Chapter 333 – Redeem

Chapter 333: Redeem
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Did the mysterious man, who lived in Ji Hao's spirit space, forcibly turn the fire liquid sphere back into its original form, the Nine Dragon Fire Pearl, after it had consumed around one percent of its naturally contained fire essence power?

Except for the fact that the naturally gained consciousness of the fire pearl was devoured by those multicolored flames, the fire pearl looked perfectly unharmed. Moreover, after having lost that violent, brutal and disobedient consciousness, this fire pearl was now domesticated by the power contained in Ji Hao's spirit blood, which meant, by now, Ji Hao could freely control it.

So amazing!

Ji Hao was completely stunned by what the mysterious man had just done, and could only swallow in shock without letting a word out for quite a while.

※Going too far is as bad as not going far enough.§ In Ji Hao's spirit space, the mysterious man's voice rose.

Ji Hao paused for a second, then nodded head hard. Indeed, going too far was as bad as not going far enough. At the current stage, his spirit power could, at most, control the highest-standard power outburst made by eight-thousand Magus Acupoints simultaneously. If he truly consumed the Nine Dragon Fire Pearl up, he could probably wake at least a big half of his Magus Acupoints. But then, he wouldn't be able to control his own power. Anyone close to him could be smashed by a single slap of his.

'Going too far is as bad as not going far enough'. Ji Hao took a deep breath while repeating this sentence in his head. The raging flame that came out of his body slowly restrained itself, and in the meanwhile, his skin that had burned to glowing-red, turned back to the color of normal human skin. Shaking his body and swinging his arms, Ji Hao's entire body let out a series of loud, creaking noises. Under the control of Ji Hao's spirit power, among all eight-thousand woken Magus Acupoints of his, seven-thousand, nine-hundred and fifty were closed, put in dormancy. Only a slight stream of power was left in each of those dormant Magus Acupoints to maintain the connection with the meridian.

Ordinary Senior Magi never cultivated their souls and had no sense of using spirit powers, therefore, in the best case, based on their experiences they could tell that Ji Hao had fifty powerful Magus Acupoints that were filled with surging power streams. As for the seven-thousand, nine-hundred and fifty dormant Magus Acupoints, they could never see through them.

※Eight-thousand Magus Acupoints. To other Senior Magi, this many woken Magus Acupoints could mean that they're already ready for breaking into the Magus-King-level.§ Ji Hao gave a bitter grin and murmured, ※As for myself# I have 129600 active meridians, each having seventeen to fifty Magus Acupoints in it. That means I still have millions of Magus Acupoints to wake up. So, I have now only stepped into the elementary level of my cultivation as a Senior Magus.§

In other words, he possessed the power that equaled to an ordinary, peak-level Senior Magi, yet, he was actually only at the basic level of his cultivation as a Senior Magus.

Ji Hao's face twisted, and he couldn't help but felt a bit# no# very and weirdly absurd.

The Nine Dragon Fire Pearl had lost its consciousness and one percent of its fire essence power, but this loss barely caused any big effect. As long as Ji Hao could find a natural geographical spot that happened to contain enough amount of fire essence power, and let the fire pearl absorb as much natural fire essence power as it could, the pearl would quickly recover to its best state.

With his finger, Ji Hao flicked the fire pearl that was hovering around his body, and sensed the clear connection between the fire pearl and his own soul; after that, he abruptly growled out.

※Go!§ growled Ji Hao.

Following Ji Hao's voice, the fiery pearl darted to hundreds of miles away at a lightning speed, just like a fierce flying sword, leaving a sharp beam of fiery light in the air.

Along with a thunderous boom, the fire pearl hit a thousands of feet tall mountain. That entirely blood-red mountain was immediately set ablaze by the pearl, flames swooshing right up, shrouding the whole mountain that had a radius of nearly a hundred miles. Within the short span of a few breaths, that enormous mountain melted into lava, flowing everywhere around. All plants were burned to ashes in the area that lava flowed over.

Ji Hao pointed his finger on it, and right at the same moment, the fire pearl swished back into his hand. The fiery luster on the pearl's surface seemed a bit dimmed, yet, fire essence power began gathering towards the pearl from all directions and began being absorbed by it, along with which, the dim luster started lightening back up.

※What a treasure! Good pearl! Hey, if you will be a nice pearl, I can even help you to regain your consciousness# that's actually not difficult at all.§ Fiddling with that fire pearl which was still releasing a great heat, Ji Hao was so happy that he couldn't even stop grinning widely.

In the battlefields against the Yu Dynasty, the numbers of non-humankind slaves and slave warriors were always incredibly huge. If one was to kill them one by one merely with one's weapon, one could kill only a few even until one died of exhaustion. Nevertheless, with this Nine Dragon Fire Pearl that could easily create a genuine ocean of flame, no matter how big the numbers of non-humankind slaves and slave warriors were, they would all burn to ashes.

However, without the consciousness, the pearl couldn't control its own power anymore, therefore, Ji Hao could only control the pearl with his own spirit power. In this way, a single attack make by the pearl would nearly consume up all power contained in Ji Hao's golden Dan. In other words, Ji Hao currently only had enough power to launch one attack with the fire pearl, after which, he would have to sit down and rest till he regained his power.

A stream of purple smoke swished out from the middle of his brows, wrapped the fire pearl up and dragged it into Ji Hao's spirit space. In Ji Hao's spirit space, the pearl began slowly circling around the Golden Dan.

Both the Flame Dragon Sword and the Nine Dragon Fire Pearl had been releasing huge streams of scorching hot fire power, nourishing and purifying the Golden Dan. At the same time, soft, purple streams of power that belonged to the Golden Dan had been coiling around the sword and the pearl, and were being absorbed by them. The sword, pearl and Golden Dan slowly rotated around each other, seemingly forming a complete and balanced world that looked extremely mysterious.

※Mr Crow, let's head back!§ said Ji Hao after glanced at the descending sun.

When he swallowed the pearl earlier, the sun had just risen, but at this moment, the sun was already setting. Unwittingly, a big half of a day had went by. Ji Hao hurriedly called Mr Crow, then both of them turned into a stream of fiery light, flowing towards the special army camp.

After Ji Hao left, that magic cloud formation which had been shielding him all this long, silently fell apart. Light clouds drifted towards mountains and jungles, and soon dissipated in the sky.

Ji Hao easily pinpointed the right direction and speedily flew back to the special army camp, and before he found Man Man and his other teammates, one of Huaxu Lie's guards found him, hurriedly taking him into the main camp of the army.

A Yu Clan's elderly man, who had long hair and a glowing snow-white beard, had been sitting straight in the camp, with his three, deeply hollowed eyes shining with dim, blood-red light. Before his face, three exquisitely crafted and brightly glowing space bangles had been floating in the air.

Huaxu Lie, who sat in the main seat around the meeting table, saw Ji Hao walked in, and instantly gave a nice grin, while he said, ※Ji Hao, this is Elder Di Luolang, one of the elders of the Di Family, possessor of the Blood Moon bloodline. He wants to redeem Di Duo and Di Mo, and their guards.§

Weirdly smiling, Huaxu Lie narrowed his eyes and continued, ※The Yu Clan's people want to redeem their captured noble members from our hands, such good things have rarely happened before. Si Wen Meng told me to tell you that you can feel free to name your price. Whatever your price is, these people will take it anyway# Regarding this, the Yu Clan have a very good reputation.§

Hearing him, Di Luolang yelled out in anger, ※You, young man from the Huaxu Family, do not treat our friendliness as weakness. Our price#will never go beyond the limitation that our family can afford for the two kids! You have to know that they are only two insignificant kids of our Di Family!§

※Insignificant kids?§ Huaxu Lie responded blandly, ※well, do you want us to publish the news that they were captured by us alive? Do you want all commanders and warriors of your great Blood Moon army, who are fighting in the battlefront, to know about this?§

Hearing this, Di Luolang's anger immediately vaporized. He sat back down in the chair, spread his hands, looked at Ji Hao expressionlessly, and said, ※Ji Hao, right? From now on, you're our Di Family's dead enemy. We will do whatever we can to destroy you thoroughly!§

With a trace of despair and anger, Di Luolang gasped deeply and continued saying, ※Now, name your price. What condition can make you agree to release Di Suo and Di Mo, and to never talk about the fact that you have captured them alive?§

Di Hao made a 'timid' face intentionally, looking at Di Luolang, and said, ※Can I really just tell you my desired price?§

Di Luolang looked back at Ji Hao, this 'timid' kid, generously waved his hand and said, ※Our Di Family will never bargain with you. This is our pride as noble people of the Yu Clan!§

Ji Hao gave a faint smile, and responded in a soft voice, ※In this case, how much do you think those two guys are worth?§