Chapter 711: Gong Gong Left in Anger

Chapter 711: Gong Gong Left in Anger

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The iceberg smashed down, but Ji Hao showed a vicious smile as he conveniently took out the Chaos sword box.

Killing a god should be fun, shouldn’t it? And the target was Gong Gong, so the Chaos sword box should be able to kill him, right? However, before Ji Hao opened the Chaos sword box, Si Wen Ming had already given a resonant roar while leaping up into the sky. The sixteen spirit stars had been quaking intensively above his head, and every single one of those stars was dazzling with an eye-piercing light. The earth meridians power that he absorbed just now surged out and condensed into a towering mountain, flying toward the iceberg thrown down by Gong Gong.

"Gong Gong, you have pushed this too far!" Si Wen Ming growled in rage while pulling out his long sword, hacking towards Gong Gong.

Si Wen Ming’s attitude was more than clear, and his standpoint was determined. Ji Hao was his supporter, and since Gong Gong had shown negative intent towards Ji Hao, then just let the war start! Gong Gong was a senior minister in the government of Emperor Shun, but Si Wen Ming himself was also holding a high status in the alliance of human clans. Both of them were senior ministers following the lead of the human emperor, and none of them was in a lower position than the other one.

Seeing Si Wen Ming launch the move, Ji Hao quickly pondered, then packed the Chaos sword box back and pulled the nine suns spear out.

Si Wen Ming hacked towards Gong Gong from the front while Ji Hao flicked the nine suns spear and sent out the pair of crescent-shaped blades. They transformed into beams of golden light and zipped away swiftly towards Gong Gong’s lower abdomen.

The mysterious man had already made the nine suns spear a Chaos supreme treasure that had even merged with a trace of the great Dao of sun. By now, the three suns of Pan Xi world were shining high up in the sky, and the pair of crescent blades had merged with the sunlight. They darted out silently and without any trace, even multiple times faster than the sword light released by Si Wen Ming.

The sword light released by Si Wen Ming was strong and powerful, as heavy as a towering mountain as it roared straight out. Si Wen Ming’s sword intent was stout and stable. Therefore, the sword light released by him wasn’t swift. Instead, it had layered up like a great mountain range, approaching Gong Gong at a relatively low speed.

All of Gong Gong’s attention was caught by Si Wen Ming’s sword intent. He smiled coldly while swinging his hands, letting out a pair of ice swords condensed from dark ice from his fingertips, screaming down towards the sword light released by Si Wen Ming.

A thunderous boom was then generated while the towering mountain condensed from the earth meridian power released by Si Wen Ming bumped into the iceberg thrown out by Gong Gong. Two giant mountains shattered simultaneously, and the iceberg turned completely into countless ice crystal and evaporated instantly under the sunlight. The towering mountain released by Si Wen Ming remerged back into a unity after being shattered, as if a magical force had pulled all shreds of earth power back together and formed again into a towering mountain, flying towards Gong Gong.

"Divine Soil!" murmured Gong Gong and many other elders.

This was the power of Divine Soil. Creatures generated by the pre-world earth power possessed infinite life-force and power, and could never be destroyed. Si Wen Ming had absorbed a piece of infinitude that came from Si Xi’s collection into his spirit stars. Therefore, his power now had the feature of Divine Soil. This was the reason why the mountain generated from Si Wen Ming’s power could merge back together after it was shattered while Gong Gong’s iceberg was destroyed.

"Duo!" growled Gong Gong while the pair of ice swords zipped out of his fingertips suddenly dazzled with a bright light and released a fierce cold power. They froze the surrounding air into faintly blue ice crystals, drifting down from the sky.

The ice swords sliced Si Wen Ming’s mountain open then bumped against his sword light.

An ear-piercing noise could then be heard. Si Wen Ming’s sword light was crushed while the long sword holding in his hands vibrated intensely. He staggered back for tens of steps in a row. With every step, he made the ground under his feet quake intensely.

Gong Gong gave a cold smile, seeming to say something. But abruptly, his look changed and a huge stream of water sprayed out from his long black robe. A sizzling noise started while two extremely thin beams of light suddenly appeared before Gong Gong’s lower abdomen, releasing dense and large streams of essence sun fire. The golden sun fire clashed violently against the black water ejecting out of Gong Gong’s long robe and caused strong waves of power vibrations, spreading towards all directions like a tsunami.

Gong Gong glared at Ji Hao in both shock and anger and growled, "Earl Yao! You sneakily attacked me! How shameless are you?!"

Ji Hao looked back at Gong Gong and responded with an extra cold tone, "As an eldership, you never showed any respect to anyone. Instead, you just messed around in here, trying to do whatever you want. You never obeyed any rules. Gong Gong, I have indeed sneakily attacked you, but so what? Just kill me right on the spot if you dare! Do you even dare? Can you even do that? If you don’t dare to, and if you can’t do it, just shut your mouth!"

A golden beam of light rose from Ji Hao’s head, from which, the immemorial sun streamer transformed into a fifteen-meter tall, enormous streamer. Ji Hao injected all of his power into it. The area with a radius of ten-thousand miles was instantly darkened down, as all the sunlight was forcibly absorbed by it. Visibly, the sunlight had transformed into streams of molten glass-like, golden liquid, ceaselessly flowing into the streamer.

A terrifyingly great heat was fermenting inside the immemorial sun streamer. Everyone on the scene could sense the destructive power of the immemorial sun streamer.

Taisi and Shaosi each took a step forward. From behind them, a white and a gray silhouette emerged respectively. Meanwhile, a great power of horror that came from immeasurably powerful, fallen prehistorical beings silently spread out. Somehow, some kind of an extremely serious danger had aimed itself at Gong Gong.

Gong Gong hadn’t taken the immemorial sun streamer seriously when he first saw it. With the wealth possessed by Gong Gong Family, a few pre-world treasures were far enough from frightening him. However, the hazy silhouettes that emerged from behind Shaosi and Taisi numbed Gong Gong’s scalp. His pupils shrunk from time to time while he looked at Shaosi and Taisi with a slight fear as he murmured with a low voice, "They are disciples of that old freak from Candle Dragon Clan…Troublesome little kids."

Yu Mu slowly took out the Disease God streamer and slightly wielded. Following his move, a weird power that could suffocate everyone spread instantly out and swept across the entire space. Down below, plants within the area that had a radius of a hundred miles withered immediately and became black mud on the ground within a twinkling of an eye.

Calmly, Yu Mu looked at Gong Gong and said word by word, "Water God Gong Gong? What a big deal…I, Yu Mu, am not too powerful and can’t afford to offend a powerful man like you. However, allow me some time, and I can make sure that diseases will never go away from all Northern Wasteland clans. I guarantee that every Northern Wasteland clan will have to dig graves to bury their people, every single day."

"Enough!" An angry shout came as a large light screen showed from the head of the man with a tall hat, and a transparent silhouette walked out from it. Seeing this translucent silhouette, everyone bowed and saluted hurriedly, because this was a clone of Emperor Shun.

"Gong Gong, with your position, why should you argue with these kids?" Emperor Shun sounded a bit unpleasant while looking at Gong Gong with his eyes narrowed. Glaring again at Gong Gong, Emperor Shun turned around, looked at Ji Hao and his friends and said, "Earl Yao, our humankind have our laws. If you feel wronged, you can come to me to complain. If every human being just pulls out their weapon and points it at others because of a little bit of injustice as you just did, our human society would be thrown into a chaos, wouldn't it?"

Ji Hao gave a faint smile, looked at Emperor Shun while spreading his hands and responded, "Emperor Shun, you are right, but…"

Emperor Shun slightly waved his hand and said in a gentle and warm tone, "But what? Why do we have to say ‘but’? Our humankind has won this life-and-death game, and you have earned your credits. You will be surely awarded. Young people like you can easily get angry, which is understandable." Turning to Gong Gong, Emperor Shun continued, "Gong Gong, this is over."

Gong Gong frowned, then suddenly transformed into a black dragon and flew straight up into the higher sky. He smashed a mountain with his claw and then flashed across the air, disappearing in a flash.