Chapter 1332: Whose Credit?

Chapter 1332: Whose Credit?
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Dark Water Serpent roared hysterically and told the story of these slough clones of his.

Snakes sloughed, and Dark Water Serpent was not an exception. As the first dark water serpent in the world, an ancient creature that lived since the prehistorical era, Dark Water Serpent’s sloughs could be counted as top-grade natural treasures. Every slough was especially strong, something which no ordinary holy weapon could leave even a slight mark on.

Dark Water Serpent had a goal of Dao. Naturally, he wasn’t willing to live merely as a spirit creature which relied on its own natural abilities all its life. He wanted to cultivate, to attain the Dao. He wanted to conquer a part of the great Dap, to stand high and look down on all ordinary creatures.

He didn’t know much about the great Dao, but he did understand that once a prehistorical spirit creature like him started the long journey of ‘Dao’, he would be facing all kinds of natural trials and disasters. Therefore, he saved his sloughs and turned them into his clones.

It had been so many years, and Dark Water Serpent had accumulated over ten-thousand sloughs, which had been turned into his clones.

All clones were tightly connected with him. Once those clones were activated, they could share their powers with Dark Water Serpent. Each clone was only less than ten percent as powerful as Dark Water Serpent himself, but together, these clones were terrifying.

Ji Hao killed a clone of Dark Water Serpent which was generated from thirty percent of his cultivation and power. By doing so, Ji Hao largely weakened Dark Water Serpent. However, the moment these slough clones were activated, Dark Water Serpent regained his lost strength and cultivation. The pure and strong power even broke out from his body and condensed into countless dark long tentacles, wagging around him.

Dark Water Serpent’s scrawny body swelled rapidly. Along with a series of bone creaking noise, he grew taller and taller, and soon became a nine-meter-tall, sturdy man, from a skinny and elderly one.

Slightly twisting his muscular arms, Dark Water Serpent roared deeply, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, and you, nameless kid, come on, fight!"

Netherworld Hierarch looked at those slough clones with a great interest. He chuckled and said, "Great, great, I’m gonna be rich today. Ji Hao my friend, you do your work, while I will take this old snake!"

While laughing, he continued in excitement, "If I knew this old snake had so many slough clones…I would have killed it long ago. How could I let him live till present?"

Dark Water Serpent’s look changed. Judging by what Netherworld Hierarch said, he hadn’t been taking Dark Water Serpent seriously at all.

"You…" Raising his arms and pulling out a pair of long spears which were made from his own fangs, Dark Water Serpent pointed at Netherworld Hierarch and roared.

Ji Hao smirked, then turned around and walked away. He brought the Pan Gu bell away as well. Netherworld Hierarch wanted to finish Dark Water Serpent himself, and he didn’t need to borrow a treasure from a kid to trap his target.

From a long distance away, Ji Hao heard Dark Water Serpent howl in both shock and fury. Afterward, streams of Netherworld power merged back together, then nothing could be heard anymore from the darkness.

Drawing back from the battle, Ji Hao stood on a cloud, looking down at the Kui Gate.

The Kui Gate area was thrown into a mess. The allied human force was attacking from the outside while Shermie and his army was stirring from the inside. All over the streets, shrimp warriors had been yelling and shouting while on a rampage. Because of them, the water-kind force in the Kui Gate could no longer gather together to strike the allied human force back.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and covered the Kui Gate area up with his strong spirit power. Holding Pan Gu Dragon Mark, Ji Hao watched the battlefield with concentration. All strong spirit creatures who caused severe damages to shrimp warriors would be slaughtered immediately by Ji Hao with a sword move.

The Taiji universe mirror floated in the air, emitting dazzling beams of light of extreme negative nature. Every spirit creature struck by the light was set ablaze with a silver-white fire. Howling and crying, these spirit creatures slowly melted into strands of gray-colored mist.

With a crushing power, Ji Hao kept the situation well under his control. Shermie and Heng Xing had been rushing ahead and slaughtering. Shrimp warriors in the Kui Gate were getting more and more unstoppable. They routed the water-kind forces in the Kui Gate, and made larger water-kind spirit creatures flee desperately.

In the front, rumbling drums and resonant horns suddenly echoed to the clouds. Tens of thousands of dark water serpents darted into the Kui Gate through the water channel. Some of them were in their human shapes, while the others were in their original shapes.

Dark water serpents were freaked out. They wailed, shrieked, while the allied human force chased closely behind. Countless heavily armored human warriors wielded shiny weapons and hacked on these fleeing dark water serpents. Body parts fell into the water, mixing with the blood that dyed the entire water channel red.

"Kill every last water-kind creature! The credit belongs to us! Qiong Sang Family!"

"Nonsense! The credit belongs to us! We, Wu Chang Family people have made the greatest contributions! The credit belongs to us!"

"Didn’t you see our Cloud Sun Family warriors? Without our elite warriors, could you even break into the Kui Gate?"

"How dare you? The credit belongs to our Chu Wu people! How dare you claim our credit? I’m not afraid to tell you that our Elder Wu Gu is already in the Kui Gate! The credit belongs to our Chu Wu Clan!"

The war wasn’t over yet. Tens of thousands of dark water serpents were still alive. The water-kind armies in the Kui Gate were disarrayed by Shermie and his warriors indeed, but the large number of non-humankind spirit creatures remained. At this point of time, if a powerful, influential spirit creature showed up and let the rest hear his or her voice, the water-kind forces in the Kui Gate could still be united to strike back.

However, these human clans had already started striving for the credit.

Standing on the cloud, Ji Hao showed his true face. Sneering at those human beings who rushed over in disordered lines, he said, "People, you’re late. I, Marquis Yao, broke this Kui Gate under the order of Minister Si Wen Ming! As for the credit, does that have anything to do with you?"

Ji Hao’s laughter resounded through the clouds. Down below, countless human beings raised their heads and saw Ji Hao immediately.

The leaders of those families immediately burst into rage, and even screamed out loud. They had driven Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao away, but why was Ji Hao here? Was this a joke? Ji Hao was here, then where was Si Wen Ming?

If Si Wen Ming gained the credit, why would they even bother to bring their people all the way to the Kui Gate?

Ji Hao laughed out loud, then took out the mountain-driving whip and swung towards the Kui Gate.

All kinds of formations buried in the mountains were activated. The Kui Gate extended for millions of miles, Nourished by the pure earth meridian power, it was almost unbreakable. But at this very moment, it collapsed, and a thousand-mile-wide water channel was created.

The flood surged to the next gate through the suddenly opened water channel.