Chapter 675: Seek Refuge

Chapter 675: Seek Refuge

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A bright stream of light flashed swiftly across the sky, with numerous white lotuses sparkling from time to time, leaving tens of hazy, white traces around the white light stream.

Priest Hua remained expressionless, judging from which, no one could tell his emotions. He grabbed Priest Corpse and fled away at the highest speed. Priest Corpse had been quivering slightly, looking at the blood stain on Priest Hua’s robe, seeming to be in a panic.

Priest Hua was injured by a Yu Clan man who found them fleeing timely. By simply waving a black staff held in his hand, the Yu Clan man easily made a thunderbolt descend from the sky that crushed Priest Hua’s protective divine light directly and struck on Priest Hua’s back, making him vomit blood.

Although this body wasn’t Priest Hua’s real body, it was a clone of his, transformed from a white lotus. Nevertheless, how powerful was Priest Hua? Even though it was only a weak clone of his, being injured by a small Yu Clan young man had already made Priest Hua feel humiliated badly.

"If I can come here with my real body, I will certainly pull the kid’s soul out of his body, then lock his souls in the hell and burn it with the nether fire day and night, making him suffer forever and ever." said Priest Hua with a darkened face and a low voice while breaking quickly.

Priest Corpse dared not to say anything. He didn’t even dare to make any movement. To ordinary disciples, Priest Hua seemed like a moral, powerful being. But only disciples like Priest Corpse, who had been under Priest Hua’s guidance ever since the prehistorical era, knew about the fact that what a terrifying being Priest Hua was. To anyone who offended Priest Hua, being killed, both in the body and soul, would be counted as rather lucky.

The white light remained dazzling in the air. After it had flown for a certain distance, a white lotus would explode in the air, releasing a wave of white light spots that disturbed the power of destiny completely. It disabled those Yu Clan people from locating Priest Hua and Priest Corpse with the power of destiny, even though they had already brought the great Dao of nature of this world under control.

Flying like this for four to six hours, Priest Hua pressed his hands downwards, then took Priest Corpse and landed on a barren mountain. Bo Qiujia and a group of disciples surrounded Zhu Rong Tianming and walked up, then everyone knelt down and politely kowtowed to Priest Hua.

After the group of disciples and Zhu Rong Tianming kowtowed to him, Priest Hua slightly waved his hand and said, "Don’t bother, we’re under an emergency situation. It seems that we have been trapped by those non-humankind beings in this life-and-death game. I didn’t think that they would actually do such a horrible thing."

Priest Corpse took out a clean hassock, which was woven by thin grasses, and a newly-crafted reed sheet, neatly placed it on a rock and invited Priest Hua to sit down. Then the other disciples all sat down around Priest Hua according to their positions, after which, Priest Corpse asked extra carefully, "Shifu, we are still weak and haven’t found anything strange. Is something truly wrong with that woman?"

Priest Hua nodded. He raised his head, glanced at the sky, then released a few white lotuses from his hands that stirred the surrounding power of destiny once again.

"That woman is Chaos Saint of this world. She is the creator of this world. Her position in this world equals to Saint Pan Gu, the creator of our world." said Priest Hua with a serious look and a bland tone. "Saint Pan Gu died of exhaustion after he created our world. His body transformed into mountains, rivers and all kinds of things in our world, but this Pan Xi…Anyway, she has already been turned into a battle puppet by someone else."

Priest Corpse looked at Priest Hua in shock.

Battle puppets were similar to zombies. As Priest Corpse was named after the word ‘corpse’, he surely had some experience on this. The zombies he made were all powerful and fearless, and he was quite proud of this ability of his.

But make a Chaos Saint of a world into a zombie?

Priest Corpse trembled with excitement as he looked at Priest Hua and asked in a low voice, "Shifu, for any zombie, we can control it as long as we have its controlling magic seal. Where is that woman’s controlling seal?"

Priest Hua glanced at Priest Corpse with a darkened face. Of course, he knew what Priest Corpse was thinking. Snorting coldly, Priest Hua responded blandly, "Did you see the spot between her eyebrows? That flower of great Dao is her controlling seal. If you want to bring her under control, you have to control the entire great Dao of nature of this world first. Hehe, they might have spent hundreds of millions of years to make a puppet like this, and you want to snatch it? How can it be that easy?"

Hearing this, Zhu Rong Tianming yelled out in shock. "Control the great Dao of nature to control her? So Ji Hao didn’t lie to us? Have those non-humankind beings truly controlled the great Dao of nature of this place?"

Priest Hua looked at Zhu Rong Tianming in surprise and asked, "Earl Yao Ji Hao? Hm? What did he say? Quick, tell me."

Zhu Rong Tianming dared not to waste any time. Hurriedly, he told Priest Hua that a couple of days ago, Ji Hao sent messages to him through all kinds special abilities possessed by Pan Xi world people and invited him to go to Fallen Land and meet the others and fight against the non-humankind army together.

"Ji Hao said that those non-humankind beings could already control the great Dao of nature. Therefore, we won’t be able to rival them in any place ruled by the great Dao of nature. Fallen Land was a destroyed area of this world, and no natural powers could be found in there. Because of this, only in that place could we fairly fight against those non-humankind beings!"

Zhu Rong Tianming’s voice turned lower and lower. In the end, he looked at Priest Hua, smiled bitterly and murmured, "Is all he said true?"

With a long face, Priest Hua sat on the hassock with his legs crossed, silently locked his fingers together, constantly changing his hand motions. After quite a long while, he nodded and said, "Good, good, Earl Yao Ji Hao… good, Priest Yu Yu… hehe, have you pulled all talented kids to your side already?"

Hearing this, Priest Corpse, Bo Qiujia and the other disciple all had their faces blushed in shame. They lowered their heads and said ‘I’m sorry, Shifu’.

Their Shifu praised another cultivator’s disciple in front of them. This made Priest Corpse and the others feel way too useless, how could they not say anything?

"You should indeed be sorry." Priest Hua said blandly, "He had shown you a broad way, yet you insisted on walking on the rugged path. If you can still reach your destination through your rugged path, fine…Just now, through my power, I have found out that ninety-nine percent of those princes who came to our side during the recent years, were already captured alive by the non-humankind."

Smiling bitterly, Priest Hua sighed and continued, "You speak, how should we deal with this?"

Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia glanced at each other, not saying anything. Their worst fear had come true. Those princes and elite human beings who chose to support Zhu Rong Tianming were all captured alive. By now, Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia were in a great trouble!

"Shifu!" Priest Corpse said while tremblingly looking at Priest Hua.

"Never mind, never mind. Just go to Fallen Land and meet with Earl Yao Ji Hao." Priest Hua waved his hand and said in a bland tone, "In that place, we will still have a slight chance to twist the situation. Let me carefully think about this. Do they want to send that woman into Pan Gu world? This can’t happen as they planned. Otherwise, we will fall into huge trouble.

A stream of white light rose into the sky, with which, Priest Hua and the group of people flew speedily towards Fallen Land.