Chapter 1107: Pan Gu Defense

Chapter 1107: Pan Gu Defense
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Carrying the giant golden pill, Ji Hao walked out of the tent. Abruptly, the dense mist rolled in his spiritual space.

As the grey mist faded, the mysterious man showed up slowly, sitting in midair with crossed legs. His eyes shone with a bright blue light that illuminated the entire spiritual space.

"A tough battle!" said the mysterious man with a rumbling voice, "I can feel it. The twelve worlds are approaching Pan Gu world. The shorter the distances between the twelve worlds and Pan Gu world are, the quicker can those powerful water-kind spirit creatures enter into this world."

"This is indeed going to be a tough battle. Twelve worlds, hundreds of years… No one knows exactly how many water-kind spirit creatures Gong Gong has raised." said Ji Hao with a deep voice. "My warriors in this city have a number, yet the water-kind spirit creatures are uncountable. But we have to fight this battle!" Without fighting this battle, Ji Hao wouldn’t be able to buy some time for Si Wen Ming, flood-controlling troops wouldn’t have the chances to expand those channels, and consequently, the great plan for flood-control would become a joke. Countless human beings were struggling in the flood; incalculable human beings were dying. Each day, so many people would die of exhaustion and starvation.

Ji Hao never saw himself as a great man, but for some things, he had to try his best, no matter how.

Therefore, he had to fight this battle. For this battle, he made this giant Dragon Blood Drunk pill to attract all surrounding water-kind spirit creatures, and to allow Si Wen Ming and the others in Pu Ban City enough time and space.

"You gave me your Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, then I learned Yu Yu’s Study of Magic Formation, and some secret scriptures Qing Wei and Dachi gave you…" said the mysterious man with a deep voice, "My brain is not working too efficiently, but I do know a lot more than you. These days, I created a magic formation myself."

"You’re not powerful enough yet. At the stage, you can’t protect too many people and things with the power of Pan Gu bell. But this magic formation of mine is supposed to help you activate the Pan Gu bell…At least, you will be able to protect this city and the one-hundred-thousand large turtles with it."

The mysterious man raised his right hand and flicked his finger. Instantly, a magic formation blueprint emerged in Ji Hao’s mind.

Ji Hao’s eyes shone. Slightly quivering, he hurriedly put back the Dragon Blood Drunk pill, waved his hand, and started a strong wind, bringing back all the aroma of the pill.

"Magic crystals, I need a large amount! And skeletons of large wild beasts, who has beast skeletons? They should be from Magus-King-level beasts at least! Divine-level beast skeletons will be the best!"

"And essence magic crystals with natures of earth, water, fire, metal and green! Who have those? I need five-hundred-thousand kilograms for each type, all ground into powder! I will make those into a magic ink by mixing with dragon blood! Brother Ao Feng, can you give more blood? When this ends, I’ll tell Emperor Shun to award you another magic crystal mine!"

Standing by the door the headquarters tent, Ji Hao yelled loudly. Following his voice, the entire city became noisy. Elders and high-grade commanders from all clans began moving. They put together they resources they brought, and soon reached the amount required by Ji Hao.

The large headquarters tent and hundreds of surrounding barracks were pulled down, making a ten-miles wide, round-shaped empty area.

Ji Hao wielded his hands and cast a magic, rolling up all the powdered essence magic crystals and mixing it with dragon blood. With the magic ink, he quickly drew a series of strange, ancient spell symbols.

Watching aside, Tao Sha and the others had their eye corners twitched. Those spell symbols Ji Hao had drawn were strange and antique, that even Master Magi from the Magi Palace might not be able to recognize them. Tao Sha and a few of his friends had inherited their ancestors’ memories through their bloodlines. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to recognize these strange spell symbols either.

Every one of these spell symbols were shaped like those wild, powerful creatures in this world, or raging flames, fierce thunderbolts. These spell symbols were in a profound ancient style, seeming so hard to understand. Each spell symbol corresponded with a part of nature, represented mysterious natural laws, and could deliver an unpredictable power.

Thousands of ancient spell symbols were drawn by Ji Hao without a break. Ji Hao then put those Divine-level beast skeletons on this magic formation, which was formed by these spell symbols. Once the hundreds of beast skeletons were put in position, a terrifying, prehistorical power started to spread from the magic formation. An invisible pressure even forced powerful ones like Hao Tao and Tao Sha back, disabling them from steadying their own bodies.

Ji Hao wielded his arms again. Mountain-huge piles of magic crystals flew up into the sky, then fell back down, evenly scattering on this curious magic formation.

All magic crystals shattered themselves before landing on the ground, turning into fine powder and merging with the formation. The enormous formation glowed with a misty light, while streams of Chaos power rose from it like a mist. Those beast skeletons melted like metal, merging into one.

A faintly audible bell ring came from Ji Hao’s body. The Pan Gu bell slowly flew out of his lower belly and hung in the air, upon the center of the magic formation.

Nine bell rings were generated in a row. Following that, the Chaos power streams rose from the magic formation drifted into the bell.

The bell glowed shortly, then the silhouette of a man, with his arms held high, sparkled slightly on the bell. Next, all ancient spell symbols on the ground sparkled one after another. All of a sudden, Ji Hao felt that the Pan Gu bell had come alive.

The space around the bell cracked, showing fifty water-tank-sized openings. Strong Chaos tides surged out from those cracks, into the Pan Gu bell.

On the edge of the bell, a light was emitted. Meanwhile, a refreshing sense of power descended from the bell, merging with the magic formation on the ground. The magic formation was lighted up immediately, and released hundreds of clear streams of light, reaching out on the ground, in all directions like countless arms.

Soon, the thousand-miles wide city was covered in a thumb-thick-layer of clear light, and so was the bodies of everyone in the city. Streams of clear light reached out through the ropes holding in the mouths of those giant turtles, quickly covering all the turtles up as well.

A resonant roar rose from the center of the magic formation. Hazy silhouettes emerged from upon those melted beast skeletons. Those were images of the owners of these skeletons.

Those hazy beast silhouettes slowly straightened their bodies and walked to the edges of the city. A short while later, hundreds of beast silhouettes stood straight on the city wall, in all four directions. Those beasts were as enormous as mountains, and their translucent bodies seemed to contain inexhaustible power.

"Hmm, I guess I’m not with a stone brain, as someone said!" The mysterious man chuckled proudly, "This great magic formation of mine…Call it Pan Gu Defense! Unless those water-kind things can destroy the Pan Gu bell, they would never be able to make a single step into this city."

The mysterious man disappeared gradually in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, turning back into grey mist as he left his thunderous voice echoing, "Little guy, kill as hard as you can! Aren’t you in need of meat? These water-kind things are the best meat supply!"

Ji Hao paused slightly, then threw a heavy slap on his own face. He gritted his teeth and took out a giant Dragon Blood Drunk pill.

"I’m so stupid! These water-kind spirit creatures…Aren’t they the best meat supply? So many crops were harvested in Pu Ban City, but how can people live without meat?"