Chapter 4: The Other Survivor

Seeing as there was nothing else in the room, Crow walked out of the small broken room. With the bloody corpse behind him, Crow finally felt at ease.


Something fell onto the floor in the room across from him. Strangely enough Crow wanted to go check it out. Walking towards the door the floorboards continued to creak under him. Just as he was about to reach the door a strong wind blew out his candle. Fear gradually crept up on him as the darkness once again enveloped him. Crow peeked inside the door frame keeping close to the wall to keep out of sight. The room looked almost the same as the one he started in except there was no walking corpse but instead a man and a woman.

The woman was laying on the floor in front of the man facing Crow. The man had his back to Crow. The man had raised his hand and flash of silver Caught crows eyes. He was going to kill the lady! Edging closer Crow drew his knife. He moved swiftly and strangely enough the floor boards didn't creak under his weight. When he reached the man Crow trust his foot with all his might towards the murder's crotch.


The attacker screamed out in pain and dropped his knife and fell to the floor tears flowing from his eyes.

[Weak point calculated, enemy paralyzed. 20 damage dealt]

Ignoring the notification Crow madly swung his knife at the murder's throat.

[Skill activated: Slash dealt 20 damage Weak point calculated additional 20 damage dealt. Bleed affected additional 10 damage dealt per second.]

[Enemy was killed]

Crow heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the last notification. He picked up the murder's weapon and inspected it.

[Broken sword- Small blades]


[1% chance to inflict bleed damage]

[Utterly useless in a war but great for some sneak attacks]

"What trash!" Crow exclaimed. This seemed to startle the lady for she started to shrink back into a corner trying to hide herself, but she continued to stare at him her creepy golden eyes that seemed to pierce the darkness. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

Crow withdrew his pieces of flint and steel and lit the candle in his lantern. Finally light brightened around his surroundings and he glanced around his surroundings. Besides the lady and the newly fresh corpse the room was scarce of anything of value to him. Crow bent down to search the corpse completely ignoring the lady in the corner. The murder didn't seem to have anything on him except for a round steel coin.

The coin was black and there was a symbol of a snake on it intertwined on a branch. On the back of the coin was a mouse hiding in ivy with the words 'All Will DIE' etched onto the edges.

"Well ain't that just great" Crow mumbled as he stuffed the coin into his pocket. The lady froze. If Crow didn't already see her move before entering he would have thought she was just another shadow.

Something surprised Crow though. The lady stood up and with an expression void of any fear she opened her mouth to speak. "I guess this kill is yours then, next time we meet though you better be prepared to fight." She then walked out the door leaving Crow with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"Shiz!" Crow exclaimed, "This game is just too freaking weird! Now that I'm playing it though I'll have to be careful or else I'll never pay off my debt." Crow glanced across the room once more; finding nothing more he followed suit by walking out the door.


Outside the house was just as bad as being inside the house. Everything looked like it was going to crumble with just a small, gentle, breeze. Although the city looked nothing like the modern day's New York, It was just as big. Shops signs were broken and windows were smashed in vines and grass littered the road and the buildings, heck some of em had trees sprouting from the walls! Most of the houses where probably looted, and for those that weren't, there was probably a reason for it.

The moon was high in the sky, stars littered the black canvas that was the sky. (If this game wasn't so flippin' freaky and trying to kill me it would almost be beautiful) thought Crow.

Gravel crunched beneath Crow's boots as he walked down the abandoned road. He was wandering aimlessly, first because he wanted to get a feel for the city second because he wanted to find the other survivors and third, third because the rest of the reasons were crap! In actual truth Crow was just lost!


After a few moments of wandering he heard a lady-like scream. It wasn't that far off, probably just a few meters off to his left. He smothered his lanterns flame and silently crept in the direction from where the scream had come from. His feet moved slowly and almost deftly never once making a sound on the gravel beneath his feet until he saw a familiar pair of creepy golden eyes. Those eyes that sent a shiver down his spine.

There the lady stood with a rotten, wooden pole in her hands. Her body in a battle stance ready at any moment to attack the man that stood in front of her. The man looked much more fit than Crow and he wore a leather chest guard. In his hands was a bow and an arrow drawn and ready to be fired at any moment. Most likely he was a soldier of the war.

This time Crow wanted to see what would happen if he just hid to see how the situation would unfold and if the lady needed saving, being the kind hearted man he was he would obviously jump at the chance to do so. Okay that's a lie too, he was obviously just in it for the rewards.