Chapter 1084: Silent Awe

Chapter 1084: Silent Awe
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"It’s impossible!"

Yi Di directly refused Ji Hao’s order.

Ji Hao asked him to find out the current situations of the non-humankind armies. This was dangerous, yet possible. Not to mention anything else, Eastern Wasteland archers were as fast as the wind, which allowed them to be survivors in battlefields. In that aspect, no warriors from any other clans in the rest three wastelands could ever compare with them.

But what did Ji Hao say? To find out what the non-humankind had been doing recently, fine; but the mission was actually so ridiculously specific that he and his warriors had to find out every detail regarding the twelve emperors of the non-humankind. Why didn’t Ji Hao order Yi Di and his warrior to die directly?

"Can’t you do it? Aren’t you willing to do it? Or…you don’t dare?" Ji Hao expressionlessly looked at Yi Di, with both his hands on Yi Di’s shoulder. Ji Hao didn’t seem to put forth his strength, yet Yi Di had already begun shaking intensely. Yi Di couldn’t control his body anymore as his waist was bending slowly, and a loud creaking noise was squeezed out of his spine.

It sounded like a mountain pressing on a fragile bamboo, which could be crushed at any time.

"You asked for spell symbol arrows, I gave you spell symbol arrows. You greedily demanded fifty-thousand high-quality spell symbol arrows for each of your warriors, I gave you each fifty-thousand top-grade spell symbol arrows…But now, are you telling me that you can’t fulfill the mission? Are you despising me? Are you disobeying Emperor Shun’s order? You, do you even care about the humankind?"

Ji Hao laughed abruptly. Looking at Yi Di’s pale face, he continued, "Good, you do have the courage. You want to die, then I will help you to die!"

Those high-grade commanders in the surrounding were staring at those arrows hovering in the air with complicated looks.

Ji Hao had truly managed to provide so many spell symbol arrows. These arrows were clearly top-grade ones; the power vibration released from these arrows was actually even dreadfully great. Without a doubt, these arrows were terrifyingly powerful weapons. So many arrows, those high-grade commanders didn’t believe that Ji Hao could possibly afford these.

It must be Emperor Shun, or could even be those mysterious powerful beings behind Emperor Shun! Otherwise, no human clan could ever find enough high-grade craftsmen to produce so many top-grade spell symbol arrows, no matter how rich that clan was. Thinking about those men with tall hats and blurred faces who showed up suddenly earlier in the Town Hall when the people were arguing, who forcibly suppressed Gong Sun Sword and Suiren Flame with a frightful sense of power…!

Those mysterious beings behind Emperor Shun couldn’t be weak. At the moment, everyone on the scene had been silently calculating. Seeing Yi Di getting squeezed by Ji Hao and be unable to even breathe, no one said anything. Even the ones who were close to Yi Di dared not to say anything for him either.

"Marquis Yao, don’t act like a bully!" Following a cold and harsh voice, two men swiftly darted out from the formations of Eastern Wasteland archers and reached to Ji Hao from both sides. They put their hands on Ji Hao’s arms and shouted out, boosting up their strengths as they attempted to push Ji Hao’s arms away from Yi Di’s shoulder.

"How dare you!" Standing aside, Man Man burst with a roar. She transformed into a purple-red streak of fire while her pair of hammers turned into two flashing streams of fiery light, roaring at the two men.

"Man Man, go back!" Ji Hao gave a deep shout, "I am their superior. They offended me, and violated the military law. Today, I am going to teach them a lesson!"

Shaosi moved later than Man Man, yet faster than her. Shaosi flashed across the air and blocked Man Man’s way, held her shoulders with both hands and forcibly dragged her back.

The ones who rushed out to help Yi Di were two middle-aged men, who looked around forty to fifty years old, with wrinkled faces. Both of them were peak-level Divine Magi. If one compared Yi Di to a blooming rose raised carefully in a greenhouse, these two were more like strong pines growing on a cliff, which were never afraid of snow and rain. In terms of personal strength, Yi Di and these two men could not be mentioned in the same breath.

Two immense forces struck on both of Ji Hao’s arms, intending to push his arms away.

Ji Hao’s heart beat strongly, sending waves of gray-colored Chaos blood to every corner of his body. Large streams of Chaos power had been flowing out from the five-colored cauldron. Sixty percent of the Chaos power was absorbed by Ji Hao’s heart.

The two Eastern Wasteland Divine Magi quivered intensely. They tried their best, yet Ji Hao remained perfectly motionless, like a mountain. Yi Di showed his teeth as he was struggling to straighten his body back up. Added with Yi Di, three Divine Magi had now been fighting against Ji Hao together.

Ji Hao showed no sign of casting any magic. With pure physical strength, even three Divine Magi, including two peak-level powerful ones, failed to move Ji Hao’s arms by even an inch.

"This kid…No, Marquis Yao is so strong. This, this, is he…" Those high-grade commanders who had been watching this were all stunned already. None of them could say a thing!

With different spirit stars, the physical strengths of Divine Magi were slightly different, when they reached to an extreme level of cultivation. For example, Divine Magi with earth spirit stars would be slightly stronger than the others, but not without limitations. If one took Si Xi as an example, back when he was still a Divine Magus, his physical strength was greater than same-level Divine Magi with other types of powers by fifty percent.

But What about Ji Hao? The three Divine Magi had all tried their best, yet they failed to even move Ji Hao’s arm. Besides, by now, the faces of all the three Divine Magi had already gone twisted. Their bones were even bent, and they had all been shaking intensely. Clearly, they had strained every nerve of theirs.

But Ji Hao stayed unmoved, with the same calm and expressionless face; not even a single blood vein had bulged on the backs of his hands!

This proved that Ji Hao wasn’t using all of his strength, far from it!

What a scary strength! How could he be so strong? Had Ji Hao stepped into that mysterious level of Supreme Magus already?

What a joke! How ridiculous! How old was he? It had only been a few years since Si Wen Ming brought him out from Southern Wasteland. When Ji Hao came to Pu Ban City for the first time, he was only a twelve years old little boy!

The facial expressions of those top-grade commanders were so complicated at the moment, as they looked at Ji Hao in shock, ‘Even Emperor Xuanyuan wasn’t as strong as Ji Hao at this age, was he?…But how can we compare our dear Emperor Xuanyuan with this freak, Ji Hao?’

Without a sign, all those high-grade commanders were somehow convinced by Ji Hao. They narrowed their eyes and carefully looked at Ji Hao. Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming chose Ji Hao to lead this elite army, which seemed to be quite a good choice!

Ji Hao sensed the changes of the gazes coming to him from those commanders, and the respect delivered through the gazes, then nodded.

He wasn’t aiming at Yi Di on purpose, but Yi Di jumped out himself. Therefore, Ji Hao decided to awe the others by crushing Yi Di, and that would be more than enough.

So many spell symbol arrows would lead many ‘smart people’ to some very complicated thoughts. Meanwhile, Ji Hao’s personal strength would let some ‘naughty ones’ know that, in this army, Ji Hao was the only chief commander.

"Do you know that you were wrong?" Ji Hao looked at Yi Di coldly.

"I…" Yi Di quickly glanced at Ji Hao. Ji Hao’s eyes were frigidly cold, and no human emotion could be discovered from those eyes. Di Yi quivered intensely, then subconsciously murmured, "I…I was wrong! I shouldn’t, shouldn’t do this! I shouldn’t violate the military law, shouldn’t offend Marquis Earl!"

"Then, correct the mistake… You can still be a good boy!" Ji Hao smiled.