Chapter 811: A World of Water

Chapter 811: A World of Water

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The golden bridge flew faster and faster. At first, the bridge was simply moving in the Chaos at a regular speed, but later, its moving speed rose and rose again, as if a huge piece of magnet had been attracting it, raising its speed to a scary level. The golden bridge vibrated intensely, and not to mention Ji Hao, even Po and Gui Ling couldn’t stand steadily on it. People on the bridge had no choice but to lie down on their stomachs, with their bodies shaking intensely along the golden bridge.

Both the intensity and frequency of the vibration grew higher and higher, and even though Ji Hao had an incredibly strong body, he felt that his internal organs were even going to fly out through his mouth. The six disciples of Gui Ling were Qi cultivators, so their bodies were only slightly stronger than ordinarily Junior Magi. Therefore, they had been suffering a heavy vomiting since long ago.

Towards the end, the golden bridge spun wildly and violently in the Chaos, tearing countless Chaos streams apart as if it was a giant drill. As a dim blue light spot came nearer and nearer, the golden bridge seemed to be more and more agitated.

The blue light spot in the front grew brighter and brighter, larger and larger. In the end, a thunder boom was generated as the golden bridge bumped directly against a tremendously thick layer of dim blue light screen. An extremely great and heavy resistance came immediately towards the golden bridge.

Ji Hao clearly sensed a strong will of resistance, judging from which, they were not welcome by whatever was behind this dim blue light screen. However, the golden bridge released an extremely dazzling stream of golden light and penetrated the blue light screen light a long sharp needle.

The billions of miles thick light screen was penetrated by the golden bridge. Next, along with the intensive vibration of the golden bridge, Ji Hao and the other cultivators broke into the natural protective screen of this world, then violently and impolitely broke into this world.

The golden bridge quieted down immediately. It transformed into a fist-sized, dark golden light, and silently flew back into the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows.

A strong gale had been blowing across the surrounding space. The bone-piercing cold gale transformed into numerous dark blue and dense air streams, roaring over from all directions. Ji Hao and the other cultivators were now high up in the sky, and they didn’t know how far it was from the ground. They tried their best to look down, but saw nothing but winding, dragon-like, dim-blue fierce air streams screaming all over the space.

Cold, terrifyingly cold... The air temperature in this place was incredibly low. It should be because of the natural laws of this world, the temperature in here was way lower than the already discovered lowest temperature back in Pan Gu world. Under the effect of such a low temperature, the gale was nearly liquefied, and contained a frightful destructive power.

The Pan Xi divine mirror was activated. On Ji Hao’s body, dim light streams flashed across, teleporting all fierce air streams away before they touched Ji Hao’s body. Those air streams which were sent away by Ji Hao, then surged out in random directions, clashing fiercely against each other. At the time, a dreadful series of bangs was generated in the air. Numerous strong air streams were shattered, after which, countless whirlwinds began spinning loudly in the sky, while descending along with an awful coldness like shooting stars.

Po had water-clear Yu Yu divine light streams hovering around his body. No matter how fierce those air streams were, his body stayed perfect unmoved. With great interests, he took out tens of different types of metal pieces and threw them into those fierce air streams, watching those metal pieces being rolled into the air streams and blasting into tiny crystal pieces.

Gui Ling had released a black divine light, shielding the six disciples of hers. As for herself, she delightfully opened her mouth, joyfully inhaling those raging-dragon-like, tens of thousands of miles long, bone-piercing cold air streams one after another.

These air streams were scarily cold, but contained a pure water power. Gui Ling’s real body was an enormous turtle, and she was born before Pan Gu world was created. Therefore, any water power could be greatly replenishing to her. Furthermore, the water power in this world contained a mysterious sense of Dao, which made the water power even more beneficial to Gui Ling.

"Let’s go down and take a look!" Ji Hao gave a shout, then took the lead and headed down.

Po and Gui Ling laughed out loud together. They stayed on both sides of Ji Hao to protect him, treading on airy clouds and drifting unhurriedly down. But, their moving speed was still no slower than Ji Hao at all. Meanwhile, tens of exquisite jade talismans flew out from Po’s hands one after another. Next, waves of detecting magics were activated, that allowed them to gain a preliminary understanding of this new world.

The water power in this world was incredibly dense, to an amazing degree.

Roughly speaking, the water power was holding an absolute domineering position in this world, as its amount was over a hundred times greater than the total amount of all the other types of natural powers. Natural powers such as metal power, green power, fire power and earth power existed in this world as well. But compared to the water power, these other types of natural powers were so weak that they were not even worth mentioning.

Because of the domineering water power, the fire power, which was opposite to water power, barely existed in this world. Po tried a few fire magics, but even with his power, he only managed to create a few tiny flames on his finger tips.

Because of the incredibly high density of the water power, the climate change in this world was quite strange. When Ji Hao and the other cultivators dove down from the sky, they had encountered three great storms within merely a quarter of an hour. Before, Ji Hao thought that the storms happened back in the rainy season of Southern Wasteland were already scary enough. But compared to the storms in this world, the rainy season in Southern Wasteland could even be described as gentle.

In the storms they had encountered in this world, there was no such thing as raindrops at all. Instead, coming down from the dense dark clouds were waterfalls. No drops, no streams, it was just like a river in the heaven had suddenly broken, and the river water poured directly on the ground.

The world was dark, with dense dark clouds drifting all over the sky. Because of the low densities of the other types of natural powers, except for those fierce air streams high up in the sky, the lower sky in this world didn’t have even a slight gust of wind. As a consequence, every dark cloud was strangely ‘fat’, and would always float in a certain area without moving, ceaselessly pouring down giant amounts of rainwater.

Without any wind, thunder, lightning, only dark clouds floated in the sky, and countless waterfalls descended from the air, causing endless, muffled noises while falling into the boundless water area down on the ground.

Ji Hao and the other cultivators reached to a spot less than three-thousand meters away from the ground. But the world ‘ground’ was not appropriate to use in this place, because with their eye powers, they had already tried their best to look around, but none of them managed to find a single piece of land.

Pure water, boiling water, waves after waves, whirlpools after whirlpools… The water was domineering this world. The only thing that Ji Hao and the other cultivators could see was water, all over the world, roaring, clattering, which made them feel suffocated for no reason.

Following a thunderous series of roars, three-hundred meters tall waves rolled over, generating sharp torrents of wind. Waves and waves clashed against each other while whirlpools devoured each other. Muffled booms could be heard without an end, delivering a despair that one might feel at the end of the day.

Not even a tiny island could be found. The surface of the water was all clean, without even a single grass drifting on it.

High up in the air, a thumb-sized sun with a dim glow showed a half of its body from time to time, barely delivering a slight warmth to this boundless water world, with its weak and thin glow.

"What a nice place!" Gui Ling laughed happily.

Po and Ji Hao already had their faces twisted like used tissues, because they now felt as if they had been going moldy at the joints of their bones.