Chapter 1102: The Extreme of Fire

Chapter 1102: The Extreme of Fire
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On those metal warships, all Yu Clan nobles, and Jia Clan warriors were surprised at first, then shocked; at last, they were stunned, and even panic-stricken!

On battlefields, Eastern Wasteland archers were their old opponents.They had witnessed the powers of Eastern Wasteland arrow formations for countless times. Incalculable non-humankind warriors died under the storm-like arrows launched through arrow formations, and many survived non-humankind beings still had scars left on their bodies by those Eastern Wasteland arrows.

Nevertheless, despite the amazing archery arts of Eastern Wasteland people, the low productivity of the humankind limited the powers of their arrows.

Ordinary archers could only continuously shoot a non-humankind warrior for tens, even hundreds of times in a row, to possibly break the non-humankind warrior’s armor, wound or kill him. But just now, ‘wolf tooth’ arrows released by those archers easily penetrated heavy tower shields, which were specially crafted by Xiu Clan masters! Moreover, both the effective range and lethality of their ‘volcano collapse’ arrows had raised by many times!

This wasn’t a slight improvement; instead, this was an unreasonable, illogical sudden soar, that was completely beyond the current productivity of the humankind. Those were over a million spirit creature slaves; they were weak indeed, but even if those were a million pigs, it would require a certain span of time to kill them all, right?

Nevertheless, with one massive attack delivered by a wave of ‘volcano collapse’ arrows, over a million spirit creature salves were blown into ashes!

"This, how can this be? Where did they get those spell symbols arrows?" A Xiu Clan master stared at the approaching water city, stunned. "Their spell symbols arrows are good enough to compare favorably with the top-grade ones we produced with solid efforts!"

During the past centuries, the non-humankind had the humankind suppressed because of nothing else but their strong armors and advanced weapons, especially those large-scale killing machines. Except for those armaments, in terms of overall potential or fertility, the non-humankind was absolutely no better than the humankind.

Once human beings attained a great productivity that was no worse than that of non-humankind, they would be able to produce armors and weapons of equal qualities as the top-grade ones produced by the non-humankind. As a result, eventually, the non-humankind could expect nothing but a cruel massacre!

The experiences these non-humankind beings accumulated for years told them that human beings in Pan Gu world were not easy to defeat; instead, this was a terrifying species with an instinct of attacking. If the non-humankind didn’t invade Pan Gu world before the humankind started to develop, sooner or later, the humankind would begin to crazily expand their world, same as the non-humankind had been doing.

Once human beings enabled themselves to produce armaments of equal qualities as the ones produced by the non-humankind...The bloody consequences made those Yu Clan nobles shake just by picturing them.

On the water city, Yi Di pulled his thunder running bow open, then put a ‘hurricane’ arrow on it.

He scornfully glanced at those spirit creatures slaves trembling on the water surface. Only thousands among the one million survived. These poor creatures were scared to death by the destructive effects of those ‘volcano collapse’ arrows. At the moment, their eyes were unfocused, and they looked just like idiots.

All of a sudden, an ear-piercing swishing noise was started as Yi Di loosened his fingers, sending a beam of light out from his bowstring.

The thumb-thick, three-hundred meters long beam of light dazzled through the air, then deeply sank into the chest of a spirit creature slave, leaving a hole in his body. Next, through a slim and beautiful arc, this arrow punctured the vital body parts of hundreds of spirit creature slaves in a row.

The puffing noises lasted long, while the arrow released by Yi Di flew airily in the air like a noble bird. Within a second, thousands of spirit creature slaves were easily slaughtered by Yi Di with a single arrow.

The long arrow punctured the body of the last spirit creature slave, then screamed brightly and continued flying for over three-hundred miles upon the water surface, before it finally, slantingly pierced into the water. This was the scary power of ‘hurricane’ arrows; this type of arrows had an extremely long firing range. Added with the unimaginably great archery skills of Eastern Wasteland archers, this type of arrows could be fabulous in battles.

The corpses of thousands of spirit creature slaves floated on the water surface. Witnessing Yi Di killing all those slaves with a single arrow, all non-humankind beings on the warships had their looks changed. They confusingly glanced at each other. They knew ‘hurricane’ arrows, and they knew about the especially long firing range of this type of arrow. But they had never seen any ‘hurricane’ arrow cover such a long range. The arrow released by Yi Di even flew for hundreds of miles after killed thousands of living creatures.

"Something’s not right with them!" A Xiu Clan master suddenly raised his oddly shaped staff and screamed out loud, "Kill them! Capture some alive! We have to find out where did they get those arrows! How can they…How did they…How can they possibly produce such powerful arrows?!"

The hundred metal warships glowed brightly. Dazzling light streams surged out from enormous spell symbols and beautiful patterns carved on these ships. Countless light streams merged together and transformed into a three-hundred-meter thick screen that wrapped up these warships entirely.

Cracking noises could be heard without an end, along with which, the decks of these warships began opening and moving. Numerous large-shaped fighting machines rose onto the decks and slowly moved into position, locking on the city on the water.

"Accept the battle!" Standing on the tallest watchtower, Shaosi gave her order. From around her body, faintly visible gray air-ripples spread out. Following her order, all logs of the wooden city burst with a cyan-colored, bright light. Silhouettes of enormous trees layered up and created a tremendous strong shield upon the city wall.

Ten-thousand starry void spirit turtles roared in chorus. From their thick shields, dense starry light spun in streams while rising into the sky. Ten-Thousand streams of starlight combined into one and transformed into a seven-colored light screen, which enveloped all spirit turtles.

Through the distance of around ten miles, the trigger of a great battle was pulled. A dragon roar vibrated the entire area, while nine three-thousand-meters long fire dragons rose from underwater behind the city, dragging an enormous chariot straight into the sky.

Ji Hao stood straight on the chariot, with a great sun shining with a raging red light above his head. Mr. Crow excitedly spread his wings and expanded his body to over a thousand meters long. He puffed out his chest and trod on top of the chariot.

The nine-dragon chariot glared dazzlingly, illuminating the whole area with a radius of over a million miles, even dispelling the dark clouds in the sky.

Ji Hao glanced down at the hundred metal warships on the water surface. In the red sun above his head, a light-golden silhouette flashed slightly, before Ji Hao conveniently pressed his hand down. In the next moment, a hundred miles wide golden hand silently descended from the sky, surrounded by raging flames.

The hundred metal warships suffered this strike together. A sizzling noise was generated, while the whole hundred metal warships disappeared without a trace, in complete quietness.

The three-hundred-meters thick defensive magic screen failed to serve its purpose, as the golden hand crumbled it instantly with the extreme fire in Pan Gu world. Those metal warships vaporized directly in the golden fire, along with all non-humankind beings on the ships.

Nothing was left behind, not even a grain of ash!

After Ji Hao completely absorbed the East Emperor divine seal, that, was the power of a quick palm move launched by him; it was already close to a strike launched by the true East Emperor, Taiyi himself.