Chapter 1500: Control the Heaven

Chapter 1500: Control the Heaven
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Over ten-thousand Jia Clan warriors collapsed to the ground, losing the courage to fight.

Ji Hao looked at all the divine commanders and warriors kneeling in the surroundings, intoxicated by the fantastically pleasant sensation of the rapid and constant improvement of his cultivation delivered by the endless sun power surging into his body.

These divine commanders and warriors were war machines created by the Divine Origin Pool. They had different natures, thunder, wind, rain, fire. But, once Ji Hao let out his divine seal, their natures changed immediately.

Same as this Divine Sun Palace, their powers all transformed into pure sun power. Every hair, every muscle, every drop of blood of theirs was filled with the pure essence of sun. They were like creatures generated from the sun, dazzling and burning with a raging fire.

The moment their natures changed, Ji Hao understood — not to mention how destructive was the fire and heat released from their armors and weapons to the approaching enemies, their moving speed would be scarily high, as their bodies were now condensed from pure sun power. A million miles would take them no more than a second. When the Pan Gu sun shone in the sky, with its power, these divine commanders and warriors would be able to kill any enemy by taking advantage of their supremely high speed. No living being in the world would be able to surpass them in terms of speed.

Noises could be heard from the Divine Origin Pool. Troops of divine commanders and warriors flew swiftly over, treading on golden clouds. Their bodies were blazing with a golden fire. Their hair, eyebrows were golden and their skins shone with a dazzling golden light, and their armors and weapons looked like golden crystals. They floated around the Divine Sun Palace, kneeling and kowtowing to Ji Hao.

More and more divine warriors and commanders rushed out of the Divine Origin Pool. Ji Hao raised his head and saw the Pan Gu sun release a ten-thousand-miles-thick, blinding golden beam of light into the Divine Origin Pool.

From all directions, the inexhaustible natural powers had been drawn into the pool. The rapidly flowing natural powers had already formed a million-miles-wide swirl in the sky.

With the power of the Pan Gu sun and the inexhaustible natural powers, the Divine Origin Pool had been ceaselessly creating divine commanders and warriors. These divine commanders and warriors had different natures, but the moment they walked out of the pool, the sun power would erupt from their bodies and turn them into pure creatures of sun.

More and more divine warriors and commanders gathered in front of Ji Hao. These newborns had no other thought but the most original instinct of devoting themselves to Ji Hao, and following every order of his.

All divine commanders and warriors looked passionately at Ji Hao. Suddenly, he sensed that he could not only command these divine beings to fight for him, more importantly, he could use their powers at any time. When these divine beings composed a battling formation, as long as Ji Hao stood among them, their powers could be used by Ji Hao. Also, Ji Hao could share his own power with them at any moment, to allow them to launch more effective attacks.

Ji Hao was astonished by the power of the heaven. It was such a magical treasure, and could deliver so many amazing possibilities. But, how on earth did it fall? Ji Hao wondered. Was it truly because of the invasion of the non-humankind? Those were a group of poor, low-grade nobles, who left Pan Yu world hopelessly for an unpredictable adventure, who risked their lives to fight for survival. Were they really strong enough to defeat such a powerful heaven?

Nevertheless, although the heaven was indeed magical, it could not talk. Back in the ancient time, about the true cause for the downfall of the heaven, maybe...maybe somebody knew something? Ji Hao thought of Netherworld Priest, Priest Hua, Priest Mu, his Shifu, and the two uncles. Whatever happened in Pan Gu world, how could anything be hidden from them?

Shaking his head, Ji Hao knew that now wasn't the right time to dig into these things.

He snorted and looked at the Jia Clan warriors who sat on the ground with softened legs, without being able to move, and said, "Capture them all."

Tens of thousands of three-meters and two-feet tall divine commanders, who were feet taller than the divine warriors around them, walked out of the crowd and growled. The sun power surrounding their bodies condensed into golden chains and lunged along with the raging fire, quickly tying these Jia Clan warriors up.

The golden chains condensed from the sun power were scorching hot. These Jia Clan warriors had strong bodies too, but still, their skin and muscles were burned, which made them scream in pain. These golden chains were way too powerful, that the skin and muscles of some relatively weaker Jia Clan warriors were immediately incinerated. Then, the chains wrapped on their bones, burned, causing creaking noises.

Ten-thousand Jia Clan warriors howled together in pain, yet, the divine commanders and warriors had no sense of mercy. They expressionlessly broke the knees of these Jia Clan warriors, pressed their blazing hands on these Jia Clan warriors' shoulders and forcing them to kneel to Ji Hao.

"Where is Dishi Cha? Where is Yemo Tian? Where are they?" Ji Hao walked to the strongest Jia Clan warrior and asked this high-Divine-Magus-level Jia Clan warrior with a strong voice.

"Lord Dishi Cha was suddenly injured days ago. He was in the Divine Origin Pool, controlling divine warriors with a treasure. But suddenly, he was…injured, very badly. We don't know what happened." This Jia Clan warrior looked at Ji Hao in fear and said, "Lord Yemo Tian said something about tactical withdrawal, but the heaven has to be guarded. So, he left us in here and then retreated with Lord Dishi Cha."

'Tactical withdrawal'? Ji Hao opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say. He looked at this Jia Clan warrior speechlessly.

He fled, but did he have to make this sound so less bad? Yemo Tian was a smart one though. Red Lei and the other Sun and Moon knights were captured alive, and Dishi Cha was injured suddenly for a mysterious reason. But, he fled as fast as he could. Very smart!

"What exactly happened to Dishi Cha that injured him so badly?" Ji Hao kept asking.

"A teacup!" In shock and confusion, this Jia Clan warrior looked at Ji Hao and said, "A teacup dropped from the sky, landed on Lord Dishi Cha's chest, and nearly killed him!"

Ji Hao remained silent. He slowly raised his head and looked at the boundless golden and purple clouds above the heaven. A teacup injured Dishi Cha? Which powerful being made a move? Ji Hao felt this was quite absurd and unspeakable.

Ji Hao sneered and shook his head, pointing at these Jia Clan warriors as he shouted, "Take them down and control their souls with a spell. They will all become slave warriors."

Holding the dazzling golden divine seal, Ji Hao gave a word to the followers behind him, then walked to the Divine Sun Palace in big steps. When Ji Hao sat on the throne in the palace, he heard an especially resonant sound from the center of the heaven.

All stars shone brightly, illuminating the entire Pan Gu world.

Information flooded into Ji Hao's mind, as all the secrets of the heaven revealed themselves to Ji Hao. The heaven was now entirely under his control.