Chapter 260 – Evil Blood

Chapter 260 - Evil Blood

Ji Hao suddenly lost his eyesight, his body felt numb and softened, nearly falling on the ground with his face down.

Not only he, even Man Man, the little girl had god-like powers, but still her face was now deadly pale, and her tiny body was shaking, seemingly completely out of her control. Her cherry-like lips now looked as white as two pieces of paper. The corrosive blood quickly spread out inside her body, devouring her meridians and corrupting her internal organs. It even began attacking her bones, attempting to corrode her bone marrow as well.

※Retreat!!§ Ji Hao decided immediately and shouted out.

Large streams of flame swooshed out from his Magus Acupoints. Those scorching-hot Gold Crow flames contained a natural positive power that could perish all kinds of evil in this world, gushing into all of his blood vessels and meridians. With difficulty it fought against the rampant corrosive blood inside his body. Black corroded blood was being burned into puffs of smoke and were rising from his pores, till finally, his extremely softened limbs regained some of its strength back.

※Retreat?§ While the young man of the Yu Clan laughed hideously on the other side of the river, he said, ※You are all cursed by my blood magic, you will all stay here, forever. Die! Kill them! Those two young women, I want the older one and save the younger one to get a good price!§

※The underworld, reverse, replenish lives with lives.§

Taisi stood far behind the other teammates. He took a deep breath and slightly waved his bone cane, along with which, the sphere of life force that he had just drained out from the few Jia Clan warriors, quickly transformed into a few red beams of light and darted into the bodies of his teammates.

Ji Hao suddenly felt a boiling hot and thriving life force gushing into his body through his head, and instantly his body was filled with strength, making him even more powerful than he usually was. Although the corrosive blood was still madly corrupting the fresh blood inside his body, thanks to the extra influx of life force, Ji Hao's life force was doubled in amount. His Gold Crow flame was ceaselessly fighting against the power of the corrosive blood inside his body. At the moment, Ji Hao was at the peak of his level.

※I will remember you.§ Ji Hao pointed at the Yu Clan young man on the other side of the river and said with his teeth gnashing. He thought about what he had read from those books, regarding all kinds of special abilities that the people of the Yu Clan, who had Blood Moon's bloodline.

Blood Moon, represented the power of blood and dark curses in the power systems of the Yu Dynasty, and was the evilest one amongst all three 'Suns' and the nine 'Moons', the hardest to deal with. The power of their curses was extremely hard to be lustrated completely. More horribly, the evil blood power could hide in human bloodlines and be passed down through generations.

Quite a few thriving and powerful human clans, which had populations of over ten million, were extinct because they were sneakily attacked by the Blood Moon with evil blood curses, which contaminated their bloodlines and eventually wiped them out. Apart from these few big-scale clans, the other clans who accepted intermarriages between themselves and the few large-scale clans, had all lost the majority of their clansmen because of those blood curses. Since then, those few clans quickly declined and even after thousands of years, the powers of the blood curses still lingered in their bloodline and never gave them a chance to rise again.

Being cursed by the Blood Moon's blood power was a great trouble that would bring a headache to any Magi. Ji Hao had the Gold Crow flame protecting him, which could naturally suppress all kinds of evil powers, but Shaosi, Taisi, Yu Mu and Feng Xing were all in big trouble. As for Man Man, she didn't need to be worried about it at all, with her current powers and ordinary blood curse wouldn't be able to do any real harm to her.

Ji Hao knew that before they came to this Chi Ban Mountain and joined the army, Zhu Rong had given quite a few powerful treasures that were quite precious even for him and would protect Man Man.

※Man Man! Run!§ Ji Hao especially let out a shout at Man Man, at the same time, Mr Crow spurted out a great stream of Gold Crow flame directly on Man Man's body. Man Man's entire body began blazing ragingly, right after which, dense black smoke rose as well.

While she was preparing to take out the magic talisman that had specially been created by Zhu Rong himself, and was about to cast the blood curse away of her teammates and herself, she abruptly paused.

A chuckle that sounded like someone couldn't hold from laughing anymore, came from an unknown source. Man Man suddenly tightened her tender face, made an extremely ill, even dying face, carried her huge hammers and rushed towards the woods, along with a loud, booming footsteps, while yelling loudly at Shaosi.

※Sister Shaosi! Run, run faster! Ah, why does Man Man feel her legs are so soft? Run! We're gonna die!§

When she run past Shaosi, she conveniently carried the long handle of one of her hammers under her arm, and grabbed Shaosi's hand, darted into the woods as fast as a gust of wind. As for Shaosi, also conveniently, she grabbed Taisi's neck and threw him onto the back of the black tiger.

The purely black tiger hadn't caught the attention of that Yu Clan young man, therefore, it had luckily dodged the blood curse. Taisi sat on its back and the tiger instantly roared out and rushed towards the woods behind Man Man and Shaosi. While running, the tiger began swinging its long tails as well, whipping the stones on the river bank and making them fly randomly towards all directions.

※Bloody big cat!!§ Ji Hao and Yu Mu had fled towards the woods as well, however, the two of them were unfortunately right behind the tiger.

God knew where this shameless tiger had learned this life-saving trick - swinging its tail when running for life. The stones whipped flying by the tiger's tail continuously bumped against Ji Hao and Yu Mu's bodies. Although they didn't feel any pain, it still was truly disgusting.

※Ji Hao, where the hell did you catch this bastard cat?§ Yu Mu could only raise his huge pot, and wore it on his head as a helmet, letting those flying stones loudly clang against his pot.

Ji Hao didn't respond, only grinned and showed his teeth. He was still wearing the turtle shell armour given by Gui Ling. Those flying stones all shattered against his armour and were unable to even leave a single scratch on it.

A horribly swooshing sound came from behind them. The Jia Clan warrior, who had shot out that huge arrow towards Ji Hao just now, let out whole thirty six arrows. Ji Hao opened his arms and shielded Yu Mu behind him. Those arrows clanged against his armour, after which all twisted into pieces by the water shield, which had quickly wrapped around his body.

The great shock-waves that were brought up by those arrows allowed Ji Hao to rush faster. He pushed on Yu Mu's back as well and speeded him up for a few times.

Hundreds of slaves flowed up right behind them, while screaming loudly. Those weak things enjoyed screaming and yelling the most, and were all focused on Man Man and Shaosi.

Their master had said that he wanted Shaosi and Man Man to be captured alive, and these lowly slaves would never give up on any chance they could earn the satisfaction of their masters.

※You bunch of bloody stupid reckless thing!§ Yu Mu cursed annoyed, while quickly swinging his arms and spreading out a handful of powder backwards, and chanted a spell with a deep voice.

The river water suddenly rose up into the air and turned into a rain and fell back from the air. The rainwater was a scary green colour that instantly showered on the bodies of those slaves, who had no chance of resisting. Their skin corrupted at a visible rate. Large clouds of green smoke rose from their bodies. Hundreds of slaves howled out in pain, while struggling on the ground. Within the span of a few breathes all of them had turned into puddles of sticky, black blood.

※My money!§

The Yu Clan young man, who had stayed on the other side of the river, popped up all three of his eyes and screamed out in a dramatic voice.

He didn't care about the lives of these slaves at all, but he cared a lot about his properties. These slaves were all his personal properties, and were hundreds of Novice Magus level slaves! Yu Mu killed them all with only a handful of powder. He began wondering if this war would cost him more than he had thought he could earn.

※Go! Kill them all!!§ screamed the Yu Clan young man while raising his arm.

From a mountain top behind him, a blood-red flag flew over quickly.

The main army of the Blood Moon was approaching quickly.

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