Chapter 1241: The Strangeness of Preist Hua

Chapter 1241: The Strangeness of Preist Hua
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Priest Hua was so powerful that once he moved, even the world sensed him. Dense dark clouds silently pressed down towards the water surface, bringing a despairing sense of destruction.

The dark atmosphere surrounded everyone. Thousands of chained priests and thousands of Jia Clan warriors guarding around the chariot popped out their eyes, but saw nothing; they listened carefully, but heard nothing; they wanted to shout, but couldn’t make even the slightest sound.

Their sensibilities were taken away. These priests and Jia Clan warriors were thrown into a despairing darkness, and within a single moment, their souls had reached the verge of collapse, all because of power of destruction contained in the thunderbolt released by Priest Hua.

Yemo Shayi suddenly burst with a high-pitched growl. A dark mist puffed out of his head, then a hundred-miles-wide dark swirl began spinning slowly above his head, releasing a strong power of destruction that seemed to devour and destroy everything.

The power of destruction delivered by Priest Hua’s thunderbolt intensively clashed against Yemo Shayi’s dark swirl. The purely dark swirl quaked intensely, and soon was compressed into a flicking, twisting, dark line, that seemed to break at any time.

Suffering the power of destruction, Man Man released a fiery light from her head. Within the light, a crystalline, burning silhouette was seen reaching hundred-miles high. The fire giant roared towards the sky and released a raging flame in all directions, burning half of the sky red.

Behind Shaosi and Taisi, hazy shadows emerged as well, faintly visible. Standing by the side of Man Man’s fire giant, they tried their best to twist the space and to ease the strong pressure caused by Priest Hua’s thunderbolt.

Yu Mu’s fat had been shaking quickly. He shouted out loud while a gray stream of smoke rose from his head, reaching hundreds of miles high into the sky. A hazy silhouette appeared in the smoke; this silhouette was invisible to ordinary human beings, and only people with special eye powers and powerful magics could see it.

This giant silhouette was holding the Disease God streamer, standing behind Man Man’s fire giant while waving the streamer and releasing an extremely toxic mist. It spread out into an enormous shield that covered the entire nine dragons chariot, defending everyone against the dreadful power of destruction.

At last, Feng Xing gave a resonant growl. His eyes shone with a blinding light as he raised his bow and forcibly pulled it open.

A hundred-miles-tall, muscular giant showed up above Feng Xing’s head. The giant was blurred; he had a piece of hide wrapped around his waist and his arms raised, as if he were also pulling open a bow. Following a shrill swishing noise, a sharp beam of arrow light darted out from between this giant’s hands and struck on the thunderbolt released by Priest Hua.

The thirty-meter-thick, tens of thousands of meters long thunderbolt was stopped for a second.

Bang! Bang! A fiery light blasted before the thunderbolt. The arrow light was shattered, and Feng Xing snorted heavily in pain. He was sent flying backward, vomiting blood. Bone cracking noise came from his body, sounding like popping corns. After that, he weakly fell to the ground and couldn’t move anymore.

When the others combined their powers to fight against the thunderbolt, Ji Hao stood up with difficulty.

The target of the thunderbolt was no body else but Ji Hao. Those priests, Jia Clan warriors, Man Man, Shaosi and Ji Hao’s other friends, they had only been suffering from the afterwinds of the thunderbolt.

The pressure and the power of destruction that Ji Hao had been taking were over a hundred times greater than for Man Man and the others.

Inch by inch, Ji Hao straightened his body. He stood up against the pressure purely with his physical strength. Above his head, layers of transparent space-ripples were shattered by his body, causing a buzzing noise.

"Priest Hua!" Ji Hao raised his head and stared at Priest Hua.

Looked at the thunderbolt which was flashing over, Ji Hao sensed a piercing pain from his eyes. Instinctively, he closed his eyes.

"Duo!" He shouted. The golden bridge darted out from his erect eye and released a clear light. The light was shaking slightly. All of a sudden, a thousands of meters tall door coiled in colorful warm clouds opened before that thunderbolt, which disappeared without a trace.

"The all worlds monument!" Priest Hua trembled slightly. Staring at Ji Hao, he asked coldly, "Ji Hao, this supreme treasure belongs to our sect. How dare you take it?"

"Priest Hua, the all worlds monument is destined to be mine!" Ji Hao opened his eyes, raised his right hand, and responded seriously, "Under the witness of the world, the all worlds monument is indeed destined to be mine. It was destined to be sent to me by Gold Water."

While grinning, Ji Hao continued blandly, "If you don’t believe me, ask the world itself. Ask the world if it agrees with me."

Man Man and Shaosi chuckled together. The lingering power from that thunderbolt hadn’t faded yet, and Ji Hao’s friends were still suffocated by it, their hearts still drumming. But what Ji Hao said just now as way too shameless and naughty, which made Man Man and Shaosi unable to help but laugh.

"Hehe." Yu Mu and Feng Xing laughed with a simple and honest look. They nodded at Priest Hua and said, "Isn’t that right? The world is our witness. The all worlds monument is truly destined to be ours! Old man, if you don’t believe us, ask it, just ask the world itself."

Priest Hua gazed at Ji Hao in the eyes. That intent of killing in his eyes was evident.

Since forever, ‘the treasure is destined to be ours’, this sentence was even a tagline of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. With this sentence, how many treasures that did have owners were looted by him? But today, Ji Hao used this sentence against Priest Hua!

"Good, good, good! Yu Yu has been upright for his whole life, but he took you, such a shameless thing, as a disciple. Enough about the all worlds monument for now. You killed tens of thousands of our disciples. This is…"

Ji Hao smiled, interrupted him, and said, "Please, don’t say anything you want only because you are old. Those disciples of yours were evil, so the thunderbolts descended from the sky struck them to death. I didn’t do it."

Ji Hao continued while smirking, "If you don’t believe me, ask the sky. Ask the sky if it sent down thunderbolts to kill your disciples or not.

Priest Hua paused briefly. Then, he abruptly raised his head and pointed at Ji Hao, seeming to say something. But his look changed slightly.

"Brother…How can I forget about things like this?"

"No, how can I forget about it? You have taken ninety percent of the powers and life-force of those disciples to make the enlightening dew for them to use after the reincarnation! You told me about this days ago."

"But, how can I forget anything like this? No, this is not right. If I knew that you had taken their powers, I wouldn’t send them to kill Ji Hao. I told them to kill Ji Hao at all costs and with all their powers, but they were all weakened by over ninety percent…They didn’t even have all of their powers anymore."

"I should never have made a mistake like this, but, but…"

Priest Hua started murmuring to himself with a panicked look. All of a sudden, a stream of blood spurted out from his mouth and splashed tens of meters away.