Chapter 30 – Crazy Bombs, Crazy EXP II

Chapter 30 - Crazy Bombs, Crazy EXP II

※Who the hell are you? I will definitely uncover your true identity!§

Looking at the man in front of here, Sasha couldn't help but silently vow in her heart!

That whole set of impressive gear which accentuated his slim figure seemed to give him an aura containing a huge presence, making him exceptionally attractive, while giving him an harmonious look. Angular eyebrows, a well sculpted face with marked edges, a cold expression. His pair of deep black yet distant eyes were full of mystery. He had that cool, or even cold, aura which seemed full of pride and almost domineering presence which made his charm even more irresistible. All of that along with his sheer strength and mystery presented a well wrapped mysterious package that begged to be opened and explored.

Curiosity can often plant the seed of interest, and is the beginning of all stories.

Once a woman is curious about a man, she is not far from falling for him. Although Sasha knew this, this man in front of her could only pique her interest, making her want to find out more about him. Many say that men are often very stubborn and set in their ways, but similarly, when women get serious about something, they can often prove to be tenfold more obstinate than men.

※What's wrong? Is there anything wrong with my plan?§ As Rui, who was in the midst of explaining his plan, felt Sasha's gaze on him, he arched a brow and asked.

※N# No, nothing wrong!§ Sasha was caught in the midst of daydreaming, and despite her straightforward nature, she couldn't help but blush and lower her head in embarrassment.

Rui didn't think much about Sasha's actions, after all they had barely met not long ago and he was not familiar with her. However, the other 3 who had known Sasha for a long time weren't so easily fooled. Since when did the normally proud, dashing and spirited Sasha show such expressions, especially in front of a man, let alone to lower her head?! This was quite a scoop!

The eighteen changes of a grown woman*. Upon blossoming into womanhood, which
girl does not yearn for love and romance? Although Sasha's personality was more of a tomboy, deep down she was still a teenage girl. At this age, unless the person in question was actually neurotic, it was natural to be attracted to members of the opposite s*x.

[TN: Literal Translation of a Chinese Idiom, depicting all of the changes that a girl makes when turning into a woman.]

Although Sasha's expression did not actually have any deeper meaning, the difference from the way she treats other men was really quite unique. Do not look down upon just a small seed, as it definitely has the possibility of growing into a huge tree.

Taking a deep breath, Yezekael looked at Sasha who had her head bowed down, and revealed a bitter smile, and an unwilling look. They had known each other since childhood, as their parents were friends, and to him she was like his childhood sweetheart. Yet she had never acted like a girl in front of him, and he knew that to her, he was more like a big brother. Still, he had never given up, especially since she had never showed any interest in other men yet, and knowing her from young would give him an edge. Now, his dreams were dashed.

In the past, he always thought that he still had a good chance, but now it looks like his dreams were getting further and further. Yezekael had a complicated look in his eyes, various feelings warring in his heart as he looked upon the man whom he had only known for 2 days, yet given him all sorts of shock. Friend or foe? Only time will tell!

As compared to the bitter and complicated feelings of Yezekael, Sweet Little Girl's thoughts were much simpler. She had never seen big sis Sasha show this sort of expressions. Although Sweet Little Girl might seem blur or naive, she was definitely not stupid. In fact, she was actually quite astute. A strange smile showed on her slightly plump, cute face as her black eyes swivelled back and forth. She was probably the only one who knew her own deepest thoughts at this time.

As for Eveflame, he was expressionless. He knew his place in the scheme of things - while he was talented, he was still nothing more than an underling, and as such, there were some things he could not afford to play at, like the games that these rich noble kids indulged in. The world was not a fair place after all. He just had to mind his own business, to keep his mouth shut, and not poke his nose into the affairs of his superiors, or he would be calling trouble onto himself. This was the life experience Eveflame had learned all these years!

※Okay, that's all for the plan! Remember, follow me from a distance so that you all don't enter in battle status, or else you guys might be destroyed by the explosions! Leave everything to me§ Rui finished detailing his plan, and looked at the rest of the party who had strange expressions on their faces, and had to restate again.

The four nodded in agreement, their hearts still mired in thought.

Rui nodded back; with a dagger in the right hand and a Metal Chip Bomb in the left, he silently crept ahead. The rest of the party followed slowly, at a distance of 5 meters.

Generally speaking, spiders' caverns were usually extremely damp. This Exploding Magic Spiders' Cavern was the same. No, it was even more disgusting. It wasn't only dirty and messy, you could also spot the green liquid that was left behind after their self destruct. The smell was even worse, making even Rui 〞 the King of Assassins who had been exposed to many different environments 〞 almost want to puke.

To prevent any external factors from influencing the plan, Rui had no choice but to turn off the olfactory senses in the system menu, instantly feeling a sense of relief after doing so. He left the other settings as they were, but turned the pain settings up to the maximum. Of course it was just the maximum of the system settings, not a realistic imitation of the possible pain, else if a dragon breathed a gout of dragonbreath at a player, he would die of the pain.

Before long, Rui bumped into a second wave of more than 30 Exploding Magic Spiders, with at least 30 of them this time, making him turn green in disgust. If they didn't have the Metal Chip Bombs, the whole party would likely be wiped out, with the exception of Rui who could use Nimble Wind to escape.

Looking at the group of charging Exploding Magic Spiders, Rui flung out the Metal Chip Bomb in his hand with uncanny accuracy, striking the leading spider, instantly wiping out the whole group of spiders. The spiders were tiny, and the Bomb's 3 meters damage radius pretty much encompassed most of them, and those out of the blast radius were killed by their companion's self destruct chain explosions. The nearby floor, which was originally lichen-green, was now covered with the disgusting green liquid from the explosion.