Chapter 185 – Arrow from the shadow

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Chapter 185 - Arrow from the shadow

The feet of the white spiders were pierced into the snow that was covering up the ground, while letting out muffled noises. From time to time the spiders screamed out, waving their sharp feet and threatened Shaosi who was sitting in the snow nest. At the same time, they would occasionally raise their fat bellies and spurt out huge numbers of threads, with which they wove more layers of gigantic nets.

Shaosi was sitting in the snow nest without any expressions on her face, her eyes filled with coldness. Around her body, streams of invisible powers seemed to be rotating and twisting, which even twisted the air around her for miles. Her skin had become extremely white, compared to her skin, even the pure white snow seemed to be dark.

The layer of black ice that was covering her right leg, was trembling intensely. From time to time, large amounts of black ice crystals would rush out and attack the rest of Shaosi's body. However, the black ice crystals shattered and turn back into cold wisps of smoke, after which it gushed back into the layer of black ice on Shaosi's leg, after it clashed against the invisible power swirling around her body.

※The [Desolated Dark Ocean Black Ice Spell]§, murmured Shaosi. At the same time, her eyes had turned completely silver that seemed mysterious and was glowing. In contrast to Taisi's black eyes, which made people feel boundless fear and despair, the silver eyes of Shaosi seemed indescribable sacred.

The invisible power that Shaosi's body was releasing, which was swirling around her, was growing stronger and stronger. Along with that, the snow nest in which she was sitting, began to expand gradually. Soon, the snow nest that had been a feet wide, expanded to over a zhang wide. Also, a few twisted spell symbols flashed abruptly in the air around her body, after which it quickly dissipated.

※Taisi, was it because that I haven't taught you a lesson for too long, and you felt itching?§ Shaosi kept her head down and murmured, ※I had told you to not show your real power in front of the others until you have broken into the Magus King level of power and possess the power that is great enough to kill a Divine Magus.§

※We have been hunted by all kinds of people since we were kids, have you forgotten? Finally, we were able to live a peaceful life in the Magi Palace for three years, but now#we have to run again!§ Shaosi helplessly let out a bitter smile. Her roseate lips had already turned deadly pale. She picked up a human-head-size leather bag from the ground, took out two glowing white plants from it, then put them into her own mouth, chewed slowly and swallowed them.

After she had swallowed the two plants, her body immediately emitted a nice and fresh fragrance. In the meanwhile, the thin layer of black ice on her right leg had started to crack and the twisted spell symbols were appearing with higher frequency around her body.

※In only three days, I will have fully recovered. [Desolated Underworld Black Ice Spell]? When Taisi has become a Magus King, we will certainly go to your Northern Wasteland Ocean and slaughter entire thirty-thousand clans, extracting revenge for this,§ murmured Shaosi in a bland tone while staring at her own leg.

Miles away, from behind a small snow hill, a man whose face was hidden behind a leather mask, abruptly leapt up. From a long distance, the man yelled at Shaosi, ※Shaosi! I don't want to hurt you! As long as you agree to be my woman and make Taisi join our#§

Before the man could finish his sentence, Shaosi suddenly leapt high into the air, pulled out a black spear that had been stuck on the ground and fleetingly swung it forward. The spear darted from out of her hand along with a shrill and loud swishing sound.

Followed by the high-pitch swishing sound, the spear approached the man's body within the blink of an eye.

※Shaosi, you're only a Junior Magus, what are you thinking#,§ laughed and said the masked man.

However, his speech was once again interrupted. All of sudden, he felt a great pain and itch coming from his nose. Because of that he couldn't help but let out a sky-shaking sneeze. His great power at Senior Magus level caused the sneeze to transform into a crazy gust of gale and blow away the accumulated snow within an area that had a radius of a few miles.

All the snow had risen up in the air. Because he had sneezed so hard just now, the masked man had temporarily lost his sight, which is why he forgot to activate his power and dodge the spear. The spear pierced deeply into his chest.

Shaosi was only at the peak of Junior Magus level, the spear she had thrown shouldn't be able to do any harm to the body of a Senior Magus in any possible way. Besides, the spear she had used, was only made from five types of ordinary material, which would never be able to hurt the bodies of Senior Magi.

Nevertheless, the masked man still felt that the few Magus Acupoints he had, were making a series of weird movements, and in this vital moment, he failed to exert control over his own power. Unexpectedly, those few Magus Acupoints of is, collided against each other, causing a horrible effect.

Followed by a faint popping sound, the chest of the masked man suddenly exploded from the inside. The explosion tore a small hole into his chest. The spear accurately went through that hole, pierced his chest and smashed his heart. At the same time, a strong poison on the spearhead instantly spread inside his body.

He was a Senior Magus, someone who never should have been hurt for even the slightest bit by a Junior Magus like Shaoisi, but yet, he fell to the ground while his body was quickly turning black. He couldn't believe that he actually had been hurt by Shaosi. A moment later, the masked had turned into a poisoned dead body on the snowfield.

A series of shouts rose from the snowfield. Over ten silhouettes had abruptly darted out from out the thick layer of snow on the ground, but as soon as they took a glance at the dead body of their companion, all them had fear in their eyes. They were staring at Shaosi frightened, while retreating rapidly and went into hiding again.

※Shao#Shaosi! You#how dare you kill our Great Dark Ocean Society's man?!§ an angry voice came from afar, ※The man you just killed was the only grandson of the Hook Snake Clan's second Elder! You little reckless bitch! You're so dead! Don't you ever be caught by us, or#§

Shaosi shook her head, sat back into the snow nest, then took out another two glowing white Snow Fragrance Thoroughworts, and swallowed them.

Not long after that Shaosi began murmuring again.

※That stupid thing, Taisi, he won't come and try to save me, will he? Such a small-scale ambush#I'll be perfectly fine without him. I can get out any time after my wound has healed, but if he gets here, he will do no help but cause more trouble#§

Tens of miles away from Shaosi, the Black-Feathered Roc carrying the puppet, glided close to the ground and rushed towards Shaosi, its gigantic wings were stirring the air and had brought up a long dragon-like snow stream behind it. Mr Crow was following closely behind the Black-Feathered Roc, while Ji Hao was standing on its head and carefully observed the surrounding environment, using his shining |Golden Eyes|.

A while later when Mr Crow was only miles away from the snow nest, Ji Hao immediately was able to see Shaosi who had been encircled by tens of gigantic spiders an was trapped within a magic formation that had been set by enemies.

※Shaosi! We're here!§ growled Ji Hao in a deep voice. ※You cowards! Will you do anything besides hiding yourselves?! I have already seen all of you! Are you still not going to show your faces?!§

While shouting, three flying daggers rose from the storage bag tied around Ji Hao's waist, then darted out along an arc path.

The Black-Feathered Roc let out a great howl before its head was chopped off by those daggers and it fell on the snowfield. The puppet rolled off from its back and fell on the ground as well. After having fallen, the puppet quickly jumped up and rushed away with great speed, attempting to flee.

Ji Hao let out sneer and pointed his finger at the puppet. Followed by this move of his, a cloud of snow rose from the ground and shrouded the puppet, which caused it to soon freeze into an ice statue.

Over a hundred people rushed out from the thick layer of snow, while some of them were yelling in shock, ※Who the hell has drawn out that useless thing, Taisi, here?!§

Ji Hao suddenly paused, after having heard their words. Hadn't these people, who ambushed Shaosi, led them here?!

As fast as it might be possible, an arrow, which came from an unknown source, suddenly sliced the air and darted right in front of Ji Hao's face, while creating an ear-piercing shrill noise.
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