Chapter 1109: A Flying Moth Darts into The Fire

Chapter 1109: A Flying Moth Darts into The Fire
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On the water surface, the water-kind army launched the first wave of strike.

From hundreds of miles away from the city, a glistening silverfish slowly reached out its enormous head, which was miles in radius.

The fish gave a hoarse scream, then dazzled with a silver light as it screamed towards the sky. In a thousand miles wide area, countless silver fish darted out.

From three-inches to eight-feet, different sized silver fished leaped into the sky, as high as they could. They flapped their fins, bumping into the city, showing no fear of death.

Every flying fish was coiled around by a stream of spirit creature power released from that enormous silverfish. The silver-colored power streams flew between the scales of these small silver fishes and drew a sharp, angled spell symbol on each fish.

These flying fishes were already flying at a stunning speed, but added with the spell symbol, they got even faster. By now, these fishes were only slightly slower than arrows released by Eastern Wasteland archers.

Popping noises could be heard without an end. The first batch of flying fishes dove down from the sky and heavily bumped on the city wall. The thick layer of clear light covering the wall remained motionless, while these fishes were smashed into bits, like eggs landing on rocks.

Silver-blue streams of mist spurted out from the broken bodies of those dead fishes, then condensed into basin-sized ice flakes in the air. These ice flakes fell on the city wall and melted, flowing down and soon turned into a watery mist by the great power released by the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, dissipating in the air.

The enormous silverfish had been roaring towards the sky. Wave after wave, countless flying fishes leaped out of the water surface and flew into the sky, then bravely dove down, bumping to the city while leaving beautiful arcs in the sky.

Ji Hao and the others stood in the city, hearing the shrill swishing noises. Every time, tens of millions of flying fishes would dive down swiftly from the air and kill themselves on the wall. These flying fishes attacked even quicker than the Eastern Wasteland arrow formation, created by Yi Di’s hundreds of thousands of elite archers.

The Pan Gu Defense magic formation shielded the city, and not a single flying fish managed to fly inside. The Pan Gu defense seemed to be thin and weak, yet it was unimaginably strong and solid. Tens of millions of flying fishes bumped on the city wall one after another. Yet, except for the sharp swishing noises they caused, nothing could be heard but the cracking sounds of their bones.

Those smaller fishes, which were only three to five inches long, wouldn’t even make much of noise even when they smashed against the wall. Those seven to eight foot long ones, and even the tens of meters long ones, banged thunderously against the city wall, as if they were rocks thrown out by giant-scale ballistae. Every bang caused by these fishes was as loud as thunder, and the blood and smashed meat of these fishes would splash to a hundred meters away, looking quite scary.

The enormous silverfish was still screaming towards the sky, sending waves of flying fishes into the sky, bumping into the city.

The faintly glowing city was like a black hole. No matter how many flying fishes dove down, the city would swallow them all.

"Spirit creatures are indeed terrifying, just like this." Standing beside Ji Hao, Hao Tao said blandly, "Fortunately, it’s not easy for them to become intelligent. If they were born as smart as human beings, no place would be left for our humankind in the world."

Ji Hao curved his mouth corners downward and remained silent.

Spirit creatures might be thought to be strong, but in fact, they were weak. Only after reaching a certain level of cultivation, the level of Magus Kings at least, could they touch a corner of wisdom. More commonly, some spirit creatures might be as strong as Divine Magi, yet still as stupid as wild boars.

Without wisdom, no matter how strong they were, they couldn’t be terrifying. Without wisdom and a complete, healthy cultivation system, the family of these spirit creatures could expand unlimitedly indeed, but it was extremely difficult for truly powerful ones to emerge among them.

But, if one thought they were totally weak and helpless, in some ways, they could actually be hopelessly strong. Taking this giant silverfish as an example, in this vast water, this fish along could be as powerful as an elite Eastern Wasteland army. Numerous flying fishes were under its control. With nothing but a small part of its spirit creature power, this fish could turn those flying fishes, which shared the same origin with him, into warriors. Millions of flying fishes could deliver no more than one strike, but this single strike would be effective enough to make the silver fish’s enemies suffer.

Human beings could never be like these spirit creatures, controlling their own kind and using them as weapons to attack the enemies.

Human beings were gifted with a great fertility, but still, it could not be mentioned in the same breath with that of water-kind spirit creatures.

Waves of flying fishes roared into the sky while glistening brightly with a silver light. The silver light even covered the entire water city. Emotionlessly, the giant silverfish screamed shrilly, sending waves of flying fishes bumping into the city wall, wave after wave.

The flying fish strike lasted for half an hour. Blood and smashed fish bodies surrounded the entire water city up. But, the flying fish had still been roaring towards the sky, and its attack seemed to never end.

From distances away, long turbid waves rose slowly. Treading on the waves were countless water-kind spirit creatures.

Tens of enormous tentacles abruptly thrust out from a giant wave, along with dense streams of black mist and ear-piercing screams. Water streams squirted out from the waves, and pushed countless, different sized inkfishes up into the sky. They were flying across the air, fiercely towards the city on the water, just like those silver flying fishes.

Those flying fishes were silver-white. Stimulated by the spirit creature power released from that giant silverfish, their scales glistened beautifully and left sparkling arcs in the sky, looking quite splendid. These inkfishes were cyan-blue, and their bodies were transparent, also sparkling. They waved their tentacles, releasing high-pressure water streams, and pushing themselves higher and higher. Then, they smashed down towards the city, leaving cyan-blue traces in the air.

From around a hundred meters away from the city, all these flying inkfishes widely opened their mouthparts and let out a crazy amount of sticky, stinky ink.

Following the loud puffing noises, the city on the water was momentarily dyed black. The sticky ink covered the magic screen created by the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, and disabled Ji Hao and the others from seeing what had been happening on the outside.

"Idiots!" Tao Sha burst with a raging growl. "You don’t spray ink over your enemies when you can’t win!"

Before Tao Sha’s voice faded, in a hundreds of meters tall wave in a distance away, thousands of slim and nimble large fishes darted out.

A nearly mile-long swordfish reached out its head from behind the wave, and screamed like that giant silverfish. Countless seven to eight feet long swordfishes swished over from right upon the water surface. These swordfishes were wrapped in a strong spirit creature power, which had carved a sword-shaped spell symbol on the body of each of them.

The slim and sharp heads of these swordfishes dazzled with a white light, while these fishes swished across the air, striking onto the city like bolts of lightning.

Thudding noises incessantly lingered on as these swordfishes cracked their own heads against the city wall, one after another.