Chapter 1352: A Sword in the Heart

Chapter 1352: A Sword in the Heart
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The Taiji cloak transformed into a short skirt which shielded Ji Hao’s crotch area. Baring his arms and chest, Ji Hao’s muscles had been twitching, while scorching hot airstreams surged out from his pores. His long hair fluttered in the air as he raised the Pan Gu bell, roared like a beast, and violently smashed on the mountains on both sides of the third water gate.

Behind the Kui Gate, the second water gate was already broken by Ji Hao. In a thousand-mile-wide water channel, a turbid torrent was rushing, which looked like countless raging dragons roaring across. The inexhaustible water power was forcibly drawn into this water channel by the ‘All Streams to the Final Land’ great formation.

The flood surged in this water channel, striking on the mountains and causing muffled, thunderous noises. Fierce airstreams twisted and screamed in the water channel as they scraped layers of fine powder from the mountains, even raising fire sparkles.

Neither the surging flood nor the roaring gale could be louder than the rings of the Pan Gu bell.

Following the first bell ring, a long section of mountain range was turned into ashes. Along with the second bell ring, a black and red mushroom cloud rose into the sky.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures blocked Ji Hao’s way overconfidently, shouting, yelling, and wielding their weapons as they attempted to stop Ji Hao from moving forward. The Pan Gu bell descended and generated a storm of Chaos power, as all water-kind spirit creatures perished.

The third water gate was halfway broken. With sweat streaming down from his back, Ji Hao laughed out wildly. Gradually, his body expanded to thousands of meters tall, and so did the bell. The heavy bell smashed down, over and over again, and along with the bell rings, the mountains were flattened, one after another.

"You can never stop me!" While smashing with all strength, Ji Hao looked at the sky and shouted. No one knew who was he talking to. "Look, you can’t stop me. The nine water gates can’t stop me, and neither can you!"

Tens of strong and fierce enormous water-kind spirit creatures raised giant waves and pounced on Ji Hao. Their weapons landed on Ji Hao’s body, on his vital body parts. But all weapons shattered. Not even one weapon managed to leave a single mark on his smooth skin.

That was a severely cultivated Pan Gu body, which was strengthened by the cultivation method with nine turns. These water-kind spirit creatures were at the level of ordinary Divine Magi, and their weapons were no supreme pieces. How could they ever hurt even a hair of Ji Hao?

The tens of water-kind spirit creatures chased after Ji Hao while he laughed thunderously. The Pan Gu bell hovered around his body and turned those water-kind spirit creatures into meat paste. He swung his arm backward and grabbed a full moon golden shell crab, who was freaked out. Ji Hao widely opened his mouth and bit on the crab’s body.

Crack! The crab’s meters thick, especially hard shell was crushed by Ji Hao’s transparent teeth. A strong destructive power spread out on the crab’s broken shell and blew up all its shells, exposing its tender meat.

"Sorry, I’m hungry!" Ji Hao flicked his wrist. Followed his move, golden crab meat flew out of the crab’s body in a large stream, looking like a golden dragon as it fell into Ji Hao’s mouth.

"Ji Hao, you do have a good appetite!" Followed by a resonant shout, Si Wen Ming mounted on a muscular winged dragon and flew over from a long distance away. "You, you, why did you kill all those elders? They, their leaders have already told Emperor Shun!" Si Wen Ming growled, even louder than the roaring flood.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and laughed out loud.

They had told Emperor Shun already?

Even if they filed a lawsuit against him, what should Ji Hao be afraid of?

"They can sue me, but what is here to be afraid of? Those were a bunch of incapable old dogs who knew nothing but seizing food from the others’ bowls. I killed them, I surely did! If they don’t stop messing with us, we should kill their leaders too!" Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu bell and smashed down smilingly, flattening another tens of thousands of miles long section of mountain range. Dragon-like dense earth power streams rose from the mountains, being swallowed by the bell.

"There will be great troubles!" Si Wen Ming leaped down from the dragon’s back and walked to Ji Hao with big steps. He looked at Ji Hao and said in a deep voice, "Are you truly…not afraid?"

"I did no wrong, so why should I be afraid?" Looking at Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao grinned, "Uncle Wen Ming, did you come here to talk these nonsenses to me? You saw how tired I am. Come help me!"

Laughing loudly, Ji Hao untied the mountain-driving whip from his waist and threw it to Si Wen Ming, then said, "Work, uncle! We have work to do! We do what we should be doing. As for those nasty people, dirty things…I have a sword in my heart, and that sword can kill everyone in the world who deserves to die! What should I be afraid of?"

Si Wen Ming paused briefly, then grabbed the whip, slashed on Ji Hao’s butt, and said, "Good boy! You have no fear, so why should I? Haha, those powerful ancient families, haha, haha, as you said, a bunch of old dogs!"

With his thunderous laugh, Si Wen Ming’s every single pore glowed with a dazzling yellow light. Thin strands of purple mist were faintly visible in the yellow light. As Si Wen Ming burst into thunderous roars, his coarse shirt shattered, and his muscles began swelling. His body expanded rapidly, and within a blink of an eye, he reached tens of thousands of meters in height.

Roaring again, the pure earth power condensed into a translucent armor and covered Si Wen Ming’s body. This armor was shaped like an enormous bear with a strong pair of wings. The gigantic bear raised the mountain-driving whip and lashed at the mountains on both sides of the third water gate with all its strength.

Boom! The whip was far less powerful than the Pan Gu bell. However, it was also a supreme treasure, especially for gathering the earth power and controlling all mountains in the world. Once the whip moved, all mountains in an area of over one hundred thousand miles radius began shaking. On both sides of the water channel, all the mountains collapsed and disappeared all of a sudden.

Under Si Wen Ming’s control, the mountain-driving whip worked three times more efficiently than Ji Hao with the Pan Gu bell!

That fierce winged dragon roared rumblingly towards the sky. It leaped into the air, expanded its body to tens of thousands of miles long, and boosted up its strength. It struck on the mountains down below with its claws, fangs, horns, and tail. Every single strike it launched could tear apart a mountain.

From a long distance away, strong and resonant roars could be heard. Large groups of human warriors trod on the flood and galloped over. Tens of thousands of winged dragons hovered above their heads, releasing dense yellow-colored earth power streams from their mouths.

"Brothers! This is the final battle!" Wielding the whip, Si Wen Ming roared, "Break the nine water gates and unchoke the water channel. Then, Pan Gu world will have no more flood!"

"When the flood is gone, we can go home, grow crops, build houses, hug our wives, and have kids!" Si Wen Ming laughed, "I miss my wife and son!"

"When the flood is gone, we can go home, grow crops, build houses with our wives and kids!" Countless human warriors laughed out wildly and broke into the third water gate with a thriving passion.

Ji Hao laughed out loud too. These were true human warriors, unlike those coward, greedy so-called ‘elites’!"