Chapter 2: A New Start

Eventually Crow pulled the old man off the thug who was sobbing endlessly begging for the old man to stop hitting him. In any case Crow was surprised at the Old man's persistence to beat up the thug.

"Whats your name boy?" questioned the Old man

"Alen, sir, Alen Crow. My friends just call me Crow" Crow nerviously smiled and quickly replied for fear of he himself getting hit in his own family jewels.

"Nice to meet you Alen Crow. My name is Daren Nedrich" Replied the old man

This name was quiet familiar to Crow, its been on the news, and in the towns papers for a while now. Right, it was the new VRMMO game developers name. Wait. Crow then once again looked at the Old man, his aura now seemed quiet domineering. A cold shiver ran down Crows back. He was the CEO of his own company called Clockwork inc.

"That's right I developed that new game" said Mr. Nedrich.

The game was simple except for one thing. It felt absolutely real. Although you couldn't die, no one wanted to test it out. In the end though eventually some careless fool died in game. It was one of the first cases where someone went insane just from playing a game. Many hard core gaming fans tested it out, only to be sent to the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Right now there are over a hundred cases of mental break downs in such a ward.

Critics would label the game as 'dangerous' and 'not for children'. Many worried parents wanted the game to be banned. Their efforts where in vain though because even today there's been no word or update stating the government would ban the game.

It was strange, at least Crow thought so.

Today barely anyone plays the game for fear of its side effects. mysteriously those who had enough courage to actually play the game would somehow become rich beyond anyone's belief. Alen Crow wanted to play the game to see if it could somehow turn his financial problems around, but no one seemed to be selling it. He spent months trying to find a copy, he even went to buy a gaming helmet but gave the idea up quickly because of the outrageous price.

"Well then Mr. Crow, it seems I have you to thank for distracting the thieves. I mean even if you weren't here I'm still pretty sure at least one of 'em would be laying on the ground" Said Mr. Nedrich mocking the petty thug that was still laying on the ground for fear of being pummeled again.

"eh, they where just in my way" Crow smiled "I think I'll just be on my way then Mr. Nedrich"

'well aren't you an unique old man' Crow ridiculed Nedrich in his head. Quickly Crow started to walk away, this obviously wasn't some one he wanted his fate tangled with.

"I'll be seeing you Mr. Crow" faintly replied Nedrich


As soon as Crow was gone from Nedrich's sight, he pulled out his smartphone and dialed a number.


"Yellow" said a voice that was deep and scratchy

"It's Nedrich" the smile on Nedrich's face was no longer there

The other end of the phone call was silent for a couple minutes

"What do you need boss" the scratchy voice said

"Deliver that thing to an Alen Crow's house" Ordered Nedrich

"Alen Crow? Right away boss"


The call ended


'Whew, that freaked me out for a moment' Crows face and shirt was drenched in sweat. It seemed he ran straight home after seeing what the old man did to the petty thug.

He then jumped into the shower once more to clean his body that was drenched in his sticky sweat. Afterwards he sat down on his lone chair and happily munched away on his salted chips


His doorbell rang

Quickly Crow rushed back to the door. When opening the door an ear piercing screech came from it's hinges. With the door opened he could see a tall and seemingly overbearing man that was wearing a black suit and slacks, paired with a gray striped tie. He was wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses. The man kinda looked like an FBI agent from the movies.

"Alen Crow?" he asked

"Yes" Replied Crow cautiously

"I've got a package for you, from Boss Nedrich" the face of the man never changed he seemed to take his job very seriously

"But I didn't order anything from his company" wondered Crow

"It's a gift from the boss" said the 'FBI agent'

"What is it?" asked Crow

"It's Esterwinter from Clockwork inc." replied the 'FBI agent' he then turned around and left leaving a big package at Crow's doorstep with a letter.

A man of few word then.

Crow picked up both items and placed them on his wooden table. Crow took the letter and tore it open, reading it line by line.

"Dear Crow," it said "Although you did it because you had no choice you saved me a lot of time this morning by confusing those simple minded thugs. In return I had my agents look into your background and found out your financial predicament. Make sure to take good care of this VR headset, and play the game. Be warned though this games not for the faint of heart. Sincerely Nedrich"

Crows hands were shaking as he put the letter back down on the table. Carefully and cautiously he opened the box to find an expensive VR helmet inside it. He the took out the helmet, and seeing as it was already fully charged, walked over to his bed and lied down while putting the device on his head.

A cold and mechanical voice resounded in the helmet

"Welcome to Esterwinter"