Chapter 588: Visiting the Small Island at Night

Chapter 588: Visiting the Small Island at Night

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Late at night, the darkness was gathering. On the surface of the late, a few canoes were moving around. The group of ‘people’ returned to the island with large amounts of animal meat, fruits, and herbs.

Three dim-blue, round moons silently emerged from the sky. The moonlight, that was slightly cold spread out and lightened the sky up. Ji Hao sat on a large branch, fiddling with a fruit that he picked a few days ago which was releasing a sense of Dao, while silently looking at the small island.

There was a type of dandelion-like plant on the island. At night, as the breeze blew across, this kind of plant would release a lot of seeds, drifting along the wind. Those seeds emitted a dim white light that illuminated the entire island.

Happy laughs and soft voices came along with the wind. With a good eyesight, Ji Hao saw several couples with their hand held together, leaving the village on the island and sneakily walking into the long bush outside the village. A while later, those bushes began shaking, and some startled small animals rushed out from time to time.

Ji Hao chuckled, smilingly looking at this lively scene. This reminded him of the old life back in Southern Wasteland jungles. Those unconstrained boys and girls from Southern Wasteland clans straightforwardly pursued their own happiness like this as well.

Green lied in the brushwood under the tree and was in a daze while lazily chewing the grass. From time to time, dark-green spell symbols would flash across its body. Green was still digesting the fruit that Ji Hao fed it. Apparently, Green wasn’t an especially gifted one, and it had been quite a few days after it swallowed the fruit, but it had still been trying hard to absorb the power of Dao contained in the fruit.

The fruit with the power of Dao held in Ji Hao’s hand was heavy, and the power of Dao contained in it was dense enough to even seem ready to explode. Ji Hao fiddled with it for a while, then opened his mouth, threw the whole fruit in and swallowed it up.

The small round-shaped cauldron in his lower abdomen released a multicolored stream of light, then directly swallowed the fruit with the power of Dao.

After around a quarter of an hour, streams of the dark-green power of Dao flew out from the cauldron and transformed into numerous complicated and beautiful spell symbols, flying towards Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

A gentle breeze silently blew around Ji Hao while his body was wrapped in faint green light.

As Ji Hao’s primordial spirit ceaselessly digested the natural Dao of ‘green’ of the world, Ji Hao sensed that the impulsive force coming from this world was slowly declining. Gradually, he knew better and better about this world. Meanwhile, he could control the powers generated from the Dao of ‘green’ of this world, such as the power of wind and thunder.

This fruit taken by Ji Hao helped him to gain a deeper understanding of this world, through which, he also attained a deeper understanding of the pre-world and after-world green power of the big world, the world he belonged to.

What satisfied Ji Hao more was that after the small cauldron in his lower abdomen digested the fruit, an extremely great stream of Chaos power was released. Ji Hao inhaled it into his body and sensed a boiling heat from his body while his meridians and Magus Acupoints were strengthened once again.

The same kind of fruit that Green had tried a couple of days but still couldn’t fully digest was absorbed by Ji Hao in just a quarter of an hour.

"Interesting!" Ji Hao threw the last fruit into his mouth, then closed his eyes and silently sensed the magical green power of this world.

Time passed second by second. Ji Hao had been timing accurately according to the rate of his heartbeat.

A whole day of this world had about thirty-two hours, sixteen hours for the daytime and sixteen hours for the nighttime. Ji Hao silently counted seconds, and six hours after the three moons rose, he abruptly moved, nimbly trodding on a gust of wind and flew towards the small island over the lake’s surface.

Green lied under the tree, raised its head and glanced at Ji Hao. It then shook its head, continuing to lie there while chewing fresh grass.

Gently moving across the over ten-mile long lake surface, Ji Hao silently landed on the ground with his body coiled around by gentle gusts of wind. After this, he walked into the woods on the island, swiftly and quietly like a ghost. Thus, he entered into the village built by these local residents of this world.

According to the commonality of all intelligent creatures, among a group, important members and buildings would be located in the central areas of the habitat. Ji Hao carefully moved in between those giant trees, into the central area of the small island.

The sounds of sleep talking of those local residents could be heard from countless tree house above, and from those large bird nests in between those three houses, clear bird songs would come out from time to time. These local residents had also built watch towers on certain spots, and during the night time, guards would vigilantly keep an eye on the surrounding area. Nevertheless, no one found any trace of Ji Hao.

In the long brushwoods, some small animals, that looked like mice, about three-foot long and with exaggeratedly large noses, had been dashing around. These small animals clearly were raised by these local residents as night guards. From time to time, they raised their heads and quickly twitched their large noses, carefully identifying all kinds of scents that came along the wind.

Ji Hao’s body condition was as great as Divine Magi. Therefore, he could control his body to a terrifying degree. He sealed all his pores, and therefore, neither any spell nor sense of power was released from his body. Added with the power of the two fruits that he took earlier, he now wrapped his whole body with the wind to keep the smell of his body from spreading out.

He arrived directly into the central area without disturbing any animal or ‘person’ with much ease.

A gigantic tree was standing in this area, with a tree trunk that had the diameter of over three hundred meters. This tree looked like a tremendous mushroom, standing stably on the ground. Under the tree was a large wooden house built by those local residents. Through the open gate of the house, Ji Hao saw a wooden statue on an altar that seemed to be worshiped by these ‘people’, as fresh flowers, fruits and meats were piled up in front of the wooden statue.

Covering the wooden house up with his spiritual power, Ji Hao didn’t find anything abnormal within the area a hundred meter radius around the house; no ambush, trap, or any power vibration. Only in a corner of the house was an elderly man, silently sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. This elderly man’s hair were deep dark green, even seeming to be black. His eyes were closed tightly, and his breath was long and slow. Clearly, he was in a certain state that was similar to meditation.

In front of the elderly man was a small wooden table, on which was a thick book made from leathers. From that book, Ji Hao sensed a faint power vibration.

Except for the book, a leaf-shaped short sword was also placed on the small table. The dark-green sword released thin gusts of wind from time to time, and the visible, light green wind swished around the elderly man, fluttering the elderly man’s long hair and beard.

Ji Hao carefully observed this short sword with this spiritual power.

The elderly man was cultivating himself, which meant this short sword was a defensive method he set up for himself. However, this short sword wasn’t too powerful. Although Ji Hao couldn’t tell the texture of the sword, based on the power vibration released by it, it was roughly at the same level as those low-grade magic tools crafted by Fire Crow’s Maguspreists back then, each having around twenty spell symbols attached to it.

Ji Hao smiled and gently walked into the house. He silently walked up to the elderly man, then abruptly reached his hand out towards that short sword.