Chapter 810: Following

Chapter 810: Following

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In the Chaos, the golden bridge moved forward violently and wildly.

Ji Hao and the other cultivators stood on the bridge, and even Po and Gui Ling, who were both powerful and experienced, were shocked by all stunning scenes throughout the journey, and had been quivering slightly.

Within a rampant Chaos stream, a Chaos star, million miles in radius, had been spinning swiftly, releasing countless ten-thousand miles long beams of spirit-perishing divine light. The light beams dazzled out of the star, and wherever they reached, the Chaos stream was struck into nothingness.

Even Po and Gui Ling dared not to fend against this type of pre-world spirit-perishing divine light with their own bodies and without any pre-world supreme treasure. However, the golden bridge bumped directly into the star, forcibly turning the star into pieces.

Dazzling streams of five-colored divine light struck on the golden bridge, but failed to even stir up a ripple on the dark light screen that was wrapped around the golden bridge.

Po abruptly gave a growl, following which, a cyan-colored, shining and enormous hand flew out from behind his head. It expanded to a hundred miles wide in a moment, grasping towards the pieces of that Chaos star. The fierce Chaos stream destroyed a big half of that enormous cyan hand within the blink of an eye. Po tried his best, but only managed to grasp back a water-tank-sized Chaos star piece.

Restraining the cyan light, Po held the star piece with both of his hands. But then, he trembled as his arms were dislocated by this star piece along with a loud bone creaking noise.

A cyan light spot rose from the bag tied around his waist. Po put the star piece into the bag, then seemed to say something. All of a sudden, a shrill howl could be heard, along with which, a whale-like, single-horned enormous beast rushed over, along with another Chaos stream.

This beast, that was tens of thousands of miles long, had countless eyes on its head. Those blood-red eyes were filled with a fierce intent of killing, but without any light of intelligence. Through those eyes, nothing but pure instinct and desire of killing and destruction could be seen. The power vibration released from the beast was incomparably great, affected by which, both Po and Gui Ling subconsciously released five streams of Qi from their heads. Five clear streams of Qi rose from both of their heads and condensed into three lotuses each, spinning speedily and releasing strong streams of power of Qi to fight against the power vibration released from the beast.

The golden bridge flew swiftly and bumped right into the head of the beast. Along with a thunderous bang, the enormous beast, which had been releasing an especially strong power vibration, multiple times greater than the combination of the power vibrations released by Po and Gui Ling, was bumped into bits. Those eyes of the beast became blood-red gemstones, swishing towards all directions like shooting stars.

Gui Ling gave a low growl while raising the black Ruyi held in her left hand. A wide stream of black light hovered in the surrounding space and caught three to five hundred blood-red gemstones.

Before Gui Ling and Po took a closer look at these gemstones transformed from the beast’s eyes, a deep yet terrifyingly loud roar came from a long distance away. Even though they were all under the protection of the golden bridge, and the roar came from immensely far away, Ji Hao still felt a piercing pain in his forehead, while his internal organs twitched intensively. Because of the severe inner vibration caused by the roar, Ji Hao vomited blood and nearly fell off the golden bridge.

Po and Gui Ling were both powerful, so they weren’t affected by the roar. But the six disciples of Gui Ling all vomited blood, and even worse than Ji Hao, they had streams of blood flowing out of their eyes, ears and nostrils ceaselessly.

Tens of not too large Chaos stars swished over thousands of miles away. All of a sudden, these stars transformed into a strand of dust simultaneously, being rolled into a Chaos stream, then disappearing. Nearby, a head-less, tens of kilometer tall, enormous man, whose skin looked like pure gold, was wielding a giant ax with his left hand and a shield with his right. This head-less giant roared madly while bumping a Chaos stream, then haphazardly rushed across space not too far away from the golden bridge.

"This…" Ji Hao looked at Po and Gui Ling in both shock and confusion, but Po and Gui Ling had also been looking at each other in shock while shaking their heads.

"Is that him?" asked Po with his eyebrows knitted.

"Weird." Gui Ling didn’t answer directly.

Ji Hao looked at that headless giant, who had been letting out a thunder-like roar from his stomach. All of Ji Hao’s fine hairs had stood straight up as his body quivered from time to time. He wasn’t frightened. Instead, he was excited. That giant, could he be the one existing in the famous human legend? The unimaginably powerful one, who once fearlessly attacked the heaven and nearly defeated the heaven emperor, making the heaven emperor lock himself indoor?

Why was he in the Chaos? What was he doing in here?

Bang! Bang! Bang! Hundreds of thunderous bangs could then be heard in a row. Meanwhile, the golden bridge glowed with an eye-piercing light, as hundreds of Chaos stars shattered heavily against the golden bridge’s glow while releasing thunderbolts and fiery lights. On one of those Chaos stars, a three-headed, six-winged, incredibly ugly giant bird opened its beaks and let out a long bolt of lightning towards Ji Hao and the other cultivators. But then, the bird realized that its thunderbolt could do no harm to the golden bridge. Therefore, it flashed across space and disappeared immediately.

Before Ji Hao and the others finished the long gasp caused by the shock given by that huge ugly bird, someone cried out in alarm.

A strong spiritual power locked on Ji Hao and the other cultivators. Next, all Chaos streams within the area with a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles were shattered by an unimaginably great force. A ghost-claw-like, purely dark and tremendous claw, which was about a hundred miles wide and having no skin and flesh, roared down towards Ji Hao and the others from a long distance away.

The power vibration released from this claw was scary, being shocked by which, Ji Hao only felt that his whole body was frozen, and he couldn’t move even a little bit. However, the golden bridge had been moving at an unspeakably high speed. Once the claw showed up, the golden bridge swiftly flashed across space, carrying Ji Hao and the others countless miles away, easily leaving the claw behind.

Po and Gui Ling glanced at each other and exclaimed together loudly, "That being is probably as powerful as our Shifu…"

Cold sweat flowed down from both of their foreheads. The owner of that claw was definitely as powerful as Yu Yu. As a creature which was born and had been living in the Chaos, even Yu Yu couldn’t guarantee to defeat it in Chaos.

Fortunately, under the protection of the golden bridge, they survived all dangers they encountered in this journey.

Nevertheless, behind Ji Hao and the other cultivators, in the Chaos, tens of thousands of miles away from them, another group of people had been cursing loudly and miserably.

A small golden shuttle had been moving in the Chaos. In both the front and the back of the golden shuttle, tens of air wings had been spinning swiftly, releasing large clouds of purple mist and bright bolts of lightning to forcibly destroy all surrounding Chaos streams.

It seemed that this golden shuttle was somehow, mysteriously connected with the golden bridge. This golden shuttle followed closely behind the golden bridge and quickly moved across the Chaos through the trace left by the bridge.

Obviously, the group of people on the golden shuttle had been following Ji Hao and the other cultivators, but the golden shuttle was far less powerful than the golden bridge. In the Chaos streams, the golden shuttle had been shaking intensively, while large ripples were stirred up from its protective light screen from time to time. The pieces of Chaos stars, which were shattered by the golden bridge, struck on the shuttle and made it sway. The roar let out by the headless giant squeezed blood out of the mouths of all people on the shuttle, and then the thunderbolt released by that huge ugly bird almost destroyed the golden shuttle’s protective light screen.

When the tremendous claw roared down, the golden bridge easily moved away, but the golden shuttle was affected by the strong shockwave caused by the claw, being sent out tens of thousands of miles away.

Inside the golden shuttle, a vicious voice screamed hysterically.

"Priest Po, Priest Gui Ling, let’s wait and see!"