Chapter 1428: Force on Entrance

Chapter 1428: Force on Entrance
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"Because no one's in there now, I brought my people to go in and see!" Silently cursing Polo Do's ancestors a thousand times, Poto Feili wore a standard playboy face as he grinningly pointed at the Highest Conference Hall and said, "I just want to go in and take a look now!"

Polo Do held his hands behind his body and walked down through stairs. While walking, he was shaking his hands and saying, "The Highest Conference Hall is the power center of Yu Dynasty. But, it's strength doesn't come from this lifeless building, it's from the people working inside it."

Staring at Poto Feili straight in the eyes, Polo Do smiled and said, "It's an empty building now, so what is there to look at? If you have spare time, you should use it on learning things from me."

Poto Feili chuckled, slightly and slowly shaking his body as he said, "I just want to go in while nobody is there…Conveniently, I want to sit on each one of the twelve thrones, which belong to the twelve emperors in power. You won't tell them, will you?"

Sitting on every throne of the twelve emperors while nobody was in the hall, this sounded like a thought of a typical playboy, like Poto Feili. Only a top-grade noble playboy like him could say things like this with a serious face.

Guarding on the stairs with tightened faces, all guards lowered their heads and pretended to hear nothing. Some things that playboys like Poto Feili could do freely were stuff these guards couldn't even bear to hear.

The Highest Conference Hall was about three miles away from the Great Court. Polo Do walked down the stairs slowly. He seemed to have taken no more than two unhurried steps, but he had already reached to Poto Feili's face. Holding his hands behind his body, he stared at Poto Feili and said blandly, "So soon, you will be an adult too. Poto Feili, my mother and your grandmother are sisters."

Poto Feili paused briefly. Blinking his eyes, he suddenly remembered this fact. "Ahyaya, I shouldn't curse you in my head just now. You see, by cursing you, I cursed myself too, didn't I? Haha, yeah, yeah, we're relatives, close relatives! Alright, you can leave me alone. I'm just going in and take a quick look!"

Turning around, Poto Feili attempted to continue moving towards the Highest Conference Hall.

A shadow flashed through the air, then Polo Do blocked his way. Deep in Polo Do's pupils, a frosty light had been sparkling. "Eh? I think you should better go watch me judge cases. You kids don't know how to behave properly yet. You should learn more and do less. That'll be good to you, to us, to our families, and the entire Yu Dynasty!"

"You, what're you talking about?" Poto Feili raised his head in fury and shouted, "You're not my father. Why do you think you can tell me what to do?"

Polo Do responded with a harsh, cold voice, "Your father led your Sunset Moon family army down to attack Pu Ban City with the twelve emperors. He isn't around, so I have to restrain you! Don't do anything that will make you regret, Poto Feili!"

"What did I do? Oi, make it clear, what did I do? Don't you think that you can incriminate anyone only because you're a chief judge!" Poto Feili was indignant. He pointed at Polo Do and yelled, "I am Poto Feili, the first heir of the Sunset Moon, the deputy commander of Liang Zhu security force, an officer in the Highest Conference Hall. Am I not allowed to access the hall?"

Waving his hand, Poto Feili continued with a bright voice, "Brothers, pay no attention to these sneaky old dudes. We…"

Poto Feili paused abruptly. Silently, Yemo Tian, who mingled in Poti Feili's guards, changed his expression.

From behind the Great Court by the east, a troop of warriors silently dashed down, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air as they surrounded Yemo Tian, Poto Feili, and his people. These warriors were wearing tight black armors and black helmets. Their upper bodies were covered in heavy dragon-scale armors, faces covered in pure black masks, and even eyes protected by black crystals.

Poto Feili and Yemo Tian' faces twisted immediately.

"Polo Do! What are you doing? You deployed the secret guards of the Highest Conference Hall. What on earth do you want? I am Poto Feili, the first heir of the Poto Family! I…" Poto Feili screamed with a purple-red face.

Polo Do abruptly raised his hand and threw a heavy slap on Poto Feili's face.

Polo Do had average cultivation. He was at the level of a low-level Divine Magi. Flow Moon people were mostly scholars. Therefore, their fighting capacity was a grade lower than their cultivation levels. Which meant, Polo Do could be at most as strong as a peak-level Magus King on the battlefields. His fighting experience wasn't even as rich as the experience of a Senior Magus.

Nevertheless, Poto Feili never learned a thing. Except for being a playboy, he had no other specialties. The Poto Family consumed incalculable resources to forcibly promote him to the level of peak-Divine-Magus, but he never truly fought anyone in his whole life. Polo To slapped him, which was something he could not even dream about.

The heavy slap threw Poto Feili to the ground. Crack! Polo Do's wrist weirdly twisted by ninety degrees. He slapped Poto Feili to the ground with all his strength, but there was a large difference between the cultivations of the two. He suffered a strong counterforce from Poto Feili's face, which shattered his wrist bones into tens of pieces.

"Since you recognize the secret guards of the Highest Conference Hall, you should understand that they are responsible for the entire city. What are you kids doing? What do you want?" said Polo Do coldly, as if he couldn't feel the pain from his wrist.

Polo Do looked angry and serious. One could also find a dreadful intent of killing from his face as he continued, "Within two hours, I received thirty-seven messages from different sources. The Piji Family, Yemo Family, Jialou Family…Kids from quite a few families in power showed up in different areas of the city with large troops of elite warriors, which had unknown backgrounds."

"What confused me even more was that troops from Dark Mountain Mine, Tusk Basin, and the other two important mines happened to send large batches of supplies into the city within these two hours. You kids intercepted them and gained large quantities of war supplies!"

Poto Feili looked at Polo Do in shock and said, "Tusk Basin? And other mines? What's going on?"

"What are you waiting for?" Yemo Tian suddenly burst into a growl. "This old man exposed us! Let him die! Full strikes! Break into the hall!"

As Yemo Tian raised his arms, hundreds of exquisite jade talismans flew out of his sleeves and dazzled blindingly, quickly forming a small-scale teleporting formation around Yemo Tian.

Heavily armored Jia Clan warriors rushed out of the formation, one after another. They roared like wild beasts and raised their blades. Tens of secret guards of the Highest Conference Hall howled in both pain and shock before these powerful Jia clan warriors cut them into two.