Chapter 3: The Horror

[Please create your name]

"Crow" answered Alen crow

[Name accepted. Please wait]


[World created]

[Loading scenario for tutorial]

[Tutorial loaded]

[You are one of the survivors in a war. The war has been going on for ages in the kingdom of Evervale. Guns have not been invented yet, so the soldiers use swords and bows and arrows. A strange phenomenon is happening in the land of Evervale where the dead come back to life and start to take their own comrades life]

[Objective: Save at least 3 people and survive for 5 days]

Crow looked at the notifications that popped up in front of his face with a strange perplexed look. (A war.) he thought (And the dead rise from their graves? Strange.)

A blinding light then enveloped Crow and an excruciating pain racked his body. Crow would have fallen to his knees if they were still there. Finally when the light disappeared he found himself in a pungent room where he could barely see his hand in front of his face. The pain struck him again and he fell to his knees clutching his stomach.

"what kind of foul smell is this!?" Crow exclaimed.

A strange sound caught Crow's ear. It was a scratching noise, along with a chain rattling in the distance, instantly Crow dropped dead silent. Holding his breath, for he remembered what the introduction said; the dead walk once more.

After a few moments the sound stopped and faded away in the darkness. His eyes now used to the darkness, Crow let his eyes wander about through the pitch black room. The room was small and unkempt. The walls were stained and the windows unuseable, the wallpaper was torn and the walls behind it were littered with deep claw marks. A shiver went down Crow's spine as he looked at the claw marks. Eventually he found an unused iron lantern that was pretty banged up.

"better than nothing" he muttered under his breath. Crow picked up the lantern and attached it to his belt loop. He rummage around the room once more for something to light it with. there was a lump in the corner of the small room. Stepping closer with the floorboards creaking underneath his weight, it felt like they could snap at any moment. Carefully inching forward he reached the lump; the smell was stronger here. Crow covered his nose and now was breathing out of his mouth. As he looked at he large lump closer it looked more and more human like, next to the lump there was a piece of flint and a small piece of steel only the size of Crow's index finger. "Strange" mumbled Crow.

As Crow went to go pick up the small pieces of flint and steel, the human shaped lump began to move. It now looked like a human to Crow, but his instincts told him it was not one. It just stood there for a couple of moments. Crow took this opportunity to swiftly grab the flint and steel and slowly inch backward to light his lantern.


The lantern was lit. With light he looked back at the human shaped lump in the corner. Crow was frozen where he stood. Fear had paralyzed him. The human shaped mass, was indeed a human except for the fact that its intestines where falling out of its gut and its face missing showing only its skull. There was a knife straight through its heart. It was one of the undead. To Crow this monster seemed unkillable, the sight was gruesome and in the end Crow vomited adding to the stench in the small room.

The monster finally made it's move; it dashed for crow moving strangely. Panic stuck Crows mind. "This ain't a normal game, sure enough. This. This is horror."

Adrenaline rushed through Crow's system, at least that's what he thought.


Just as he was about to attack the monster using his bare fists the monster stopped in its tracks. It kept trying to reach Crow but was unable to move forward as if an invisible force stopped it almost right in front of him. Crow took this opportunity to grab onto the hilt of the small knife. He then pulled the knife out, blood spurted out of the open wound and splattered Crow's face. Not caring about that he then swung the knife swiftly at the monster's head. It cut through almost like a hot knife through butter, warm blood hit Crow's face once more.

Breathing heavily Crow slumped against the wall. With the adrenaline leaving his body Crow finally realized that this was a game. He finally understood why those that died in this god forsaken game went insane. He looked at his backlogs.

[Enemy enraged]

[Activated skill: knife peirce]

[50 damage dealt. Calculated weak point. Additional 75 damage, enemy killed]

"there's nothing about the invisible force" Crow mumbled. He then craned his neck and forced himself to look at the bloody corpse once more. There were rusty chains attached to each of its limbs. Standing up with his knife in hand, Crow went to get a closer look at the rusted chains. one of the links was snapped in half, Crow followed the chain with his eyes and landed upon the monster's arm. It was the arm that was closest to him when he attacked. Fear returned to Crow, and a small shiver ran down his spine. Sure enough this wasn't a normal game. This was a game that moment when you died you life would be completely over unless you had a strong mental fortitude.

A game that made you go insane if you died. Crow finally understood this statement.