Chapter 216 – Deacon

Chapter 216 - Deacon

Three days later, the person sent by the Magi Palace to pick Ji Hao and his teammates up, had arrived.

As soon as Yu Mu and Feng Xing, who were standing on a small hill beside the river, saw a few men wearing black cloaks, riding on the back of a gigantic eagle that was flying over, they began to curse simultaneously.

After a series of dirty words, they growled angrily, ※These cowards from the outer palace again! Every time, every single time, the Magi Palace will send these ball-less bastards!§

Ji Hao's face became dark as well. Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Taisi, and Shaosi had spent a whole day to explain the current situation of the Magi Palace in details to Ji Hao. After having joined the Magi Palace for half a year, Ji Hao had finally gained an overall understanding to the so-called Magi Palace.

The Magi Palace had first been founded back when this world was still being ruled by the first three generations of the King of the humankind. At first, the Magi Palace was only like a library, it collected all classic books and knowledge that were created by the humankind, and made sure that the wisdom of the humankind would last and be passed to the younger generations. Back when the first three generations of Kings of the humankind ruled the human world, the humankind was quite endangered. It could be wiped out by other kinds of creatures anytime. Therefore, the existence of the Magi Palace was a hope that might allow the humankind to rise.

Nowadays, human clans were not as endangered as back then. During all these years, every generation of the King of the humankind had invested quite a lot in the Magi Palace, which gradually turned the Magi Palace into a great, overstaffed organization that occupied too many materials and human resources.

Clans from the four wastelands and the Midland, which were powerful enough, had all been trying as hard as they could to get themselves involved in the Magi Palace. Therefore, currently in the Magi Palace, good and evil people were mixed up. In other words, the Magi Palace was now in a chaos. Each year, almost every powerful clan and big organization would select talented kids out of their ranks and send them to the Magi Palace. By doing so, they could not only use the Magi Palace' resources to cultivate their children, but they could also build a shortcut for themselves. A shortcut that would allow them to step onto a higher administrative class of the humankind. Almost every kid, who had shown talents and had great achievements in the Magi Palace, could rise in Pu Ban city within a short time.

This was why small apprentice groups like the Southern Wasteland Society and the Great Dark Ocean Society had been fighting so hard against each other in the Magi Palace. Every year, quite a lot of apprentices would be found dead in the Magi Palace, and all of their deaths were related to conflicts between the small groups.

Currently, the Magi Palace could roughly be divided into the outer palace and the inner palace. The inner palace was led by elders like Wulong Yao and Kuafu Yan, who had always been concentrating on cultivating young apprentices that they found to be talented or to have some potential. They carefully selected elite young Magi, who could be put in important positions, for the Magi Palace. These master Magi tutors were more concerned about discovering the mysteries of this world and were all obsessed with the subjects that were their main research.

As far as powers were concerned, the elders of the inner palace, like Wulong Yao and Kuafu Yan, were all extremely powerful. Normally, elders of the inner palace were a lot more powerful that the elders of the outer palace. Therefore, the outer palace had been quite suppressed by the powers of the inner palace elders. This was something that had managed to maintain a relatively harmonious atmosphere in the Magi Palace, at least it seemed quite peaceful so far.

As for the outer palace, almost every powerful clan and organization had their people who were involved in the outer palace. Every single elder of the outer palace was being supported by one or even more clans and organizations, which had their own purposes.

According to Yu Mu, those outer palace elders were a bunch of vicious and greedy wild dogs. All they were capable of thinking whole day long was how to open their mouth as wide as possible to bite something off, whatever it may be. As long as they could reach it, they would certainly bite it off, even if it was a pile of shit.

※How could elder Wulong let these guys come?§ said Ji Hao with a tight face, while looking at the gigantic eagle that had been flying closer and closer, ※And they have wasted whole three days.§

The entirely-black eagle that had beaks and claws that were shining crystal-like, and the wingspan of over ten zhang, looked quite amazing. It hovered around Ji Hao and his teammates for a short while, then cried out proudly and landed slowly on the ground.

Mr Crow cawed scornfully. This gigantic eagle looked quite powerful, however, it was still nothing but an ordinary bird to Mr Crow. Mr Crow could crush this idiotic bird with only one claw.

From the feathers of this gigantic eagle, clouds of black smoke was continuously being spurted out by huge amounts of spell symbols. Apparently, this black eagle would never have been able to fly from the Magi Palace to over here without the assistance of those spell symbols.

Three men in black cloaks were standing on the back of the eagle. A middle-aged man among them threw a proud glance at Ji Hao and his teammates. His eyes were fixed briefly on the faces of Man Man and Shaosi with a very weird expression, then he said with a cold voice, ※Were you the ones who have reported to the Magi Palace about those Rong Mountain Clan idiots who have intended to kill you, our Magi Palace's apprentices, for a magic crystal mine?§

This sounded quite right thought Ji Hao.

Ji Hao took a step forward, pressed his right palm on his chest and bowed slightly to the middle-aged man, then responded, ※Yes, that were us. Do you mind if I ask your name, mister?§

The middle-aged man let out a bland smile, then said, ※I am Meng Ao, born in the Qiong Qi Clan of the Western Wasteland, now working for the Magi Palace as a Deacon. This time, the Magi Palace sent me to redress the scales for you regarding this Rong Mountain Clan case. How dare the Rong Mountain Clan prison and attempt murder our Magi Palace apprentices, aren't they afraid of been kicked out of the Midland?!§

Meng Ao then waved his hand generally and said, ※Come on, let's go find the Rong Mountain Clan people immediately. Before I came here, the elders told me that everyone, who bullied our Magi Palace apprentices, should pay for their mistakes.§

Ji Hao and the others hopped onto the eagle's back. Meng Ao then turned back and said, ※Ladies, please hold steady, don't fall off.§

He grinned attentively at Man Man and Shaosi. Meng Aao's eyes swept across the faces of the two girls, with a proud smile, then stamped his foot hard against the black eagle's back.

The gigantic eagle let out a shrill cry, along with which, clouds of black smoke spurted out from those spell symbols on its feathers. Within the black smoke, the black eagle suddenly rose thousands of feet high into the air, hovered around, then flew towards the Rong Mountain Clan's new territory that was located at over ten thousand miles away.

During the journey, Meng Ao never stopped describing how powerful the Qi Qiong Clan was to Ji Hao. He proudly told Ji Hao and his teammates that his family was one of the top-ranked powerful families in the Qi Qiong Clan. He also was pleased to tell Ji Hao that he had already awakened three thousand Magus Acupoints, and was only a step away from the peak of the Senior Magus level, and would break into the Magus King level, in at most ten years.

※At that time, I will be promoted, and become an elder of the outer palace#girls, after I become an elder, if anyone dares to bully you again, just let me know.§

In the end, Meng Ao couldn't hold of his proudness anymore, and formerly struck up a conversation with Man Man and Shaosi, with a face filled with smiles.

Yu Mu and Feng Xing glanced at each other, then helplessly shook their head towards Ji Hao. It was as if they were saying, 'See, we were right, all elders and deacons of the outer palace are the same, they are just a bunch of bastards!'

Shaosi remained silence, her facial expression was as cold as usual. She was staring straight at Meng Ao, as if looking at a dead body.

Her eyes looked so#scary that Meng Ao was even subconsciously avoiding eye contact with Shaosi, only grinned and looked at Man Man.

As for Man Man, she had completely no idea what Meng Ao was talking about, and was only fiddling with her pair of hammers, while looking at the black smoke spurting out from the feathers of the black eagle, from time to time. She was wondering how this eagle could that seemed to be not that powerful, carry her pair of hammers.

Meng Ao didn't get the admiration and intimateness from Shaosi and Man Man as he imagined, therefore, his face gradually turned dark, even darker than a ghost's face.

Soon, the gigantic eagle arrived at the Rong Mountain Clan's new territory and hovered above the area. Meng Ao shouted out in anger abruptly.

※I am Meng Ao, a Deacon of the Magi Palace! Tell that guilty man, Iron Yan, to come out here!§

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