How Can You Call Me a Cheater?

How Can You Call Me a Cheater?

               Author: ZombieSpy Ongoing                
Latest Release: Chapter 48: The Goal (2018-06-19 18:05:41)

Foo, a young (read: not old) bright computer genius, excels in life by always taking the easy way. If life were a game, he would definitely pick the easiest mode.

Exams in school? Just read all books once and make sure you do not forget the contents.

Looking for a job? Make sure everyone around the boss knows just how perfect you are for the job. Having others bragging about your excellence is more trustworthy and gives possible deniability.

Quiz time? Let me just start my special search engine's voice recognition.

Competing in soccer? Aw, how unfortunate, the opposing team 'somehow' got their clothes filled with itch-inducing powder, leading to a walkover.

Playing a FPS game? Well, lets just have my own mouse driver software get some head-shoots while i watch that movie. It is perfectly legit, as it just speeds up the response time so that it clicks before i even get to the computer.

Gambling sites and online casinos? Data-mining, numbercrunshing and image recognition! By utilizing computer knowledge, solving problems are easy!

Some might get jealous, but hey! Just be like me and use your brains for once!

However, in the modern era, the gangsters and other shady businesses are moving their turfs towards the internet and gaming circles.
How does it go when they realize Foo's threat to their profits?
Well, no suspense here, they killed him.

End of story... if you are to believe the god that greets him after his death.
However, can our story get a fresh start when our Foo somehow ends up in a game-like medieval fantasy world?
Or will the lack of modern tools, like computers, cut his story short yet again?