Chapter 1: Debt Ridden

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Water from the roof dripped onto the wooden floor. The floor was crappy and stained with God knows what. The walls weren't any different, except for the peeling wallpaper it pretty much looked like the stained floor.

A couple windows were there as well, it's just that you couldn't really see out of them as they just never got the maintenance they deserved and were stained in the same way as the floor.

In the corner there was an old iron bed frame, rust was apparent on it. Laying on the frame was a stiff old mattress that should have been thrown out but for some reason was still in use.

There was no other furniture in the room except for a lone wooden table and chair that were in pretty rough shape. Natural sunlight was the only source of light for this room. Dust would casually and lazily float about in the room. It seemed as though no one had been in this crappy room for ages.

A blanket was flung from the bed disrupting the quiet room and a man sat up on the stiff bed creating a lot of creaking and squeaking noises as he went. His name is Alen Crow and is only at the age of 25. He had a nine to five job, a nice home, and a good reliable car.

He had some pretty crappy luck these past few days and recently lost everything he owned except a for a small, broken, house left to him in his parents will.

Back in Crow's teenage years he borrowed a lot of cash from some rich guy who had now seemed to want it back and had sent a bodyguard over to collect his debt. Except Crow didn't have as much cash as was needed to pay off his debt and now owes him 3.6 billion dollars. Slowly he lost his house, then his car, and eventually was fired from his job.

At last he had to move back to this crappy house and live a meager life. Fate had different plans for him though because just last night his bank called him and told him he no longer had any cash left in his savings account.

'So it wasn't a dream after all' Crow thought, his eyes now devoid of hope. Sighing, Crow stood up and walked to the bathroom, although it was clean it was still in as bad as shape as his bedroom. He looked in the mirror as he brushed his sepia colored hair to one side. He then jumped in the shower to wash himself before he started the day, too bad there was no warm water awaiting him.

Teeth chattering, he then got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. Crow walked out of the bathroom and threw on some pants and pulled a shirt down over his head. Next he pulled on his black steel-toed boots. He then grabbed his wallet and walked out the door to go find some food.


He arrived at a convenience store and picked up some salted chips and walked up to the register. Looking inside his wallet he only had a twenty dollar bill inside. Painstakingly he withdrew his twenty dollars from his wallet and paid the cashier. Then retrieved his change from him and put it back into his empty wallet.

As he walked out of the store he saw an old man being harassed be some hooligans that seemed to have too much time on their hands.

"Come on old man we just want some cash to have some fun" said Thug A with a mischievous smile

"Yeah, there's no reason for us to hurt ya if you just hand over some cash!" Said Thug B in a threatening tone

"What are you guys doing?" before the old man could reply, Crow quickly leaped into action, being the kind hearted man he was. Okay, that's a lie they just happened to be in his way and where blocking the whole side walk and prevented him from getting to his crappy house

"Who the f-" replied Thug A, but before he even got to finish his sentence he was hit in his nether region by a wooden cane belonging to the old man

"That's what you get for looking away from me" Said the old man angrily he seemed to have been having a bad day and needed to vent his anger out in some way. he then continuously pounded him with his cane.

Crow just looked at the old man with a dumbfounded look on his face. Then looked at the man who was now laying on the floor curled up in a ball sobbing and begging the old man to stop kicking him while he was down. 'What the actual heck just happened?' Crow then looked at the other thug but he was no longer standing there and seem to have fled leaving his comrade to deal with an angry old man. Crow didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this point

"Sir, maybe you should stop pounding on him, I think he's learned his lesson" remarked Crow

The thug was vigorously nodding with tears streaming down his face when he heard Crow utter these words.

"hmm, I guess your right" responded the Old man. Tears of joy could be seen from the thug as he heard the Old man's response. Right when he stood up though the Old man ruthlessly swung his cane again hitting the thugs nether regions once again.