Chapter 998: The Dao of Taiji

Chapter 998: The Dao of Taiji

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
Beyond the sky of Pan Gu world, in the Chaos, where the time didn’t exist…

In the Dachi sky, the exquisite small tower floating above Priest Dachi’s head glowed with a bright light, releasing a yellow and black mist that suffused the air. Above his head, a cloud floated, upon which, an elderly priest, a middle-aged priest and a young priest sat with crossed legs. Each had a halo behind their heads, lighting up the entire sky magically and indescribably.

Under the effect of Priest Dachi’s immeasurably great power, both the time and space were frozen completely.

A flick of his finger could be same as eternity.

Ji Hao’s body was frozen as well, same as the time and space of the Dachi sky. Only his seed of Dao had been quaking intensely. Priest Dachi gazed at Ji Hao’s eyes, as endless mysteriousness of the great Dao had been flowing between the former’s eyes, rotating like the two parts of Taiji. The Dao of Priest Dachi was way too profound and mysterious, that Ji Hao couldn’t even grasp a shadow it.

It was unlike the Dao of Priest Qing Wei, which was detailed yet broad, just like countless flowers blooming on the surface of an ocean, and the life and death of countless living beings existing between those slightly shaking, tender petals.

It was unlike Yu Yu’s Dao, which was obvious, like a roaring thunderbolt in dark clouds, that could tear the sky apart and lighten up the darkness of nights. That light happened momentarily, but it could reach straight to eternity.

The Dao of priest Dachi was indescribable. Compared to priest Qing Wei and Priest Yu Yu, Ji Hao somehow felt that priest Dachi had already stepped into a higher level. The term, so-called ‘shapeless grade Dao’ might be created for priest Dachi.

Endless power of Dao surged out from Priest Dachi’s eyes into Ji Hao’s eyes, into his seed of Dao of sun through his eyes, and then merging with his entire body. Ji Hao trembled slightly. He couldn’t understand priest Dachi’s Dao, but priest Dachi had been forcibly merging his Dao into Ji Hao’s body, even by risking losing a part of his own power.

Ji Hao felt like an extremely dumb pig, while priest Dachi was a knowledgable professor, who had been trying his best to teach him to read and write. The pig couldn’t write, but priest Dachi grabbed its hoof and drew lines on the moist muddy ground over and over again. Once, twice, three, four times, five times, six times, seven times…

After billions of times of repetitions, the dumb pig finally learned to write the character ‘one’, which was a simple straight line!

All of Ji Hao’s treasures were taken out. Yu Yu and Qing Wei took those treasures behind priest Dachi’s palace of Dao. There was nothing but a thin wooden wall between Yu Yu, Qing Wei, Priest Dachi, and Ji Hao.

The wooden wall was dark and mottled, thickly covered in countless strange patterns. Every one of these patterns seemed to be representing an eternal principle of Pan Gu world. From behind this wooden wall, a sense of power that was even stronger, more profound, mysterious and indescribable than the sense of power of priest Dachi himself, spread out. That feeling was strange…If priest Dachi were a vast, immeasurably broad, starry void, the thing behind that wooden wall would be the universe, that had included this starry void.

Ji Hao had a rough idea about the identity of this being. However, he dared not to say it out, not to even think about it. He could neither talk nor think about that dreadful being.

He had only been staring at priest Dachi without blinking his eyes. He stared at those eyes of Priest Dachi, letting the essence of Priest Dachi’s Dao slowly merge with his whole body.

Except the golden bridge, all treasures of Ji Hao were removed from his body, including the Pan Xi divine mirror, nine suns devil-destroying sword, nine suns spear, nine suns stainless cloak, immortal sun streamer, deep dark soul cauldron, pre-world Liu Ren bottle, dark killing flags, Moho staff and all those treasures with different grades that he snatched from enemies or gained through other means.

From pre-world supreme treasures to pre-world spirit treasures, after-world divine weapons, holy weapons, Divine-Magus-level treasures, Magus-King-level treasures, even Senior-level weapons and those strange products of the non-humankind were taken away.

All Ji Hao had, even those ordinary magic crystals, were taken away by Yu Yu and Qing Wei, except one.

The small cauldron surrounded by five-colored flames in Ji Hao’s lower abdomen, Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei and Priest Yu Yu joined hands and searched through Ji Hao’s body. However, they still failed to discover the cauldron in Ji Hao’s lower belly.

Ji Hao didn’t know what Priest Qing Wei and Yu Yu were going to do with those treasures of his, but he could sense something from behind the thin wooden wall. He sensed an unspeakably strong power vibration from behind that wall, as if a giant alchemy stove existed in there, with a raging fire burning inside.

Gradually, Ji Hao felt that his body was as light as a cloud.

Under Priest Dachi’s generous cultivation, Ji Hao’s seed of Dao of sun had gone through a magical transformation. Surrounding the seed of Dao of sun, magic chains condensed from the great Dao of sun melted one after another, transforming into warm streams of red glow that merged with the seed of Dao of sun.

The seed of Dao of sun grew larger and larger, turned dimmer and dimmer, and slowly turned red from golden.

Apart from the purely positive power of Dao, streams of extremely negative power silently emerged and combined with the positive power, just like the fire merging with water. The fierceness generated by Ji Hao’s cultivation based on the great Dao of sun after he reached a certain level was slowly restrained.

"Ji Hao, regarding the worldly affairs, you shall do your best, but no need to insist on doing what you can’t do." Priest Dachi’s voice abruptly resounded in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, "If things are going well, you can do whatever you want. If not, you shall know when to retreat…The great Dao is all in your mind, you have to remember this!"

Priest Dachi slowly reached out a finger and gently flicked between Ji Hao’s eyebrows.

Buzz! Nine clear clouds rose from Ji Hao’s head in a row and merged together, holding up a, hundreds of meters radius red sun. This sun was warm, yet without any dazzling glow, seeming to be even more magical and mysterious than the seed of Dao of sun.

Ji Hao clearly felt that his primordial spirit had been through a fundamental transformation.

Behind Priest Dachi, behind that thin wooden wall, a slight humming noise came from the palace of Dao. Soon, a few streams of light flew out, quickly hovering around Ji Hao’s body.

A mist-like defensive magic cloak that was black and white in color, called the Taiji cloak.

An eight feet long, sharp sword, as sharp as a bolt of lightning, flickering in the air, called the Taiji divine sword.

A large four-legged cauldron, as heavy as a mountain and releasing dense mist, called the Taiji Creation.

A thick divine mirror glowing with a bright divine light, called Taiji Universe.

The cloak airily landed on Ji Hao’s body and transformed into an ordinary-looking long shirt, soft and weightless.

The eight-foot longsword fell into Ji Hao’s hand, sometimes bone-piercingly cold and sometimes unbearably hot. When it landed in Ji Hao’s hands, it was as light as a feather, but when he tried to wield it, it was as heavy as the tallest mountain in the world.

The large cauldron floated in the left side of the red sun, continually releasing dense mist, and seemed to be super mysterious. The secrets of this cauldron would have to be figured them out by Ji Hao himself.

The divine mirror flashed, showing all the stars, mountains and rivers in the world. This was the Pan Xi divine mirror without question, but somehow, it was now many times more powerful than before. The Pan Xi divine mirror contained forty-nine natural inhibitions, but by now, just like the golden bridge, the number of natural inhibitions contained in the mirror had turned fifty!

"The great Dao of Taiji is all in your heart…Go, this great disaster is actually an opportunity for you." The voices of Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei, and Priest Yu Yu could be heard simultaneously, while a gentle force pushed Ji Hao out of the Dachi Sky.

During this whole process, Ji Hao felt that a mysterious pair of eyes had been fixed on him all the time, until he left.

Once he left the Dachi Sky, a jade talisman in his sleeve quaked intensely.