Chapter 73: Lu-er in Danger!

Lu-er bent down to pull out the weeds beneath the herbs.

These weeds were incredibly stubborn. Each one would make Lu-er expend a great deal of strength to remove.

Even so, Lu-er did not make any complaint these past few days.

She did not wish to cause trouble for Young Master and did not want to smear dirt on Young Master's face anymore.

The first two days, Lu-er's weeding speed was still very fast. But the next two days, her speed suddenly fell. It was because the essence energy in her body was drained.

Every now and then, Lu-er had to meditate for a while to recover essence energy. But this essence energy was used up again very quickly.

Like this, her weeding speed became drastically slower.

Two days ago, she had already completed nearly half of it, but the next two days, she only finished 70%, and she was getting increasingly slower.

Lu-er's stamina had already been over exhausted far too much. Her upper eyelid and lower eyelid had been trembling all these while. Only an obsessive thought compelled her forward.

All of a sudden, a pair of feet appeared in Lu-er's sight. Lu-er's face lit up, and she could not resist lifting her head up to see.

But she was greatly disappointed after looking up. The person who came was not Young Master but that hateful Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang!

Zhang Heng saw Lu-er's disappointed expression and smiled coldly as he said, "Why? Didn't see the person you wished to see?"

Lu-er kept silent.

Zhang Heng was very displeased with Lu-er's attitude and flew into a rage. " Humph! I assigned you the task to get rid of the weeds, but you only completed 70% of it until now. Did you leave so much for me to help you do?"

Lu-er wiped the sweat from her forehead, and she said weakly, "I . . . I'm already working very hard. Just give me one more day, Senior Apprentice Brother. I can definitely complete it."

"One day? I think even if I gave you three days, you also can't complete it. Such a small task and you can't even complete it in four or five days. You must be slacking off!" Zhang Heng snorted coldly.

Lu-er hurriedly shook her head. "I didn't. I'm really working very hard at weeding!"

" Hehe. I will naturally know whether you are working hard or not. It's useless for you to argue! To punish you for slacking, you have to weed another stretch of the medicine garden!"

Lu-er froze when she heard that. "What? W-weed another stretch of the medicine garden? I . . . I . . ."

"You, what you? You don't want to do it? If you don't want to do it, then fine. Go back, pack your stuff, and be prepared to get lost from the academy!" Zhang Heng did not intend to show any sympathy towards a girl.

"But . . . But I already . . ."

"You already don't have any more strength to do, right?" Zhang Heng suddenly smiled and said.

Lu-er nodded feebly.

"If you don't want to do it, fine. But you have to promise me something." Zhang Heng suddenly changed the subject.

Lu-er did not expect Zhang Heng to suddenly loosen up and naively thought that what he said was the truth. She asked him ecstatically, "Is that true? Please say, Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang!"

A malicious smile suddenly appeared on Zhang Heng's face. Lu-er's face changed as she only just realized that Zhang Heng did not have any good intentions.

As expected, Zhang Heng opened his mouth and said, "I didn't think that Miss Lu-er was so astute! My condition is very simple. I just want Miss Lu-er to accompany me for one night, and that will do. How's that? Isn't this deal worthwhile?"

Lu-er was not a stupid person. She was just inexperienced and did not really know the ways of the world.

Initially, she only thought that Zhang Heng was an unreasonable person. Now, it looks like he was simply a beast in human clothing! Perhaps he already decided and planned all these, which was why he repeatedly made things difficult for her.

" Pooh! So, you are this sort of filthy person. Watch me report you to the instructor!" Lu-er said hatefully.

" Hahahaha! What a joke! You're just a newbie who refused to accept your Senior Apprentice Brother's punishment. And because you harbored a grudge in your heart, that's why you slandered your Senior Apprentice Brother. Why don't you tell me whether the instructor will believe you or me?" Zhang Heng seemed to have expected it and laughed loudly.

When Zhang Heng said that, Lu-er was stunned.

Zhang Heng could manage the medicine garden for such a long time, which showed that the instructor definitely trusted him very much. Even if she went to complain, if Zhang Heng said that, the instructor might really think that she bore a grudge, which was why she defamed Senior Apprentice Brother.

"You! You're a really despicable man!" Lu-er was so enraged by Zhang Heng that her entire body was shaking as she pointed at his nose and yelled.

However, Zhang Heng did not care at all. He smiled coldly as he said, "Lu-er, just think about it, if your young master exits seclusion and hears that his maidservant was expelled right after being admitted into the academy, what kind of feeling would that be?"

Lu-er was stunned, and her body started to tremble involuntarily.

Seeing Lu-er's expression, Zhang Heng was even more pleased. He continued saying, "Your young master is currently the academy's favorite. But his own maidservant was chased out of the academy. In the future, as long as he stays in the academy, there would be people pointing and gossiping behind his back. They would laugh that he couldn't even manage his own maidservant."

Taking advantage of Lu-er being scared out of her wits, Zhang Heng slowly moved closer to Lu-er.

As he got closer, he continued saying, "Even though I'm not as talented as your young master, I'm still a respected figure in the academy. You won't suffer from following me. How about it? It's just one night!"

As he was talking, Zhang Heng wanted to use his finger to lift Lu-er's chin. But Lu-er abruptly came round and immediately jumped away.

" Humph! You should just give up. Even if I die, I won't bring shame on Young Master!"

After she said that, Lu-er lifted her hand and slapped towards the top of her head. If this palm landed, the result would definitely be the passing of a beauty.

Zhang Heng also did not expect Lu-er to be so decisive and would rather commit suicide than yield. He immediately became furious.

Although Lu-er improved amazingly fast, when facing the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm Zhang Heng, she was still incredibly weak.

Furthermore, her essence energy already depleted. How could she possibly succeed in committing suicide?


Who knew when a whip appeared in Zhang Heng's hands, which coiled around Lu-er's arm, sending her flying.

Just like that, Lu-er went crashing out.

" Ah! " Lu-er landed heavily on the ground and gave a muffled groan.


Another lash!

This lash landed heavily on Lu-er's. A bloody streak immediately appeared on Lu-er's body, and blood seeped through her clothes.

"Lass who doesn't know how to appreciate favors! Want to die? It's not going to be that easy!"

Zhang Heng was infuriated. If Lu-er really committed suicide, he also could not escape responsibility.

He was going to graduate soon. He did not want to lose any integrity.

Lu-er's actions were making him irritated.

" Ah! " Lu-er shrieked, but she ignored the pain as she crawled forward, wanting to grab a circular blue object.

Just as Lu-er's hand was about to close in on it, that circular blue object was stepped underfoot by Zhang Heng.

"Give me back the badge!" Lu-er endured the intense pain and yelled.

Zhang Heng shifted his feet and glanced at the blue item on the ground, and it was indeed a badge. Two stars were embroidered on it. This was actually a low-rank Alchemy Master badge.

"I thought what this is. So, it's an Alchemy Master badge. I didn't think that you stole something so valuable after only a few days in the academy! Just with this, it's enough to get you expelled!"

Zhang Heng kicked the badge far away.

He was apparently still unaware that Ye Yuan had already passed the Alchemy Master test and officially became a low-rank Alchemy Master. Otherwise, even if he were to have an extra set of balls, he also would not dare abuse Lu-er like this.

Looking at Zhang Heng desecrating Young Master's badge, the pain Lu-er felt was even worse than her physical pain. Tears finally trickled down uncontrollably.

Looking at Lu-er's delicate and pitiful appearance, Zhang Heng could no longer hold back the beast inside him. He reached out and tore off a piece of Lu-er's clothing.

Afterward, he grabbed Lu-er and dragged her to a corner, and he started to make his move to violate her in broad daylight!