Chapter 761: Moho Staff

Chapter 761: Moho Staff

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"No!" Moho Yuanku shouted in both rage and sadness. He bent his body and gripped his staff with both of his hands to hold it in front of his chest, supporting that thin layer of black wind shield which had been fending against Ji Hao’s attacks with difficulty.

"That is my big brother’s spirit magic eye! That treasure belongs to Moho Family! That power belongs to my family!"

"Damn you, Gulo, damn you, evil human being! How can you hurt our people with our own power?!"

Ji Hao stayed silent. He narrowed his eyes while his primordial spirit, which had been going through a magical transformation, floated in his spiritual space like a small sun. A great spiritual power was released through the Sky Eye, magically expanding and spreading speedily out towards all directions.

Before, Ji Hao only controlled the natural powers within the area a hundred miles in radius, but as the power of the Sky Eye released ceaselessly, the seven-colored swirl cloud above his head started gathering towards Ji Hao’s body. These extra natural powers were transformed and compressed by the Sky Eye, turning into waves of attacks that burst within a moment.

During the whole process, Ji Hao only needed to consume a slight little bit of his spiritual power.

Meanwhile, the five-colored, round-shaped caldron in his lower abdomen had been happily shaking, transforming a part of natural powers absorbed by his body into golden streams of light, surging around his whole body, swiftly regrowing that slight little bit of consumed spiritual power. Additionally, a great extra amount of spiritual power had been merging with this primordial spirit all the time.

The longer he fought, the stronger he would become!

Ji Hao chuckled while he flicked his ten fingers, adding his own power to the wave of attacks that had been launching through the Sky Eye. The power of Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words activated tremendous natural powers and triggered some mysterious types of powers, which combined with those Sky Eye attacks.

An indescribable, magical change happened.

The tidewater-like streams of power released by Ji Hao suddenly changed, just like a raw gemstone that was carefully ground by a skillful craftsman till it glowed splendidly. Those roaring streams of power had still been generating thunderbolts, fireballs, fierce air streams, sharp ice crystals and earth thorns, those were still violent and unstoppable while piercing towards every direction, seeming to destroy the whole world. However, at the moment, every single stream of power released by Ji Hao could vibrate the air slightly, and every single strike could leave a faint, twisted trace in the sky.

Those thunderbolts, fireballs, fierce air streams, sharp ice crystals and earth thorns were same as before, and the spiritual power consumed by them hadn’t raised at all. Nevertheless, their effectiveness had grown around eighty percent higher.

"Not possible!" Moho Yuanku stared at Ji Hao. He couldn’t believe this.

"The qualities of those powers are changing. What are you doing? Are you going to break the limit of the stage of sun and moon by relying on a stolen spirit magic eye that belonged to a powerful being of our Moho Family?"

Ji Hao laughed out loud while layers of defensive magic screens continuously emerged from around his body.

Fierce wind, flowing sands, fiery clouds, waves of thunderbolts…In the thick layers of defensive magic screens, large spell symbols sparkled, bringing Ji Hao an amazing feeling of the harmony between himself and nature, that made him intoxicated.

Moho Yuanku and a group of Moho Family people looked at JI Hao stunned while trying their best to protect themselves from the endless and destructive waves of power. Many of them were already badly wounded, some had their bones broken, and some were even struck straight to death. However, the rest of Moho Family people stopped paying attention to the waves of power, Instead, they all stared at Ji Hao now.

Full Moon people possessed great talents in magic-casting, because they were born as controllers of natural powers and great magic casters. As they naturally grew up, the powerful bloodline they inherited from their ancestors would smoothly turn them into strong magic casters.

Nevertheless, because of the fact that Full Moon people could attain powers way too simply, their great talents and their powerful bloodline had somehow become a disadvantage to a certain degree. They improved without any difficulty, naturally attaining great powers without needing to pay any effort. They didn’t need to cultivate themselves nor study on any knowledge. Therefore, when they reached the limits of their talents, a bottleneck period would start. To most Full Moon people, this bottleneck period was just like the steepest cliff in the world.

Describing in the language of Moho Family, they could practically control the ‘bodies’ of natural powers, but they had never patiently listened the ‘hearts’ of those natural powers. They could only, simply release powers to cast fierce magic attacks, but they could not truly merge into one with their magics.

Unlike them, ever since Ji Hao started learning about the great Dao from Yu Yu, his ultimate pursuit had always been the true harmony between nature and the human body! In his previous life, he created the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], which was a great method of cultivation that could stimulate the potentials of human bodies and allow a cultivator to communicate with the universe and borrow powers from nature.

The power of [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] and the knowledge regarding the great Dao taught by Yu Yu had bee added to all those great powers belonged to Full Moon contained in this Full Moon Sky Eye. At this very moment, Ji Hao thus easily reached the level of Moho Yuanjia, and had even slightly surpassed him.

One could put it in this way - before Moho Yuanjia died, his head had already touched the bottleneck of the stage of sun and moon, just like a giant stood in a room. The giant’s head had already reached the ceiling, and if he put forth a little bit of strength, the ceiling would break. Moho Yuanjia was that giant while Ji Hao was now standing right on his head. Therefore, with a slight effort, Ji Hao could break through this bottleneck.

If the possessor of this Full Moon Sky Eye was another Moho Family person instead of Ji Hao, who might have less understanding regarding the great Dao of nature, it would be more difficult for him or her to break this bottleneck. However, Ji Hao had a complete part of great Dao of nature, that came from Pan Xi world, contained in his primordial spirit. Because of that, both his primordial spirit and physical body now had a strong sense of the great Dao of nature. Consequently, Ji Hao broke the limit, that even Moho Yuanjia himself didn’t manage to break before he died, quite easily.

In the view of Ji Hao’s primordial spirit, natural powers seemed to have suddenly become like countless tiny living creatures, with their independent bodies and special spiritual power vibrations. These tiny creatures combined into a vast ocean, which was a boundless and magical world, filled with life-force. From this great ocean, Ji Hao easily grasped the unique sense of essence sun fire, then following the essence sun fire, he injected all of his spiritual power into this boundless ocean.

Thunderbolts, fireballs, fierce air streams, sharp ice crystals and earth thorns, and all the other fierce magic attacks launched by Ji Hao vibrated at this moment.

The sky darkened abruptly, and next, these magic attacks began weakening, collapsing as if they were crushed by a black hole. Strong streams of natural power ceaselessly surged in that froze and stopped all those swiftly flowing natural weapons, and made them float in the sky without moving even a little bit. Next, these natural weapons began expanding back to their normal sizes, every single piece of these natural weapons covered in a smooth and crystal layer of light.

By now, these natural weapons created by Ji Hao seemed to be complete tangible and sturdy, even including those thunderbolts and fire bolts, which looked just like numerous heavy pieces of crystal.

The power contained in every single strike had raised by at least a hundred times!

Even the power of the most ordinary magic attack had raised by a hundred times!

Moho Yuanjia was badly frightened. He gave a howl, threw his staff away then took out a larger one, which was oddly shaped and was around a foot taller than himself.

"You bloody thief, accept the anger of our Moho Family! Moho staff, this will destroy you for good!"