Chapter 322 – Chase

Chapter 322: Chase
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Di Sha fell on the ground, rolled for a few times like a ball, and yelled out hoarsely before he could even stand up.
"Go! Go go go! Run! Quick! Julou Xiu! Trigger the teleporting formation! Now! Get us out of here!"
Julou Xu, the old, wrinkled, five-eyed man with grey hair, took a deep breath and abruptly popped all five of his eyes out. From deep inside his dark pupils, a gleam of intelligence flashed across. He slightly flicked his fingers and following his move, multiple small towers made from blood-red crystal suddenly released beams of eye-piercing, blood-red light.
A series of popping noise came right after those blood-red beams. Hundreds of thin yet bright beams of blood-red light darted out, blocking the southwest sky. This was an emergency defensive formation, with which, Ji Hao and his teammates who were catching up from the small island would be stalled for a short while.
In the meanwhile, Julou Xiu's ten fingers had been flicking speedily and countless spell symbols flew out from his five popped out eyes. Without any sign, one small, blood-red, crystal tower began shaking intensely and letting out a loud buzzing noise. Suddenly a blood-red light stream darted straight into the sky for over a thousand feet, then turned around, swishing back towards the earth. As long as this blood-red light stream fell on the ground, the four Blood Moon Devine Towers that were thousands of miles away would automatically trigger the teleporting formation and send all present people away.
When Julou Xiu did his trick and released those defensive, thin blood-red light beams, Ji Hao and Mr Crow had already reached less than ten miles away from them. The distance was too short and the flying speed of Ji Hao and Mr Crow was too high, therefore, they were only a moment slower than Di Sha and his fellows, who had moved through teleporting formations.
Countless slight yet blade-sharp blood-red light beams suddenly burst out right before their faces. If Ji Hao was only an ordinary Magus, the sudden appearance of these defensive blood-red light beams would completely disable him from keeping chasing Di Sha and his people. Those blood-red light beams densely lined up in front of them, extending into the air for thousands of feet. If he tried to bypass them, the wasted time would be way more than enough for Di Sha and his people to get away through the teleporting formation.
Ji Hao snorted slightly then abruptly swung the Flame Dragon Sword upwards, bringing up a magnificent, arc-shaped fiery light. He launched the Sky-Opening and created an extremely thin yet incredibly sharp and powerful airwave, which swiftly struck on those thin blood-red light beams, which had firmly blocked the sky such that one could barely see any gap between them.
A loud, resonant popping noise rose into the air, following which, the thousands of blood-red light beams exploded, opening hundreds of zhang wide gap. Ji Hao and Mr Crow dashed through the gap, leaving shreds of afterimages behind. From the upper air, broken blood-red light beams were falling down, but when those light beams were still seven to eight hundred miles away from the ground, Ji Hao had already reached above the woods where Di Sha and his people were located.
A loud and clear caw resounded through the sky and along with that caw, Ji Hao quickly pointing his finger at the group of people standing on the ground. Following his move, beams of dazzling sword light darted out and directly struck on those small blood-red crystal towers on the ground. Bright, blood-red light burst out ceaselessly, and at the same time, those blood-red crystal towers were shattered one after another. These small crystal powers were powerful tools that could form great-scale magic formations, However, individually, they were so fragile that Ji Hao's sword light beams could shatter them with a single and slight touch.
Julio Xiu vomited a huge mouthful of blood. The in-constructing great-scale teleporting formation was destroyed by Ji Hao, and the counterforce caused by the magic formation's destruction gushed right into Julou Xiu's body, madly flushing the inside of his body like flood, left small yet deep wounds all over his internal organs. Julou Xiu fell on the ground. The sudden and great pain had disabled him from moving, even blinding him temporarily.
Julio Xiu was a master magic formation artist. His magic formation art was incredibly profound, nevertheless, just like the other Xu Clan's master magic artists, he, as an individual being, barely had any combat power. This was the reason why the Xiu Clan had been an appendage of the Yu Clan for all these centuries.
He had a weak body and absolutely no will to fight, and soon, Julou Xiu fainted because of the great pain that came from inside his body, completely losing the power of resistance.
All blood-red crystal towers were shattered and the model of the small island that was built with sands and soil in the flat area, suddenly exploded. At the same time, those broken blood-red light beams which had been swishing down from the air abruptly paused, then cracked into countless shreds, dissipating in the air.
Di Sha, Di Suo, Di Mo's bodies were all covered in deep wounds and each wound covered by a thick layer of ice, making their bodies inflexible and could only move very slowly. They howled out in pain and despair, turned around, tried their best to flee towards where their metal city-fort was located, without saying a single word.
They were not doomed yet, and still had hope. The geographic features of this mountain area were quite complicated, therefore, as long as they could get rid of Ji Hao for now and hide, they should be able to get away with the help of this complicated mountainous area. Normally, human Senior Magi were only good at physical powers but never cultivated their souls and spirits. Without the soul power and spirit power, the complex and diverse landforms would cause them great difficulties in the chase.
Around twenty Jia Clan's big warriors, who had luckily gotten out of the small island along with Di Sha and his fellows, silently pulled out their weapons, rushing towards Ji Hao.
Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo intended to run, and as their guards, these Jia Clan's big warriors had to cover them, stall the enemies and buy enough time for them to escape; even if this might cost the lives of these Jia Clan's warriors. If Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo survived the chase of the 'evil' humankind, they could always redeem those Jia Clan's big warriors from human' hands, as long as those Jia Clan's warriors could survive the battle.
But, if Di Sha, Di Mo and Di Suo were captured by the humankind as the leaders of three official Blood Moon armies, this burning shame, extremely deep disgrace, would drive the entire Yu Clan's nobel class crazy. Di Sha, Di Suo Di Mo might still have the chance to survive, but as their guards, the best those Jia Clan's big warriors could get was be allowed suicide, and their direct relatives would all become slaves.
At the thought of those lowly slaves, living at the bottom of the entire society and treated even worse than animals, all present Jia Clan's big warriors couldn't help but quiver in fear. One after another, they rushed up to Ji Hao, formed a triangle battle formation, and launched a life-risking counter attack towards Ji Hao.
Mr Crow opened his beak and let out a huge stream of golden-red flame. By now, almost all of his feathers had turned golden and the power of his Gold Crow flame had grown to a horrible level. Once after that stream of flame gushed out of his beaks, the entire woods that had a radius of miles was set ablaze, even the rock ground was melted, looking like colored glaze.
The pair of baby magic fire snakes raised their upper bodies as if declaring that they were not resigned to playing second fiddle. Swiftly, they expanded their bodies to the thickness of a bowl, and each spurted a roaring stream of sticky, lava like, scorching red earth core flame. Along with thick black smoke, two streams of earth core flame quickly wrapped those Jia Clan's big warriors up.
Most of their armors were destroyed back in the small island by Ji Hao's killing formation, and at this moment, their bodies were burning directly by two different types of extremely powerful flames. Their skins let out loud popping noises and their eyes were damaged by the smoke, the fire power drilling into their bodies through their wounds.
One Jia Clan's big warrior fell down on the ground, then the second and the third. More of them couldn't help but fall on the ground.
These Jia Clan's warriors had suffered the horrible ice power back on the small island, and now were burning by raging flames. Both ice and flame were powerful and heartless, not even the iron man could ever survive such a sudden change of body temperature.
Di Sha, Di Suo and Di Mo had been running as fast as they could. Their armors were broken and all of their life-saving treasures had been used up already, that they could only depend on their pairs of legs, running towards the North.
Sideways, an arrow swished over along with a faint, golden stream of light, accurately shooting into Di Suo's caudal vertebra then deeply into his spine, breaking the most important neuron of his body.
Di Suo screamed out. His legs were disabled immediately that made him fall on the ground. Before he asked for help, another two arrows zipped over and pierced into his shoulder joints. Now, he couldn't even crawl.
Neither did Di Sha and Di Mo say anything but kept running, as if Di Suo wasn't struck down at all.
However, very soon, they stopped, each let out a despairing groan,
Man Man, with her pair of hammers carried in her hands, and Shaosi, with a palm-sized, round-shaped shield floating beside her and a faintly shining spear gripped in her hands, they showed up in five to six miles away from Di Sha and Di Mo, blocking the way.
"Hah? Are you trying to run? No! Not even in your dreams!" yelled Man Man while swinging her hammer.