Chapter 748: A Savior Descending from the Sky

Chapter 748: A Savior Descending from the Sky

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
Opening the thick curtain, Ji Hao looked at the small square outside the building through the French window.

Chi Zhan stood beside Ji Hao while narrowing his eyes. He glanced out and couldn’t help but chuckle, said, "Ah, Gru, a loser... He paid a million jade coins for taking Diwu away. Di Wu is the favorite granddaughter of Di Luolang."

Ji Hao tightened his cloak and snorted.

On the square, a beautiful young girl with a thin white long dress and untidy long hair had been screaming hoarsely. On both sides of the girl, two tall and strong dark-kind women grabbed her arms, almost carrying her quickly towards the gate of the prison. Chubby Hartment had already been waiting by the gate with a weird smile.

Gru, who was fat and not handsome, proudly walked behind the two dark-kind women, with his eyes fixed on the waist and butt of that girl. Because of the desperate struggle, the long dress of the girl was ripped open on the back. Through the long and slim rip, a large area of snow-white, smooth and tender skin of hers was exposed.

Gru’s eyes seemed even to spurt fire as he stared at the girl’s exposed skin, while a faint stream of saliva flowed out of his mouth’s corner.

Behind them, in a tall tower around a hundred meter tall from the ground, Di Luolang showed half a face through a fist-sized ventilation window, while reaching his arm out with difficulty and ragingly pointing at Gru as he shouted, "Gru! I curse you! You lowly kid! You bloody bastard! I swear, I will let you and your families die from torture… All of you, every single one of you! You will all die!"

Gru triumphantly turned around and elegantly bowed to Di Luolang. Raising his head, he laughed loudly out and said, "Dear grandpa, you shall just stay there in peace. I’ve especially ordered you a nice bottle of wine. Ah, how long has it been since you tasted a fine drop of wine, which might be your last time?"

Giving another loud series of laughter, Gru suddenly leaped up, pointed his finger at Di Luolang and shouted, "You damned old bastard! Want to take revenge? You’re out of chance! Forever! Di Family is doomed, you will all become dead people!" Gasping for air, Gru spread his arms and loudly provoked towards the tower which Di Luolang was locked in, "Elder Di Luolang, and all honored elders of Di Family, look. I am taking the tenderest flower of your family away. My friend and I will treat her nicely! Her bloodline is so noble. Therefore, I will let her give birth to the children of ours!"

"You bastard!" From behind tens of tiny windows, core elders and other important members of Di Family all showed their faces and growled in rage, cursing Gru with the worst languages.

Once, these people stood high above the masses, and insignificant people like Gru could be killed in the thousands with a single word of theirs. But Dishi Cha brought a disaster and entrapped the entire family. With the most shameless method, Dishi Cha pushed the whole family into a hopeless situation. Because of this, people like Gru, who were as lowly as ants, who were not even worth mentioning, now dared to show such a great disrespect right in front of them! More unbearable was that this damnable man, Gru, was laying his finger on the tenderest, most beautiful flower of the Di Family!

"Gru, what you did today will bring a destructive disaster to yourself and your family!" An imperatorial voice came from a cell which was located at the top of a tower, "I, Di Yantuo, assure you as an acting leader of Di Family that you and your lowly friends, and all your families, will be destroyed."

Gru’s chubby face twitched as he looked around in panic. It seemed that the tall fence wall of the prison and all those guards standing on the fence wall brought him the courage. He raised his head with a provoking face, then made an extremely insulting hand gesture towards the tower.

"Di Yantuo? The acting leader of Di Family? Ah, what a great man! But I, Gru, am not afraid of you!" Gru held his head high and growled harshly, "You’re dead! No one will come to save you. You ruined the entire Liang Zhu City, you destroyed the portal… Even for the past life-and-death game, we lost because of your family!"

"Everyone wants you to die! So you have to die! You, what can you do to me?" Gru continued with a fierce tone while the two dark-kind women dragged Di Wu to him. Watched by all those elders and important family members, Gru pinched Di Wu’s beautiful face with his thick and short fingers, then forcibly turned her face ninety-degree around.

Di Wu screamed in pain, with her tears flowing down in streams.

"Di Wu! My baby!" Di Luolang screamed out hysterically.

"Damn you! Chi Zhan! If you don’t want to become a deadly enemy of our Di Family, kill this lowly man!" growled Di Yantuo in an extreme rage.

Many other Di Family elders and important members growled out angrily, but guards standing on the surrounding fence wall all cheered and clapped their hands. Some non-humankind slaves with low positions even began dancing excitedly. Those guards and non-humankind slaves all lived at the bottom of the society. Back then, these powerful Di Family people could slaughter them as easily as slaughtering pigs and dogs. But now, these powerful people fell in distress, which allowed them to watch an incomparably noble young lady being crushed under the feet of someone else. These guards and non-humankind slaves nearly had a mental orgasm, as if the one bullying Di Wu wasn’t actually Gru but themselves.

Chi Zhan laughed out loud and said, "Haha, Di Yantuo’s so funny, why would I help them, eh?"

"Because I will give you a lot of money!" Ji Hao blandly and emotionlessly pointed at Gru and said, "Di Wu? That woman is beautiful. I really want to do my family revenge on her… violently. Does she have a noble bloodline? Even better. Children with nobler bloodlines will have greater talents, and talents are powers, especially to our Full Moon people."

"Eh?" Chi Zhan popped out his eyes and looked at Ji Hao. He paid no attention to what Ji Hao said and instead asked sensitively, "A lot of money? Where?"

Ji Hao chuckled and slowly took out a one foot and two inches long, two inches wide and an inch thick golden bronze block, then said, "Refined Shouyang Mountain bronze. This is a small piece, but weighs a thousand kilograms. Added with other materials, this can be turned into quite a few top-grade weapons."

Chi Zhan opened his eyes even wider as those eyes were fixed on that bronze block. Shouyang Mountain bronze, a strategic resource that belonged to the humankind. The non-humankind had spent immeasurably great efforts, but only smuggled a small amount through scums of the humankind. This piece held in Ji Hao’s hands could trade for over ten-million jade coins in Xiu Clan’s black markets!

"Gru! Black Shark Castle is a place with a rule!"

Chi Zhan burst with a thunderous growl as he smashed the French window in front of him with his fist and leaped down the building.

Chi Zhan landed beside Gru and swiftly pulled out a short dagger, slicing his head off before he even realized what had just happened.

Blood splashed everywhere as Chi Zhan raised his head seriously and said, "In this place, I am the rule!"