Chapter 701: Sudden Side Change

Chapter 701: Sudden Side Change

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

An enormous metal ship was flying swiftly in the sky. Three three-hundred-meter tall masts stood on the metal ship, with nearly a hundred different-sized, triangular flags tied on them, fluttering in the fierce void gale that was pushing the ship forward.

Countless cyan-colored spell symbols sparkled on the surface of the metal ship while a gentle breeze blew around it, allowing it to almost merge into the air, without suffering any resistance. Meanwhile, this breeze had also dispelled the traces of power released from the ship, disabling the enemies from tracking it. Nevertheless, a shrill phoenix scream rose into the sky while Ji Hao and a few others standing on the head of a multicolored, gigantic phoenix followed up.

Just now, when the fort-crushing cannon destroyed itself, Ji Hao had trapped Pan Xi with a magic talisman. Yemo Tuo then motivated Pan Xi with a secret spell, allowing her to burst with a terrifyingly great power to forcibly destroy the magic talisman and rush back to save him. But still, a slight trace of the power of the magic talisman tailed Pan Xi, allowing Ji Hao to easily chase her with a jade tracking talisman.

Hearing the phoenix screaming, Ji Hao gripped the nine suns spear, poked on the back of this arrogant giant phoenix and made it scream again in pain. "You stupid bird, are you colluding with the non-humankind? We haven’t yet chased them up, why are you screaming? If they hear you and escape, how would we find treasures for your young master?"

Seeing Ji Hao poked her close guard, which was also her mount, with the nine suns spear, Feng Qinxin was going to yell out in anger. But after hearing what JI Hao said just now, Feng Qinxin immediately stomped her foot heavily on the phoenix’s head and shouted, "Why are you screaming? What are you waiting for? Just catch up!"

The phoenix tweeted sadly, then flapped its enormous wings, generating a long streak of rainbow and swooshing out directly. Within the twinkling of an eye, the phoenix reached less than ten miles away from the metal ship.

Before Ji Hao and Feng Qinxin launched any moves, a dragon-shaped golden stream of light dazzled out. Ao Li, who was standing on the head of the golden dragon, followed up as well. He threw over a dragon-head hammer from a long distance away.

The golden, shining dragon-head hammer expanded to the size of mountains, smashing down along with a fierce gale. The cyan spell symbols sparkling on the surface of the metal ship instantly shone brightly and released a cyan-colored stream of light, wrapping the ship firmly up.

The dragon-head hammer thrown out by Ao Li was a nature-crafted holy weapon, and was a fierce, destructive one too. As the hammer descended like a giant mountain, the metal ship’s defensive magic formation went shattered instantly. The dragon-head hammer landed on the metal ship and crushed the three masts and those triangle-shaped flags. An ear-piercing twisting noise was squeezed out from the body of the metal ship while the thousands of meters long ship was suddenly torn apart, and thousands of people dashed out desperately from the ship.

Yemo Tuo, whose face was now deathly pale, looked at Ji Hao and the others who had been keeping up with the ship. He abruptly gave a vicious grin and said, "Good, good, good… I didn’t think that you would come seek for death yourselves!"

Following his laughter, Yemo Tuo and over ten Jia Clan warriors pulled out their black staffs simultaneously, flicked their wrists and intended to activate the power of great Dao to crush Ji Hao and his people. Nevertheless, Ji Hao had been preparing for this since long ago. Seeing Yemo Tuo and the others take out the black staffs which could control the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world, the three feet and three inches long, silver-colored magic talisman hiding in Ji Hao’a palm instantly began burning.

Thousands of tiny swords were painted on this silver-colored magic talisman. After Ji Hao activated it, he felt as if a silver-colored sun had burst in his palm. Then, countless silvery sword lights dazzled out, piercing towards those black staffs under Ji Hao’s will.

Ji Hao had destroyed a black staff once, and he knew that these staffs that could control the power of the great Dao in Pan Xi world were actually fragile. One could easily smash them with a single punch. No ordinary people could ever control the power of great Dao of a whole world, and Yemo Tuo and those Jia Clan warriors were not powerful enough to do it either. Therefore, they could barely control the immense power of great Dao with these black staffs, which were treasures crafted by their master craftsmen. Once Ji Hao destroyed these treasures, Yemo Tuo and his people would never be able to activate even a slight little bit of power of great Dao in this fight.

In order to achieve his aim, Ji Hao even used a magic talisman given by Priest Xuan Du. The magic talisman could release a hundred million beams of sword lights to attack under the will of their owner.

A series of popping noise could then be heard endlessly as those black staffs held in Yemo Tuo and his warriors’ hands were crushed one after another. Yemo Tuo screamed in a hoarse voice, and at the same time, Ji Hao controlled those sword light beams with his mind, fiercely dazzling towards the vital body parts of Yemo Tuo and his warriors.

Along with an overwhelming swishing sound, a strong gale swept across the sky. When Yemo Tuo and his people were about to be slaughtered by the wave of sword light, Pan Xi showed up right on time and slapped those sword light beams into pieces. Before Ji Hao made the next move, Pan Xi’s body flashed across the air, dashing towards Ji Hao as fast as a ghost while throwing a heavy punch.

Ji Hao took a deep breath while he took out the Chaos sword box and injected all of his spiritual power into the box. The small, lusterless sword box opened slightly and let out a tiny, white beam of sword light that bumped into Pan Xi’s chest. The sword light seemed to be moving extra slowly, but in fact, it had a lightning-like speed.

Pan Xi, who had always been neglecting any kind of attacks, now gave a muffled moan while being forced quickly back by this sword light. Following a loud swooshing noise, Pan Xi was struck down from the sky and thudded thunderously against the ground.

Silently, a hundred miles huge hole appeared on the ground of Pan Xi world. The Chaos sword light split the earth and sent the power released by Pan Xi with a single move deeply into the ground. This hundred-mile in radius deep hole reached straightly down to the underground. The wall of the hole was as smooth as a mirror, and could even give out reflections.

Until Pan Xi was climbing back up from this immeasurably deep hole, Ji Hao silently took out thousands of different colored sky bombs, throwing into this giant hole. After that, a human-shaped silhouette flashed inside the hole and countless bolts of lightning burst out. Next, the giant hole quaked, then began collapsing quickly.

"Damn it…You can’t do this!" screamed Yemo Tuo. Although he didn’t know what exactly those tiny bombs thrown out by Ji Hao were, he had already sensed the destructive sense of power released from those bombs from a great distance. He stared at Ji Hao with a soul-deep fear, worrying if Pan Xi could withstand such a brute attack.

A human-shaped silhouette, that had blood mist spraying out from its entire body, suddenly teleported itself to beside Yemo Tuo; that was Chi You. Wielding the bloody long blade held in his hand, Chi You gave Ji Hao a hideous grin and said, "You dared to fight back? What a shame… With another few months, I could have absorbed seventy percent of Pan Xi’s spirit blood that we extracted from her body. Then, I would have had a big half of her power…What a shame!"

Yemo Tuo pointed his finger at Ji Hao and screamed, "Chi You, kill them, kill them!!"

Chi You’s look turned extremely weird as he smiled at Ji Hao. Then all of a sudden, he swung his arm backward and chopped Yemo Tuo into two.

Before those surrounding Jia Clan warriors realized what had happened, Chi You Army Warriors launched their moves simultaneously, puncturing their vital body parts. On an average, every Ji Clan warrior had suffered the joint-handed attack launched by over ten Chi You Army warriors. Soon, these seriously injured Jia Clan warriors were all killed out.

While chuckling, a blood-red, gigantic flag rose from Chi You’s head and transformed into an enormous stream of blood-red mist that rolled up all Chi You Army warriors, swished through the air and disappeared.