Chapter 78: Despicable Lin Tiancheng

The Dan Wu Academy's General Affairs Department was segmented into the inner court, middle court, and outer court.

The outer court was where students received jobs. The middle court was where the student managers of the General Affairs Department managed work. The inner court was where important figures dealt with businesses.

Presently, Lin Tiancheng was in the inner court assigning tasks to the student managers.

"All of you, quickly handle the matters that I just instructed! Supervision of newly admitted students has to be reinforced. Make them obey submissively. If anyone causes trouble, then just directly suppress them. There's no need to be polite!"

Lin Tiancheng was issuing orders to a bunch of people with the air of someone of the upper echelon.

"Yes, Senior Apprentice Brother Lin. We will do it right away!" Finishing, several people turned around and left.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A frantic knocking was heard.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, something bad has happened! Something bad has happened!" Outside the door, a student kicked up a racket, making Lin Tiancheng frown.

Lin Tiancheng had always been very strict with the rules. People at the lower levels had never dared to cause such a ruckus when entering. Today, there was actually someone who collided head-on with the tip of the spear!


The door was opened by a student manager who reprimanded angrily. "What's the commotion about? Don't you know that Senior Apprentice Brother Lin is busy? Is your skin itching for a whipping?"

That student ignored him and just went around him, crying to Lin Tiancheng, "Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, something bad has happened! That Ye Yuan is currently causing a commotion outside the department. Senior Apprentice Brother Hu went up to stop him, but was sent flying with a slap! He even said . . . he even said . . ."

When Lin Tiancheng heard Ye Yuan's name, his face immediately fell.

Looks like he found out about Lu-er being bullied by Zhang Heng, and the flames of fury attacked his heart, which was why he came to the General Affairs Department to cause such an upheaval.

Thinking of this, Lin Tiancheng gave a cold laugh. "Do you all just eat rice and do nothing? Just a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm managed to frighten you all until this manner? That Hu Tie is also a trash, to be sent flying with a single slap from a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm."

"Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, Ye Yuan, h-he isn't only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm."

"Mmm? Not only Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm? Don't tell me he really entered closed-seclusion to breakthrough to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm?"

"A-also not the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm." That student shook his head like a rattle drum.

Looking at this appearance, Lin Tiancheng became infuriated. "Can you not talk like you are out of breath?! Just what's Ye Yuan strength? He can't have been in a closed-door seclusion for a few days and reached the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, right?"

This time around, that student's head was like a chicken pecking for rice as he nodded non-stop. "T-that's right! Ye Yuan is already at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm!"


Including Lin Tiancheng, all the student managers in the room were astonished.

They were, of course, aware of what strength Ye Yuan possessed. Around ten days ago, Ye Yuan had just made Lin Tiancheng lose face greatly. Back then, he was still at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Just a mere ten days or so had passed, and Ye Yuan was already at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm?

He jumped from the First Level Essence Qi Realm to the Third Level Essence Qi Realm. Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm could also be jumped?

Just what was happening to this world?

The crux was that not only did Ye Yuan increase his cultivation realm extremely fast, his strength also improved by leaps and bounds.

Did they not just hear what this punk said? He sent Hu Tie flying with one slap! Hu Tie was an Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm, and he could not even take a hit. Would that not mean that Ye Yuan possessed at least the strength of a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm?

After the shock, Lin Tiancheng's face grew darker.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan would have the power to threaten him so fast. It looked like it was already hopeless for Zhang Heng.

"Humph! Just Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm! You are all veteran Earth rank students. Don't tell me every one of you are scared of a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm? Are you all even Dan Wu Academy's students? You, go out and tell them to attack together! If they can't even restrain a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, then what does the General Affairs Department need them for?" Lin Tiancheng shamelessly used the people outside as his shield.

Lin Tiancheng was not really scared of Ye Yuan. But if he could use those people outside to diminish Ye Yuan's battle strength, then why not?"

. . . . . .

"Have you all thought things through? Every wrong has its perpetrator, and every debt has its debtor. I'm only looking for Lin Tiancheng alone. Are you all sure you want to be accomplices?"

Ye Yuan took a step forward. The students outside the department were affected by his aura and retreated a step in unison.

Ye Yuan took another step forward, and the crowd stepped back once more.

A Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm managed to force a group of Seventh and Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm students back!

If this were spread outside, there would no longer be a need for the General Affairs Department to exist.

Right at this moment, the student who went to report to Lin Tiancheng just now rushed back. "Senior Apprentice Brother Lin said to attack together and take him down first! He's just at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm. If you all can't deal with this, then what do we need you for? If you all can't take down Ye Yuan, then forget about working in the General Affairs Department in the future!"

Once these words were out, everyone's faces changed.

Lin Tiancheng had always lived up to his words. He would really replace all these people!

Most of these Earth Rank students had no hope of advancing to the Heaven Rank, so they stayed here to do some work and fish for some benefits.

If they did not work here, then they could possibly end up doing manual labor.

That was obviously a result they did not wish to see!

"Fine! I don't believe that so many of us here can't take care of a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm."

"Everyone, attack!"

Everybody gathered, surrounding Ye Yuan in the center.

Ye Yuan did not stop them, and let them surround him.

Finally, these people could no longer resist attacking Ye Yuan!

From the front, an Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm student stabbed his sword towards Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan reached out and flicked a finger. That long sword immediately flew out of his hand.

Another slap, and that Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm was sent flying.

At the same time, a palm attack came from the back. It was like eyes were growing behind Ye Yuan as he evaded it by slightly shifting his body. Then, he slammed his arm backward, and that person also went airborne.

For some time, the surroundings were filled with attacks, but nobody was able to really threaten Ye Yuan.

Not only were they unable to pose any threat, Ye Yuan even moved forward as he fought. He was about to push past the outer court.

People could be seen flying continuously out of the group surrounding Ye Yuan and landing heavily on the ground.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Yuan broke past these people's defense and passed through the outer court.

The majority of these people were at the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm and the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm. To the current Ye Yuan, there was completely no threat. Where his palm wind reached, a series of wailing sounded.

The outer court was strewn with people lying on the ground and crying out shrilly.

Ye Yuan did not stop. Grabbing a sword, he advanced inside like that with the sword in his hand.

Entering the middle court, another group of people surrounded him. These people were the student managers of the General Affairs Department. Each one of them was like Zhang Heng; all existences of the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm was the pinnacle of existence in the Essence Qi Realm. It represented the apex of the Essence Qi Realm. Their strength was also much stronger than the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Ye Yuan would not care about a single person. But there were around seven or eight people now. They would not be a minor force anywhere.

Ye Yuan looked at them and smiled coldly as he said, "You guys are really loyal dogs. Wherever Lin Tiancheng points to, you guys would strike there! My words still remain the same. Every wrong has its perpetrator, and every debt has its debtor. I only want to kill Lin Tiancheng alone! If you want to be a dog, then you'd better be prepared to get beat up!"