about 2 meters away.

What the hell is this?

Chu Rui narrowed his eyes confused. Such a powerful level 20 Silver Boss, is waiting at a distance of two meters from Chu Rui. However, shouldn't it still be chasing him? He does have aggro still, right? The aggro range should be more than just 10 meters.

Chu Rui was perplexed. He glanced over at the thorn bush. The boss is meant to guard the mysterious thorn bush, so it cannot go very far from it. If the earlier three bosses were the vanguard. Then this Earth Golem is the real cave guardian. There is such a large golem of a boss specifically meant to defend. In other words, if Chu Rui wants to see the secret of thorn in the hole, he has to kill the boss.[ii]

The more he thinks about this the bigger his headache gets.

It's vitality and physical defense are all a pain. Even if he got to level 20 it wouldn't be easy. Being melee for this fight is tough. But he isn't a magic type class.

Kismet loads lots of new information, it has more data than compared to previous games which are very simple. It also contains a number of new features mixed with common sense and hidden attributes. In reality a pound of cotton is just as heavy as a pound of stone. Same with the game.

In the game, physics dealing with the Earth Golem boss which is so much bigger than you only make it deadlier. Even if it says it only does 200 damage there is more to it than that. When a huge fist hits you not only would it do the damage it would also cause additional effects. Like dizziness.

In short, don't underestimate the bosses in Kismet, the vast majority of this boss's potential is with its hidden effects.

The boss is very physical powerful. However, its magical capabilities are completely lacking. He has no mana, no magic attack, and no magic defense. Not to mention it is also very slow with its huge body being dragged around. Even though Chu Rui is fast it might not be enough to overcome this boss.

But he has to say, the design of Kismet is really very reasonable.

The Earth Golem, has a reach of almost two meters. Its step covers about three or four meters and it cannot go further than ten meters from the thorn hole.

Faced with such a nasty boss, it almost makes him feel nauseated. Even if he was a Mage and could bypass his high physical defense. He couldn't do enough damage to actually kill it before being smashed to a bloody pulp.

As for Archers, forget it. They can't kite the Earth Golem, they wouldn't even know how to die. Even if they manage to escape from it, but they deal physical damage and that would do almost nothing to it. Knights and Soldiers may be able to take an attack from it. But they lack an attack of their own to deal damage, plus they couldn't out run it very easily. As for a Summoner, come on now, all they can do is summon wild wolves and random gadgets. Those would only be fodder to a boss of this level.[iii]

The one with the highest chance to beat it would be a Thief. Powerful attacks, lots of criticals, very fast, and uncanny stealth. However, Thieves with a magic specialization are very weak.

This fucker though# its totally cheating, what am I to do? This is guy is a super tank!

[i] This is an MTL if you see any errors please let me know!

[ii] A lot of fluff I know. Blame the author.

[iii] Not sure why they don't just wait outside of the 10 meters and blast it to death.