Chapter 1295: My Friend, You’re Destined to be One of Us

Chapter 1295: My Friend, You’re Destined to be One of Us
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The hippo’s entire body glowed with a warm light. With a mild, friendly smile, he carried that picked club, which still had blood on it, and politely stood behind the four men.

The four men stood still, each with a serious, sacred look. Their golden eyes sparkled with a bright golden light while looking around. Being swept across by their gazes, all spirit creatures felt that the greatest disaster was coming. A destructive power, that seemed to even crush their souls, forced all spirit creatures back with quick steps. No one dared to make any eye connect with the four men.

But when the four men looked at Ji Hao, Netherworld Hierarch, and Tushan Inkstone, a tiny jade human statue tied around Tushan Inkstone’s waist glowed. A faintly sensible power vibration spread on his body, and kept him under protection. Smilingly, he cupped his hands to the four men. With the special ‘cunning businessman smile’, he swiftly glanced at the four men from heads to toe.

Netherworld Hierarch scornfully lowered his eyelids and remained silent, saying nothing. He put his hands on his knees and stayed unmoved.

The gazes of the four men struck down like a storm of daggers, but facing Netherworld Hierarch, those gazes were as ineffective as throwing a few tiny stones into the boundless blood pool in hell, failing to even stir up a slight ripple.

The four men slightly quivered. They were shocked, because they found out that they had no way to find out exactly how powerful Netherworld Hierarch was. They couldn’t even believe this. Sneakily, they made a special hand motion. From the cyan-colored wooden staffs held in their left hands, a five-colored light silently drilled into their bodies, after which, a five-colored linden seed sparkled deep inside their eyes.

Carefully, they activated one hundred percent of their eye powers and stared at Netherworld Hierarch in an unfriendly manner.

Netherworld Hierarch slightly shook his head and sighed. The sense of power released from his body changed. Judging by the sense of power, Netherworld Hierarch was now slightly more powerful than a human Divine Magus, but was nowhere near the level of Supreme Magus.

The four men ‘saw through’ Netherworld Hierarch’s power and sighed in relief together, then scornfully shook their heads. In their eyes, Netherworld Hierarch was merely playing some kind of small trick to hide his power vibration, and failed under their ‘great powers’.

Next, all four of them looked at Ji Hao simultaneously.

Ji Hao showed the whites of his eyes. His eyes sparkled with a silver-blue light while the extreme negative power condensed into eight extremely thin and sharp cold light beams, darting out of his eyes and piercing towards the eyeballs of the four men.

The four men didn’t see this coming. They burst with a raging shout. As their cyan-colored wooden staff glowed brightly, foot-long golden flames spurted out from their eyes. The silver light beams from Ji Hao’s eyes clashed against the golden flame and generated a series of popping noise. The eight silver light beams gradually faded, while the golden flames from the four men’ eyes were pressed down to around three-inches long.

Ji Hao snorted coldly. Gently brushing the pair of long feelers on his chin, Ji Hao acted like an old living being and said slowly, "People, this Kui Gate is ruled by the Gong Gong Family, by our water-kind. If you wanna pick up a fight in here, you’ve chosen the wrong place."

Laughing with a quaking sound, Ji Hao pointed at those surrounding spirit creatures and said proudly, "You are already here, that means you are connected with our water-kind more or less. Therefore, stick with the rules, and don’t do anything reckless. Otherwise, someone might die!"

Just now, the gazes of the four men were way too sharp and fierce, which frightened back all surrounding spirit creatures. To these spirit creatures, who were born violent and brutal, being frightened back by someone’s gaze was even more humiliating than having their ancestors’ graves dug by their enemies.

No one knew exactly how powerful the four men were. Therefore, no one dared to stand out and start a fight against the four men. Instead, they all quietly watched aside.

However, Ji Hao had shown his strength. Facing the four men, he didn’t step back, not even by an inch. On the contrary, he had even gained a slightly upper hand in this silent battle. The surrounding spirit creatures were encouraged instantly. They laughed deeply and viciously, then released their power vibrations intentionally. The power vibrations from thousands of large spirit creatures merged together and raised a dense dark cloud. Within the cloud, faint silhouettes of countless water-kind creatures were visible, while sharp and shrill screams were audible. They seemed to even tear the souls of every living being on the scene apart. Hearing that, the four men felt very uncomfortable.

The four men glanced at each other. Gripping the cyan-colored wooden staff, the man with a flood dragon following behind slowly took a step forward. He looked at Ji Hao seriously and laughed out loud.

This man cast a ‘dragon roar’, a special magic that Ji Hao had learned from Priest Hua’s results of Dao of evolvement, created by Priest Hua. His bright and resonant voice echoed directly through the sky. The flood dragon followed behind the man roared thunderously too. Flood dragons were a part of the dragon family, and dragons were the strongest scaled water-kind creatures in the whole world. The dominating power vibration released by the flood dragon spread towards all directions, vibrating all surrounding spirit creatures. The faces of those spirit creatures immediately turned pale. Many of them even sat straight on the ground, without being able to move anymore.

Those spirit creatures began vomiting blood. Among thousands of spirit creatures in the surroundings, at least a half of them couldn’t stand the ‘dragon roar’, and had their souls injured. They vomited blood and looked at the four men in fear, sadness, and anger.

Once their souls were injured, the powers of these spirit creatures suddenly declined. Some of them couldn’t even maintain their human shapes any longer, and all turned back to their original shapes. At the moment, electric eels, sharks, jellyfishes, and all kinds of water-kind creature flipped all over the street. Every time they flipped, a large mouthful of blood would be squeezed out of their bodies. Immediately, the whole area was turned into a huge mess.

Ji Hao’s eyes suddenly turned vividly red. He opened his mouth and gave a soft, long-lasting shout. The deep, melodious shout sounded like the cries of wild ghosts at night, and came directly out of his belly.

Netherworld Hierarch instantly raised his eye corners and looked at Ji Hao in surprise. That was the ‘blood pool ghost cry’, one of those secret blood pool magics he taught Ji Hao. By launching the ‘blood pool ghost cry’, one could hurt the enemies’ primordial spirits, damage their spirit blood, and corrode their internal organs, even brains and marrows, just with sound waves. This was a true evil secret magic.

He had just taught Ji Hao about the great Dao of blood-pool, but Ji Hao was now launching the ‘blood pool ghost cry’ already!

This was…Netherworld Hierarch scratched his head. All of a sudden, he even wanted to curse out loud. This was ridiculous! Ji Hao was way too talented!

The deep ghost cries quickly neutralized the thunderous ‘dragon roar’, like pouring a bucket of ice water onto burning firewood. The ‘dragon roar’ turned intermittent, then weak, and soon, the man suddenly let out a black mouthful of blood. Slightly quivering, he took two steps backward.

The four men stared at Ji Hao in a great shock — Their ‘dragon roar’ was actually broken by Ji Hao!

Not only the dragon roar, the man with a flood dragon also had a terrifying, dirty blood power intruding into his body. His spirit blood was previously pure like crystal and gold. But now, it was polluted, and sensed like rotten blood. This ruined at least tens of years of his cultivation.

"You…" The four men took a step forward simultaneously and glowered at Ji Hao.

"Like I said, this place is ruled by our water-kind. You can’t just do anything you want in here!" Ji Hao raised his head, leaped down from the back of the seahorse, and slowly walked to the four men. The intent of killing was agitated in his heart. The cold airstreams he stirred up transformed into a tornado, wrapping his body up.

Clearly, these four men were disciples of Priest Mu. Ji Hao had started the war between Priest Hua, Priest Mu, and himself, long ago. Therefore, he didn’t mind killing these four men right on the spot.

The four men glanced at each other. Abruptly, the flood dragon man laughed, "My friend here, you are destined to be one of us!"