Chapter 1494: Dragons Cry

Chapter 1494: Dragons Cry
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Following a clear series of cracking noise, all five-colored scales on Ao Gu's fingers were crushed.

He stared at the Pan Gu bell, without being able to believe his own eyes. The defensive power possessed by the bell made him despair, and so did the terrifying counterforce delivered by it. In Ao Gu's long span of life, he had seen countless top-grade defensive treasures, and heard about the most famous few pre-world pieces in the world. But, he never knew about the Pan Gu bell, an ordinary-looking, small bell.

The Pan Gu bell reached Ao Gu's chest without making the slightest sound. Ao Gu was a brave, combative dragon. The keen sense of danger that he attained through countless life-risking battles now saved his life. He suddenly quivered, then turned away from Ji Hao and drew back immediately.

His silver shirt split up quietly, and a shallow slash was left on the five-colored scales on his chest. He was shocked, and also enraged. He lowered his head and looked at the wound on his chest, cursing angrily.

Along with a series of deep growls, about ten Jia Clan warriors guarding around the nine dragons chariot rushed up. They raised their dark, heavy, and dimly shiny swords with both arms, and launched a wild series of attacks on Ao Gu. Ao Gu scornfully snorted and moved his arms abruptly. Tens of shreds of afterimages were left in the air while Ao Gu's palms landed on all weapons coming at him, almost simultaneously.

Ten large swords covered in sparkling spell symbols shattered thunderously; sharp metal pieces fell on the bodies and faces of the Jia Clan warriors, sinking deeply into their bodies. These Divine-Magus-level Jia Clan warriors were covered in blood, yet never drew back for a single step. They spread their arms and lunged towards Ao Gu.

The intent of killing grew obvious on Ao Gu's face, discovering which, Ji Hao immediately shouted, "Ao Gu, if you dare to touch one living being from my Yao Mountain territory…"

"Hah!" Ao Gu laughed wildly. His upper body expanded weirdly; his arms grew especially long and thick, while his ten fingers became curved claws. He burst into a roar and swung his arms down.

The Jia Clan warriors howled in pain. Their skulls were ripped open by Ao Gu's claws; five-colored dragon flame blazed in their brains and incinerated their upper bodies within a blink of an eye.

The remaining parts of their bodies fell from the sky and thudded on the ground, denting the earth.

Ao Gu scornfully raised his chin to Ji Hao and said, "I killed them. What can you do?"

Ji Hao's eyes suddenly turned purely golden. He gave a raging growl. Hearing his voice, high up in the air, the Pan Gu sun suddenly burst with an even brighter light; the sun seemed to even expand. The sunlight poured down from the sky like lava, as an inexhaustible sun power began gathering rapidly to a tiny spot in the sky, and so did the heat.

Within a twinkling of an eye, thousands of human-head sized golden sun thunder bombs emerged in the air, descending towards Ji Hao's army. Soon, a golden sun thunder bomb floated upon each water column raised by the dragons. Each of their flying fort was surrounded by thirty-six thunder bombs by now.

In order to make a show of their power, the dragon-kind had created a spectacular scene. Other than the four ancient dragon gods, one-hundred-thousand elite water-kind warriors were gathered on each water column.

"Ji Hao! Don't you dare!" Ao Gu ad the other two dragon gods immediately popped out their eyes and stared at Ji Hao as they roared.

Ji Hao grinned. Raising the Pan Gu sword horizontally with his right hand, he elegantly, slightly bowed to the three old dragons, and said, "Do you think I dare not or …dare to do it? I mean, I really dare to. Why don't I? You dragons do take yourselves too seriously, don't you?"

Hiding under Ji Hao's tongue-twister-like words was the fierce intent of killing, 'You bloody long worms, you claim to be Pan Gu's descendants, but in the past countless centuries, you've been watching the humankind struggle against the non-humankind all alone.'

'You never truly helped, but are lingering around human beings, sucking their lifeblood and squeezing every little bit profits out of them. You never truly helped the humankind; you let human beings bleed, you watched the field littered with the corpses of human beings.'

'But, every single time, when anything good happened to the humankind, you would come to us to seize the most benefits.'

Same as always, this time, the dragon-kind came immediately to Ji Hao when they sensed a huge profit from him.

Ji Hao raised his left hand and laughed out loud, then punched heavily on the Pan Gu bell. The bell ring echoed through the sky. Chaos powers burst in strong streams, surrounding all of Ji Hao's warriors. In the meanwhile, thousands of golden sun thunder bombs dazzled, then went off simultaneously.

Raging fires roaringly spread out. The destructive essence sun fire evaporated the bodies of countless water-kind warriors instantly; even their armors were melted, splashing along the wind.

Countless dragons screamed in the blazing fire and the golden light. Their scales were melted, and muscles were burned. Their strong bodies allowed them to survive for a longer time under the power of the golden sun thunder bombs, but for this exact reason, they would have to suffer a much crueler and longer pain.

"Ji Hao! You will die!" Watching the young dragons vanish in the fire and golden light, Ao Gu and the other old dragons burst into tears. The tears even squirted from their eyes.

The dragon-kind inherited Saint Pan Gu's strong body. Dragons were incomparably strong, but they didn't have Saint Pan Gu's fertility, which belonged to the humankind. Therefore, same as the phoenix-kind, reproduction was extremely difficult for dragons.

A dragon couple could be pregnant with one baby in a century, if they were lucky. If they didn't have the luck, they might need to wait for a thousand years for their child, which was not a rare thing in the dragon world. Therefore, despite the power of the dragon-kind, the number of pure-blood dragons was not as many as one in ten thousands of the total population of the humankind.

Ao Gu and his people brought a huge water-kind army, but among all their warriors, the number of pure-blood dragon was only about ten-thousand.

Ao Gu witnessed over a thousand young dragons become ashes in the blinding golden light. He howled in tears and released bright light streams from his palms to save those awfully burned young dragons as quickly as he could. Those young dragons were already injured to a state too ghastly to look at directly.

Three old dragons all made their moves, saving nearly ten-thousands young dragons from the edge of death. Nearly ten-thousand dragons wailed together. Their voices echoed through the clouds, mixed with despair, pain, and the great fear. Someone actually dared to hurt them. Was this real? A young human being, he actually dared to hurt dragons!

"How dare he? How dare he?"

The resonant dragon roars quickly turned into earth-shaking cries.

It was painful, too painful. Ao Gu and the other two old dragons saved those young dragons from the exploding golden sun thunder bombs, yet the essence sun fire had already drilled into their bodies, and was cruelly burning their internal organs and marrow.

Painful, it was unbearably painful! These spoiled young dragons were all like Ao Li; when had they ever suffered such a pain?

Ten-thousand dragons cried together. Their tears fell from the sky, and all of a sudden, the sky was darkened, the gale was raised, and a rainstorm started.