Chapter 1353: Make it Personal

Chapter 1353: Make it Personal
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Without those large family ‘elites’, without all kinds of internal conflicts about power and benefits, and those elders who were as annoying as flies, with nothing in their brains but their own interests, the nine water gates had now been breaking rapidly!

Both Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming fully released their powers, expanding their bodies to tens of thousands of meters tall. Any strike they launched could tear down an entire mountain. Tens of thousands of strong and brave winged dragons and countless tired, yet passionate human warriors followed closely behind Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao. They were roaring and laughing while creating a broad water channel from those collapsed mountains.

Giant waves were crushed by the sharp claws of those winged dragons, as fierce gales were calmed down by their strong wings.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures rushed over, but as Ji Hao’s Pan Gu bell rang, all of them were turned into ashes. A few lucky ones survived, but before they recovered from the great shock brought by the death of their comrades, muscular human warriors rushed up, raised heavy weapons, and minced them before throwing them into the water.

On the water surface, Shermie, Heng Xing and more and more shrimp warriors under their lead raised giant waves while shouting and yelling at the other water-kind spirit creatures. They were continuously recruiting more shrimp and crab warriors, and other low-grade water-kind spirit creatures.

The number of low-grade water-kind warriors under Ji Hao’s command grew larger and larger. They were not so strong, but when they arrayed orderly on top of the giant waves, roaring with bright and strong voices, they frightened many other water-kind spirit creatures. A great number of water-kind spirit creatures under Gong Gong’s command sneakily dropped their weapons and fled.

Gong Gong didn’t show up, neither did his eight senior ministers. The nine water gates were flattening, just like the morale of these water-kind spirit creatures.

"Brothers! Let’s do it!" Raising the bell, Ji Hao smashed tens of mountains in front of him, along with a large group of blood sharks who were bearing their teeth towards him. Swinging his gigantic arms, Ji Hao turned his head around and shouted, "When the flood is gone, come to Yao Mountain territory! You can have as much booze and meat in there!"

Drumming his chest, Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, curved his lips upward, and continued, "If your villages are damaged, if you and your families have nowhere to stay and nothing to eat, come to my Yao Mountain territory. I will take care of your entire families!"

Covered in wounds, countless exhausted human warriors raised their weapons and hailed Ji Hao.

As Ji Hao said, the homes of many of these warriors had been damaged completely, leaving their families destitute and homeless. As Ji Hao said that they could go to Yao Mountain territory when the flood was gone, these warriors decided to go!

With all his muscles tightened, Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu bell. In Ji Hao, these warriors saw strength, an unstoppable strength, that made their blood boil. With such a leader, the clan would certainly thrive!

Si Wen Ming chuckled, while gently lashing on Ji Hao’s butt with the mountain-driving whip again. The flood was not yet gone, but Ji Hao had already started inviting people to his territory!

It was good though. Si Wen Ming looked at those thrilled warriors delightfully. These exhausted but passionate warriors were all decent human beings! In the past few years, these warriors fought so hard. It would be wonderful for the warriors to join Yao Mountain territory with their families!

Si Wen Ming’s clan was large in population. As a new marquis, Ji Hao had a broad territory, but not enough people.

"Ji Hao, when the flood is gone, I will help you to invite more people to your place." Si Wen Ming said smilingly. "Many clans are devastated. I think those people will be happy to join your Yao Mountain territory!"

The flood did not only damage the territories of human clans, it had also taken away the people who lived in those territories.

For some human clans, most of their people were swallowed by the flood, and the remaining ones were not strong enough to rebuild their homelands. Their best choice would be moving to the territories of powerful marquises or earls like Ji Hao, or joining large clans; this was the only way for them to continue their bloodlines.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He and Si Wen Ming roared resoundingly, then broke the waves and pushed the frontline a giant step further.

In front of them, the water-kind army was completely routed. High-grade water-kind spirit creatures were slaughtered by Ji Hao or frightened away, while shrimp and crab warriors and other low-grade spirit creatures were gathering towards Shermie, becoming Ji Hao’s warriors.

The third water gate, broken.

The fourth water gate, broken.

The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth were all broken by Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming, and the army under their commands in the next three months.

Very soon, the ‘All Streams to the Final Land’ great formation was going to be completed. In front of them was the ninth water gate, named ‘Huai Gate’.

Carrying the bell, Ji Hao trod on the water and approached the Huai Gate with giant steps.

All of sudden, a war drum echoed through the clouds. Before the Huai Gate, countless different sized whirlpool emerged on the water surface. From each whirlpool, a flood dragon darted into the sky and released a strong cold power which froze the rain into water-tank-sized ice blocks, falling from the sky.

Loud thuds could be heard without an end as countless different sized ice blocks fell into the water from the sky. Within a blink of an eye, the water surface was filled with ice. The flood dragon king slowly showed up from a frigid gust of wind, wearing a long blue robe, his hands held behind his body.

"Flood Dragon King, you can’t stop me!" Looking at the flood dragon king, Ji Hao slapped heavily on the bell carried on his shoulder.

"I’m not here to stop you!" The flood dragon king looked at Ji Hao and said. As a slight trace of helplessness flashed across his eyes, he continued, "I’m here to kill you, under an order!"

A straight water column rose from the water surface before the Huai Gate. On top of it, a dark jade throne released a fierce cold power. Gong Gong sat straight on the throne, with a hazy lotus slowly spinning between his eyebrows. Clear water streams coiled around his body, and within the water, countless faintly visible white lotuses were sparkling.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao!" Gong Gong rested his hands on his knees, looked at Ji Hao expressionlessly, and said, "You are strong. My twenty-seven ancestors all died in your hands! Good, very good! You owe our Gong Gong Family a debt of blood!"

Si Wen Ming carried the mountain-driving whip and rushed over from behind. Tens of thousands of winged dragons hovered in the sky, roaring thunderously. Wielding the whip, Si Wen Ming pointed at Gong Gong and growled, "Gong Gong, your scheme…"

Gong Gong waved his hand and interrupted Si Wen Ming, "Si Wen Ming, this has nothing to do with you. I came here only for what happened between Ji Hao and my Gong Gong Family."

Gong Gong sneered and continued harshly, "Ji Hao, come on, fight me to death. Winning or losing, I will stay out of the way and let you break the ninth gate! Otherwise, no one can go anywhere forward!"

Ji Hao was surprised. Pausing briefly, he laughed aloud and said, "Gong Gong, are you making this personal? Are you possessed by a ghost? Or…did someone tell you to do so?"

Gong Gong sneered without responding. Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, Yu Ancestor, and Wuzhi Qi showed up one after another, each with a hazy lotus spinning between their eyebrows, and a twisted or despairing smile on their faces.