Chapter 1512: Proud Dragons, Arrogant Phoenixes

Chapter 1512: Proud Dragons, Arrogant Phoenixes
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The rapidly flowing clouds calmed the fierce gale in the higher sky. Gusts of wind clashed against each other and generated waves of lightning bolts, but not a single bolt of lightning managed to approach the army under Miao Xiang's lead.

The pearl tower floated above his head. Countless tiny pearls inlaid on the tower released sharp beams of light, sweeping across the entire area. Strong gales, thunderbolts, sky fires… touched by the sharp lights, everything would disappear immediately.

Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth sat on the backs of their mounts, looking around proudly. Seeing the great army behind them, their heroic spirit rose straight to the sky. They wished that they could march into the heaven right now and slaughter every single one under Ji Hao's command.

They hated Ji Hao. When they found out that Ji Hao was the new divine emperor chosen by the world, an endless jealousy grew in their hearts, aside from the hatred.

In terms of backgrounds, their sect was on equal footing with Ji Hao's sect, and their Shifu were as powerful as Ji Hao's Shifu. Therefore, Ji Hao was in no higher position than they were.

In terms of experience, Ji Hao was a young human being, who hadn't even completed his first century of cultivation. What about Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth? They started their cultivations back in the prehistorical era; their powers were immeasurable. Regarding the age, the cultivation history, how could Ji Hao ever compare with them?

However, Ji Hao had become a divine emperor!

Thinking of the meaning of 'divine emperor', the jealousy grew in the hearts of Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth as rapidly as the growth of wild grasses. As a divine emperor, Ji Hao was now a ruler of the great Dao of nature, a supreme being in the whole world. Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth had followed Priest Hua and Priest Mu for countless years, so they were clearly aware of the true meaning of 'divine emperor'.

A divine emperor was a difficult, dreadful target, that even Priest Mu and Priest Hua had to spend countless years to calculate and plan against to finally get…

"Shifu, forgive us!" Suddenly, Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth each gave a deep shout. They glanced at each other and chuckled. They had been a team for centuries, and their minds were almost connected. They knew that they had been thinking about the same thing just now.

But that thing was unspeakable, unmentionable, even unthinkable.

"Ji Hao, where did that kid get the fortune to become a divine emperor?" shouted Dragon, "He had been troubling us back when he was still an ordinary human marquis. Now, he has become a divine emperor. Without a doubt, he'll be even more aggressive. Shifu told us to butcher the heaven, because we need to teach him a lesson.

Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth laughed out loud together. Under Priest Hua's order, they didn't need to think about consequences. With a strong intent of killing, they hurried Miao Xiang to activate the pearl tower and speed up the clouds they trod on. In order to get to the heaven as soon as possible, they even largely consumed their own powers.

Outside the front gate of the heaven, a dragon commander and a phoenix commander were on patrol, along with hundreds of their elite warriors. The dragon warriors and phoenix warriors stood straight by the gate, vigilantly looking around with bright eyes

The two commanders squatted in a corner outside the gate, with a large green jade bowl placed on the ground, in front of them. Three dices had been roiling and tinkling in the bowl, and large amounts of magic crystals and jades were piled beside the two commanders. They shouted and yelled, addicted to gambling.

Gradually, the smart phoenix commander took an advantage, having more and more crystals, jades, pearls, and other treasures piled around him. With a dark face, the dragon commander, who might have had nothing but muscles in his head, had been searching through his own body for more money. But, he failed to find anything to reverse the situation.

"Damnit! Something is wrong with this bowl!" Raising his head, the dragon commander smashed the large green jade bowl and yelled at the phoenix commander with a dark face, "I shouldn't have lost just now. The bowl has a problem. Hah! Let's start over, start over!"

While laughing, the dragon commander reached his hand towards the pile of crystals and jades beside the phoenix commander.

The phoenix commander glare at him and shouted, "Bullsh*t! These are already mine. How can you take them back? Ao Chun, I've heard that you were a scum long ago, but it turns out you're even worse!"

Ao Chun pointed his finger at the phoenix commander and shouted out loud in excitement, "Hah, Feng Yang, you swore! You won my money, yet you swore! Damnit! I can't let you take such a big advantage of me. Give me the money back, give it back!"

Ao Chun moved swiftly. He gripped Feng Yang's neck and conveniently pressed him down on the ground, disabling him from moving. Meanwhile, his right hand expanded to feet long, grabbing a handful of pearls and crystals from the ground and sending them to the bag tied around his waist.

In terms of physical strength, how could Feng Yang be Ao Chun's opponent? He was pressed on the ground without being able to move. He struggled, but the only result was a great pain from his neck that nearly suffocated him. In rage, Feng Yang burst into roars to his warriors, "Are you all dead? Beat, beat him! Break this bloody long worm's head!"

Nearly a hundred phoenix-kind warriors were on patrol by the front gate of the heaven, including about ten golden wing rocs, twenty peacocks, and thirty ancient Zhen birds. All these warriors were brave, fierce, and combative. Watching their leader falling into a disadvantage, they pulled out their weapons without saying a word and marched towards Ao Chun.

Ao Chun also had nearly a hundred elite warriors under his command, included ten mix-blood dragons, twenty blood food dragons, and the rest being violent water-kind creatures like tiger sharks. Seeing the phoenix-kind warriors making their move, these dragon-kind warriors showed no sign of weakness. They leaped up and raised their weapons high. Along with a series of metal clangs, the two squads started an intense fight by the front gate of the heaven.

The moment they started fighting, Ao Chun and Feng Yang both began yelling and shouting. Following their voices, the front gate opened rumblingly. From the gate, large groups of dragon-kind warriors and phoenix-kind warriors rushed out. Seeing their people 'getting beaten', these proud warriors immediately joined the fight without asking who was right and who was wrong.

The battle was intensive. Within merely ten minutes, over a thousand warriors fell to the ground with bleeding heads. Many of them had broken bones, and some were injured even worse. They vomited blood, and couldn't even maintain their human shapes. While howling, these badly injured warriors showed their original shapes as they struggled on the ground.

At the moment, over a hundred severely injured sharks, tiger whales, octopuses, and turtles lied on the ground by the front gate of the heaven, right beside about a hundred giant birds, that were all covered in blood.

Ao Chun and Feng Yang were stunned. For some insignificant wager, they started such a big fight. Even though they had always been proud and willful, now they clearly understood that they couldn't act as arrogantly and aggressively as they were back in their families anymore. After all, they now belonged to the heaven, and one scary thing existed in the heaven, called 'divine rules'!

According to the legends, no matter how noble one was, one would beg for death once he or she violated a divine rule!

Together, they ordered their warriors to stop. Under their orders, the warriors from both sides, who had been fighting passionately against each other, put down their weapons and stood still, not knowing what to do.

A strong gale brought dense clouds, from which, sharp beams of light dazzled. Miao Xiang, Dragon, Tiger, Lion, Mammoth, and a large batch of warriors broke the space and arrived.

People from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, who had started a big fight by the gate of the heaven, paused in shock, and so did Dragon, Tiger, Lion, Mammoth. They hadn't done anything yet, but why were they fighting against themselves already?

"Evils invaded! Brothers! Pick up your weapons and chop them!" Ao Chun blinked his eyes and suddenly burst into a roar. Feng Yang's eyes shone while he hurriedly gave a growl, commanding his warriors to rush up.