Chapter 738: Sky-Opening and Earth-Splitting

Chapter 738: Sky-Opening and Earth-Splitting

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The sword light was right before Ji Hao’s eyes as a vicious smile emerged on A Pelo’s face.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, Meanwhile, from all 129600 river-like broad meridians of his, and from the million plus strong and vast Magus Acupoints, the pure and dense sun power suddenly compressed. Compressed and restrained, the sun power contained in his body, that was many times greater than the power possessed by any peak-level Magus King, was compressed into a tiny spot at this very moment.

Intangible and weightless, that tiny, ink-dark spot was filled with sun power, seeming like a black hole that would devour everything in the world. Yet, because of the sun power, it burst out with a dazzling light from time to time.

Ji Hao’s tall and vigorous body had even shrunk by a little bit. His muscles suddenly shrunk, that made him look skinny like he had nothing between his skin and bones. In a flash, he turned into a scary-looking skeleton.

His pair of eyes had turned purely golden, burning ragingly. That dazzling and passionate golden light that contained inexhaustible life-force and yet had a terrifying power of destruction surged out from his eye sockets in huge streams. In this golden pair of eyes, the sword attack launched by A Pelo seemed to be no longer perfect.

Ji Hao’s primordial spirit power had been consuming speedily. In order to launch the move of Sky-Opening, he had to activate his primordial spirit power to seek for that hidden ‘one’, grasp the enemy’s weaknesses and then attack it.

In Ji Hao’s eyes, this seemingly natural and smooth, nearly perfect sword attack launched by A Pelo had nine weaknesses.

Back then, when Ji Hao first learned the move of Sky-Opening from the mysterious man, each time he could barely discover a single weakness of an attack launched by his enemy, that too using all of his soul power. But now, he had grown a primordial spirit and nearly attained a seed of Dao. Even facing a powerful being like A Pelo, he could now discover nine weaknesses of the attack.

Along with a series of bone creaking noise, Ji Hao’s scrawny right arm was raised.

Inside Ji Hao’s body, that tiny spot suddenly shrunk again. At the same time, the nine spell symbols of Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words flashed across the edges of that tiny spot, then quickly merged with it.

Following a deep buzzing noise, the tiny spot exploded, releasing waves of fierce airstreams, swooshing out layer by layer. The strong airstreams condensed into the nine symbols of Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, swiftly clashing against each other, devouring each other and merging with each other. They eventually transformed into a small silhouette of an ax, roaring into Ji Hao’s right arm along with an unstoppably great power.

Ji Hao’s right arm instantly grew around three meters longer. Meanwhile, his bones, meridians, and skin were all momentarily strengthened by that great power. This twisted, especially long arm of his began expanding speedily. Within the blink of an eye, it became as thick as A Pelo’s waist. Every single pore of that arm had been glowing with an eye-piercing golden light. All of a sudden, the golden light transformed into a golden flame that wrapped his arm up while blazing.

The move of Sky-Opening and the move of Earth-Splitting were launched simultaneously. Ji Hao locked the power of his primordial spirit, that had almost been drained out, on the weakest spot of the sword power released by A Pelo. Somehow, that weakest spot was also the fiercest and the most vital spot.

Everyone on the scene felt that Ji Hao’s gesture was strange when he launched the counterattack, as if he had an invisible, short and heavy weapon gripped in his hand. Instead of punching A Pelo with his fist, Ji Hao was more like violently hacking towards the sword power launched by A Pelo, with that invisible weapon in his hand.

The counterattack was launched swiftly.

The moves of Sky-Opening and Earth-Splitting were perfectly combined.

This counterattack had used up all of Ji Hao’s spirit star power, physical strength and primordial spirit power; it was a full attack.

The air in the hall began gathering towards Ji Hao’s fist as his body shrunk, and when he launched this counterattack, the great hall was emptied already, without a single stream of air or natural power left in it. Even the light of those pearls in the ceiling had been fully absorbed by Ji Hao’s body.

The great hall had fallen into a pure darkness, and even space was twisted by the weird power released from Ji Hao’s body.

People in the hall couldn’t see anything, neither could they sense anything. No one knew what was happening. Everyone now had an illusion that they had all went back to the prehistorical Chaos of Pan Gu world, and been wrapped in the seed of Pan Gu world, without a sky or earth, time, directions, or the natural elements.

They felt like standing in a pure, boundless Chaos, without knowing the date, without sensing the surrounding environment and their own existences.

Only when Saint Pan Gu launched his moves of Sky-Opening and Earth-Splitting, this world could become a true world and this space could have its true meaning.

In this pure and deep darkness, A Pelo’s sword power twisted, collapsed and dissipated, completely disappearing into the air. His sword skill had almost reached the level of Dao, but was still far away from the real Dao. But in a way, this move launched by Ji Hao as a counterattack was already ‘Dao’!

When Ji Hao wielded his fist, the mysterious man showed up in his spiritual space. He made the exact same gesture as Ji Hao did, slightly wielding his right hand while gently drawing a perfect and sharp arc in the air.

Ji Hao’s move was imperfect, but as the mysterious man made the same move in his spiritual space, Ji Hao’s movements became smooth and flawless, just like the ultimate great Dao, without any defects.

The track of the movement of his hand had deeply imprinted in Ji Hao’s primordial spirit, which he could never forget.

As his right arm vibrated, Ji Hao’s fist bumped against A Pelo’s sword. Followed by a loud and clear clang, the heavy sword was shattered by Ji Hao’s bare fist. Next, Ji Hao’s fist, that seemed to be weightless, landed on A Pelo’s lower abdomen. His fist weirdly and swiftly vibrated nine times when it reached A Pelo’s armor.

The move of Earth-Splitting, which was launched with all of his physical strength and spirit power, allowed him to burst with an especially strong power, which could be tens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of times greater than his usual power.

The blood-red armor worn by A Pelo broke into pieces along with another loud clang. Countless tiny bits of the armor screamed towards all directions while Ji Hao’s fist that seemed to be powerless and soft thudded against A Pelo’s lower abdomen and generated a thunderous bang. A Pelo was sent flying backward while vomiting blood. His body split up from his waist, as he was smashed into two by this punch launched by Ji Hao.

"No!" Those masked men who had rushed into the hall earlier screamed out simultaneously.

"Damn…it!" The pair of blades in Ao Li’s hands clanged against the ground as he growled with a twisted face.

"Am I…seeing a ghost?!" Feng Qinxin had been elegantly fiddling with the red ribbon and the nine bells. But seeing the scary result of this punch launched by Ji Hao, she was shocked so badly that she almost thrust those bells into her own mouth.

After launching this punch, Ji Hao only felt that every cell of his body had been drained and emptied, and all of his powers and strength had been used up. His legs were even softened, and he nearly fainted. Nevertheless, he immediately made the gesture of Everything Grows, slightly quivering his body while drawing a perfect circle in the air with both of his arms.

Inexhaustible natural powers surged over from every direction, gushing into Ji Hao’s body in large and rapid streams.

The five-colored round-shaped small caldron in Ji Hao’s lower abdomen began swallowing the natural powers limitlessly, ceaselessly releasing great streams of sun power and injecting them into Ji Hao’s entire body.

Slowly, Ji Hao let out a golden stream of flame from his mouth, after which, his scrawny body instantly swelled back up. Within the span of merely one breath, his consumed power had recovered by at least seventy percent!

A rumbling thunder came from his body. After the exhausting full attack, he replenished himself with natural powers through the move of Everything Grow. As a consequence, he surprisingly reached the third level of the Magical Cultivation Method with Nine Turns. His physical strength was now eight times greater than before!