Chapter 605: Experience Points In The Book?

Chapter 605: Experience Points In The Book?

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Even though Fang Weifeng had lost some dignity over the events earlier on, the Big Senior Brother was now stepping in all because of his affair. An honor of this sort wasn't something that just anyone could have.

"To think that Senior Brother Fang would manage to invite the Big Senior Brother over! He's really got some reputation huh?"

"I think we would do well to give Senior Brother Fang more respect in the future."


The moment Fang Weifeng heard the murmurs of the surroundings, he raised his head in pride. He felt as though he was seriously well-respected right now.

Tianyun, who was hidden within the crowd, pursed his mouth instead. He had not expected things to turn out like this. Now that even the Big Senior Brother was here, things were going to get a little sticky.

"Where is that dogsh*t man? Could it be that he has turned into a cowardly tortoise because he knows that Big Senior Brother is here personally?" Fang Weifeng taunted in rage.

Now that the Big Senior Brother was here, Fang Weifeng just had to see how Lin Fan could still hop around and play the fool.

The moment Big Senior Brother struck, the Heavens would shudder while the Earth would rumble. Heck, even gods and ghosts would start tearing up. There was no way this guy wasn't going to be scared sh*tless over it!

Liu Hen stood there with his long robes swaying despite having no wind around. His aura was razor sharp like an edged sharp sword. No one could pry their eyes away from his dazzling radiance.

Looking at the disposition of their Big Senior Brother, countless disciples were filled with awe.

So, this was the legendarily strong Big Senior Brother! To think that he could command such admiration from the masses just by standing there!

"He's not inside." Liu Hen spoke up.

Fang Weifeng, who was happily taunting, felt his entire face change immediately. To think that this human wouldn't be around?

"Hmph! This dogsh*t man must have been scared till his bowels were sh*tting out both sh*t and pee upon knowing that the Big Senior Brother was coming. That's why he's hiding away from meeting you." Fang Weifeng scoffed in disdain.

"Seems like all of those actions of his yesterday were all just fluff and talk! The moment he heard that the Big Senior Brother was truly coming, he got so afraid that he wouldn't even show his face! Who knows which hole he's hiding in and trembling right now even!"

All the a*slicking of Fang Weifeng had Liu Hen smirking a little.

"That human has gone to the library with Senior Sister Hongyun early this morning!"

Out of the crowd, a disciple spoke up.

The moment Liu Hen heard this, his expression was displeased momentarily. However, he went back to normal as though it hadn't happened at all.

"Big Senior Brother, what should we do now?" Fang Weifeng felt that they might be a little silly if they were to head over to the library and create trouble there.

"We'll go back. I'll head over once more after he's out." Liu Hen replied.

"Seems like that's the only way now." Fang Weifeng replied in a vexed tone. To think that this human had managed to escape yet another time.

However, the fact that had Fang Weifeng gloating right now was that the human was with Hongyun at this moment! Didn't that guy know that the Big Senior Brother had a thing for Junior Sister Hongyun?

But that was all good as well. Since he chose to court death himself, he couldn't blame it on anyone else.

"Big Senior Brother, please." Fang Weifeng's a*slicking skills were the best in the world. Therefore, he naturally stood aside to allow Liu Hen to make his move first.

"Since we're here, we can't head back with nothing at all either. Time to leave him a little lesson then." Liu Hen's face was expressionless. With the sweep of his robes, Lin Fan's house collapsed into debris immediately.

"Bravo, Big Senior Brother! Seems like the power of our Big Senior Brother has risen to yet another level! The seat of the Grandmaster belongs to our Big Senior Brother for sure!" Fang Weifeng continued bootlicking all the way.

Liu Hen smiled indifferently as he left the place.

The moment the surrounding disciples caught sight of what had just happened, they were stunned. Big Senior Brother was so overbearing! To think that he would wreck the other party's house in just a moment of displeasure! But then again, Big Senior Brother should be the only person who could do this in the entire Cloud Sect.

And, since this Fang Weifeng was so close to the Big Senior Brother, they should take care not to tread on his toes from now on. Otherwise, if they were to offend the other side, they wouldn't even know how they would die.

Weitian, who was punished once by Lin Fan, stood in the crowd as well. He was neither anguished nor happy over everything that was happening right now. Either way, he did not intend to go against that human any longer.

Even though Senior Brother Fang seemed to be getting his way for now, Weitian had a really bad feeling about this.


Within the library…

Lin Fan flipped the books one after another. Each time, the system would indicate whether to check through them.

With the system, Lin Fan would master any book that he touched immediately. However, other than letting the system run its check, Lin Fan would look through them additionally as well.

The books at the front weren't of much use to Lin Fan. However, the further to the back he got, the more Lin Fan felt that there were many things within these books that he did not know about.

'Buddha Demon Scriptures.'

At this moment, Lin Fan was holding on to a yellowed book. Amongst all the books in this area, this book had the most powerful aura.

The moment he looked at the book, the words Buddha and Demon amplified before his very eyes. Eventually, they turned into two figures of Buddha Demons. These Buddha Demons were reciting scriptures. Every word that they said floated out of the mouths into golden colored, glowing, gigantic characters.

Just as Lin Fan was reading through this scripture, the Paradise within his body was undergoing some changes as well. Those uncountable golden gigantic characters revolved outwards into the Dao of his Paradise, giving birth to the Dao of Buddha Demon.

It was as though a living being as strong as the Buddha Demon could be born within his Paradise with just a single thought. But of course, this was just a thought of Lin Fan. In order to give birth to living beings with just a single thought, he would require a lot more power.

"Living being. You've got a good comprehension towards our existence How about come under us. We'll promise that your learning will be infinite."

Just as Lin Fan was reading in depth, a grand voice rang out.

Lin Fan looked over and found a figure of a Buddha Demon seated on a lotus. His face was benevolent at times, and at other times, his demonic aura was torrential.

"What can you teach me?" Lin Fan laughed coldly in his heart. To think that he could get into trouble just by reading even a book.

"Convert under us and we can impart to you an endless amount of legacy. You're guaranteed never to enter the reincarnation cycle for all eternity." This decadent voice of the Buddha Demon revolved around the ears of Lin Fan. It was as though it possessed some sort of demonic power that could seduce one's heart.

If one weren't of a firm will, they would definitely be cheated by this Buddha Demon.

"You're not qualified enough." Slapping out with his palm, Lin Fan grabbed at the Buddha Demon.

"If you do not convert under us, you're nothing but a sinner!" The Buddha Demon hollered in rage as it burst forth with a boundless might. But to Lin Fan, it's effort was akin to trying to strike a rock with an egg. In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan's powers tunneled through and struck the other party dead.

'Ding…Congratulations on reading the Buddha Demon Scriptures. Experience points +50,000'

Lin Fan could not help but grin. Indeed, the benefits of knowledge were immeasurable in terms of mere gold and jade. The value they provided was precious on their own. To think that there would be experience points hidden within the books!

"Not bad, not bad! This place is pretty decent indeed. Seems like Yours Truly has got to spend time within this library. Before I get to finish all the books, I'm not getting out of this place!" Lin Fan chuckled in his heart. This was the first time he had come across such a situation.

After he was done with the Buddha Demon Scriptures, he placed it back to where it was. At the same time, he had a better understanding towards his own Paradise right now.

Why was there a Buddha and a Demon?

These were two separate ideals that were born from Lin Fan and imprinted within the Dao of the Paradise.

Once the timing, power, and cultivation state finally reached the requirements, it would be the moment for the Paradise to start giving birth to living beings.

The library was a good place indeed. This wasn't a wasted trip at all. Lin Fan wondered what sort of changes he would undergo once he was done reading all of the books.

Lin Fan was filled with anticipation towards these changes.