Chapter 82: Appearing to Be Weak!

"Is that so? Really? You also have the same feeling as me? This Ye Yuan is truly a genius, but he's too short-tempered and impatient. I reckon this has to do with his sudden rise."

Zuo Bugui's words poured on unceasingly, but Long Tang seemed to pay no heed. The two of them seemed to have formed a tacit agreement. Every time they met, they would chat in such a manner.

"Perhaps what you said is right. But looking at last time when he went underwent the deathmatch with Fei Qingping, this Ye Yuan is somebody who plans first and then takes action. He definitely wouldn't rush to his death so carelessly." Long Tang was still very insistent.

"Sigh! I say, why are you so stubborn? Why don't we bet on it? I've been salivating over your Spirit Essence Pill for a long time." Zuo Bugui still behaved sloppily.

"A bet?" Long Tang looked at Zup Bugui with probing eyes.

"That's right, a bet! Don't you think that Ye Yuan has some trump card that could save the situation? We'll bet on their victory and defeat. How's that?" Zuo Bugui met Long Tang's eyes openly without hiding his desire for the Spirit Essence Pill in the slightest.

Spirit Essence Pill was a Tier 2 medicinal pill that the Dan Wu Academy awarded to Long Tang. It could increase the success rate when a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist was impacting a minor realm's bottleneck by 70%!

To the Dan Wu Academy's geniuses, this sort of medicinal pill was undoubtedly a miracle pill for breaking through realms!

Geniuses like Long Tang and Zuo Bugui already had a much higher chance of breaking through bottlenecks when compared to other people. With the help of the Spirit Essence Pill, breaking through cultivation realms was virtually settled.

Even for a major bottleneck from the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm to the Fourth Level, the Spirit Essence Pill also had a 40% effect. One could see just how powerful this medicinal pill was!

However, the Spirit Essence Pill was extremely rare even in a place like the Dan Wu Academy. It was seldom awarded to students.

It was because Long Tang became rank one on the Martial Roll of Honor that the academy awarded a Spirit Essence Pill.

He could never bear to use it and did not think that Zuo Bugui had been eyeing this for a long time.

Long Tang looked at Zuo Bugui and suddenly smiled. "Fine. I'll bet with you! But what do you intend to use as a bet?

Long Tang used the Spirit Essence Pill as the bet, so Zuo Bugui naturally also had to take out something of equivalent value to bet.

Zuo Bugui was a little surprised by how quickly Long Tang agreed.

He even thought that Long Tang would not have agreed, so he purposely used words to spur him on. He did not expect him to really agree.

"Haha. Since you are so straightforward, I also can't be too stingy. During the previous Endless Trials, I was fortunate enough to obtain a peak Tier 2 Sharp Horned Beast's inner core. How's that for a bet?" Zuo Bugui laughed loudly, giving the feeling like his scheme had worked.

Hearing this, Long Tang's face changed color. "I didn't think that you had something so good! A peak Tier 2 Sharp Horned Beast's inner core is naturally enough."

A peak Tier 2 Sharp Horned Beast was equivalent to a peak Spirit Condensation Realm human martial artist. But its combat power was much greater than a human martial artist of the same realm. It was very difficult to hunt and kill this demonic beast if one was not a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist.

Sharp Horned Beast inner core could be used to refine Tier 2 and above medicinal pill, so it was obviously worth a fortune.

Zuo Bugui smirked and had a proud look as he said, "I didn't think you, Long Tang, would be clever all your life, but stupid this once! Your Spirit Essence Pill will soon be mine. Hahaha! Just look at Ye Yuan. He probably can't even lift his right arm now, am I right? What does he have . . ."

Zuo Bugui was talking halfway before abruptly stopping. It was because right at this moment, an unexpected change occurred between Lin Tiancheng and Ye Yuan's fight.

Lin Tiancheng clashed with Ye Yuan seven, eight times consecutively. He had absolute upper-hand, while Ye Yuan's right hand was almost crippled already.

Lin Tiancheng gave a cruel smile and unleashed another Thunderous Fist.

But meanwhile, Ye Yuan could not even lift up his arm!

Lin Tiancheng seemed to have seen the scene of a rising genius becoming a cripple under his fist.

Ye Yuan appeared to have no moves left, and under the situation where his right arm could no longer move, he lifted his left arm.

Ye Yuan's left palm struck out and clashed once more with Lin Tiancheng's Thunderous Fist.

Everyone thought that Ye Yuan was definitely dead this time. But under their astonished eyes, Lin Tiancheng's body flew backward for several dozen meters!


Lin Tiancheng directly spat out a large mouthful of blood in midair, staining his clothes red.

"E-eight Layer Wave! Just now, was that . . . Eight Layer Wave?"

"H-how is this possible? He only used a month's time to comprehend the Eight Layer Wave? Is he still human?"

"This fellow . . . completely doesn't belong in the scope of humans! Simply monstrous! Even if Senior Apprentice Brother Long were standing in front of him, he would be ashamed of his inferiority."

Ye Yuan's Eight Layer Wave caused an uproar among the surrounding onlookers. Everyone was talking about it.

Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Eight Layer Wave. That martial technique virtually impossible to comprehend was grasped by Ye Yuan in a month!

Who knew what they would think if they knew that Ye Yuan had already comprehended the Eight Layer Wave back when he killed Fei Qingping.

It was not that Ye Yuan wanted to be beaten up, but rather, Lin Tiancheng was really too strong!

If Ye Yuan had displayed the Eight Layer Wave from the start, Lin Tiancheng definitely would not clash with him.

The moment Lin Tiancheng was on guard against it, Ye Yuan would not cause much threat to Lin Tiancheng even if he used the Eight Layer Wave.

In the end, Ye Yuan's cultivation realm was too low!

16 times the unleashed power of a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm was indeed enough to kill a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. But Lin Tiancheng was not yet a dead person!

Being hailed as the strongest in the Earth ranking, Lin Tiancheng was not some scrub like Zhang.

How could someone hail as the strongest in the Earth ranking within the Dan Wu Academy where geniuses were like clouds be a good-for-nothing?

Ye Yuan already noticed this when he matched up with Lin Tiancheng.

Hence, he had been appearing to be weak so that Lin Tiancheng would lower his guard.

Ye Yuan's Yin Yang Separation Flow Technique was at the acme of perfection, so the difference between left hand and right hand was not much of an issue to him.

The power was not inferior to his right hand when he executed the Stacking Waves Layered Palm with his left hand!

Ye Yuan had mustered up practically all the essence energy in his body for this blow. Lin Tiancheng was caught unprepared, and was severely injured by Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan could finish off a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist in the Illusionary Spirit Tower when he was at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Now that he was already at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, one could imagine just how much power was in this palm!

Lin Tiancheng was smacked flying backward for several dozen meters before landing heavily on the ground. There was no movement as he lay unconscious.

The surroundings were completely silent. Everybody looked at Ye Yuan like they saw a monster.

In the pavilion, Long Tang had a rare bout of a hearty laugh. "What an Eight Layer Wave! An excellent tactic of appearing to be weak! Regardless whether it's scheming or strength, Ye Yuan ranks at the top! Such a terrifying opponent! I'm looking forward to you growing up quickly to fight me someday!"

Zuo Bugui opened his mouth and closed it again.

Even until now, he dared not believe the scene before him. The contrast of before and after was too large!

This was known as the most difficult Tier 1 martial technique in the Dan Wu Academy, the Stacking Waves Layered Palm!

How could Ye Yuan that fellow possibly comprehends the Eight Layer Wave so quickly?

"Haha! Looks like you have no chance of getting my Spirit Essence Pill." Long Tang looked at Zuo Bugui with a smirk.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan did not relax. He knew that this palm was insufficient to kill Lin Tiancheng. He was going to follow up another palm!

Arriving in front of Lin Tiancheng with an Instant Flash, another palm struck out.


A large cavity was blasted out in the ground!

It missed Lin Tiancheng!

Several meters away, Lin Tiancheng glared at Ye Yuan with venomous eyes. He howled angrily, "Ye Yuan! You forced me!"