Chapter 1052: Internal Problems

Chapter 1052: Internal Problems

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Although Pu Ban City was protected by the great defensive formation, the water was still six to seven feet deep in many areas.

The sky was filled with dark clouds, and no sunlight could be seen. The air temperature had been dropping all the time. The dampness in the air was strong, and added with the bone-piercing coldness. An endless light rain had been falling in Pu Ban City, while the storm went on in the outside world.

The long-lasting light rain seemed to be nothing, but it indeed managed to raise the water levels of all rivers in Pu Ban City. Accumulated water naturally became an inevitable problem.

Heng Xing transformed back into his original shape as an enormous fish, and quickly swam through a river. From time to time, he murmuringly complained about those brothers of his who never got along with him.

Ji Hao stood on Heng Xing’s head, silently listening to his complaints.

Things were simple, nothing too complicated except that the brothers shared the same father but not the same mother, and were on bad terms with each other, fighting for powers and benefits. Unfortunately, Heng Xing was the one who suffered a setback.

Heng Xing’s mother was a devil bonefish, a royal among all devil bonefishes. She was also a powerful being who lived since the prehistorical era. The marriage between that evil bonefish and Henggong Fish had shocked the entire Northern Wasteland once.

Sadly, Heng Xing’s mother fell in an unexpected natural trial. Before that, she had only given birth to one son, who was no one else but Heng Xing. When Heng Xing was still a baby, the great power of the royal family of devil bonefish was taken over by a brother of his mother. Thus, Heng Xing became an unloved child.

Heng Xing grew up under the guidance of his father, Henggong Fish with difficulty. When he was powerful enough, Heng Xing was secretly sent to a new world by his father. In that world, Heng Xing was responsible for raising water-kind spirit creatures, and growing military strength for the entire water-kind. He lived in that world for hundreds of years. Therefore, he lost the chance of developing his own force inside his family.

Earlier, the twelve portals opened all of a sudden. Through one portal, Heng Xing rushed into Pan Gu world with countless water-kind spirit creatures. However, he found that his father had gone missing. Then, a group of greedy brothers of his took away his military power immediately and assigned him tens of thousands of weak water-kind warriors, who couldn’t even completely transform them bodies into human shapes. Those brothers of his kicked him out of the decision-making team and put him in charge of daily patrolling.

Poor Heng Xing, with tens of thousands of weak water-kind spirit creatures, he wandered all over the area with nothing serious to do, until he fell into Ji Hao’s hands.

"You poor thing!" Ji Hao stomped his foot against Heng Xing’s huge head.

"Therefore, I’m willing to serve you, Master, but I have to take out all those brothers of mine personally!" Heng Xing gnashed his sharp teeth, even causing a loud creaking noise, while his pair of bowl-sized eyes shining with a fierce light. "I will eat them, bit by bit… I will all eat all of them!"

Ji Hao curved his mouth corners downwards and didn’t respond. ‘Eat your half-blooded brothers?’

Things like that would be indescribably awful to human beings, but to the spirit creatures…Especially to water-kind spirit creatures, which could produce tens, and even hundreds of millions of children at one time, brothers devouring each other seemed to be a survival instinct.

"I wish you a good appetite!" Ji Hao laughed speechlessly, then stomped his foot against Heng Xing’s head once again and said, "Go faster!"

Heng Xing howled towards the sky. His body suddenly expanded, while a torrent rose straight towards the sky under his body. Gradually, this torrent carried Heng Xing up to hundreds of meters high in the sky, rumblingly and swiftly surging towards the Town Hall.

Once the turbid torrent rose, hundreds of heavily armored human warriors suddenly leaped into the sky from all directions, looking at this area with burning eyes.

Ji Hao took out a bronze tablet from the bag tied around his waist and released a strong magic power vibration. Sensing it, those human warriors bowed to Ji Hao together, then darted away and went on patrol, followed by strong gales.

Water was everywhere, and the air was filled with a strong humidity. The environment was perfect to Heng Xing. The sound of waves never stopped, while gales roared across Ji Hao’s ears. Within half an hour, Ji Hao arrived in the Town Hall.

He leaped down from Heng Xing’s head, who burst out into a growl, after which his body began transforming. He soon turned back into that naked, six-meters tall muscular man, proudly crossed his arms over his chest and stood behind Ji Hao.

Ji Hao turned around and glanced at Heng Xing’s naked body, then helplessly took out a large piece of hide and threw it to Heng Xing, "Tie it around your waist…Don’t you wear clothes normally?"

Heng Xing head his head high, proudly moved his crotch forward and said, "I am born with a perfect body. How will I hook up with those hot girls if I cover my beautiful body with clothes? Hehe…Among our kind, the more you have, the more you have to show it!"

Ji Hao’s face twitched, and so did the faces of those human warriors guarding the gate of the Town Hall. They fixed their eyes on Heng Xing, and later, some of them lowered their heads, glanced at their own crotches and then turned their heads away.

Ji Hao’s face darkened. He felt that he had lost his face.

Throwing a kick on Heng Xing’s lap, Ji Hao growled at him, "Put the hide on, or I will force you to cut that thing off and feed it to dogs!"

Heng Xing’s face was darkened as well. While complaining, he took over the hide and perfunctorily wrapped that colorful piece around his waist. Then, he turned around and glanced at the water out there, crooking his finger. Following his moves, a long and thick water vine flew over and landed in his hand. He cut off a three-meter-long section of water vine, tied around his waist, and then made a fast knot. After finishing all this, Heng Xing smirked and said, "It’s the first time for me to wear a cloth!"

Ji Hao sighed in speechless. Heng Xing seemed to have some problems with his brain. No wonder he couldn’t handle those brothers of his and ended up being kicked out of the family, with his power seized away.

Taking Heng Xing, Ji Hao walked into the Town Hall. Tens of thousands of human leaders gathered in this place, and had been shouting loudly, sounding like a million quacking ducks. Among these people, an especially strong man with a strangely bright and loud voice stood in front of Emperor Shun, and had been yelling while waving his arms.

"No! Never! The ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation was designed by Si Wen Ming’s father. We all have seen the result. It nearly got us all killed!"

"Therefore, this new flood-control mission can never be given to Si Wen Ming! No! It can never be given to him! We can only select another powerful one to deal with the flood…And, after the problem is solved, people have to be awarded according to their contributions. Everything has to be fair!"

Emperor Shun sat on the ground with crossed legs, with an especially darkened face and without saying any word. Si Wen Ming sat beside him, also with a serious face, as if thunderbolts were about to burst from that face.

People surrounding them talked louder and louder. Many of those people had been arguing about who exactly should be dealing with the flood.

Hearing these people, Ji Hao understood that this new flood-control mission could never be like the last one handled by Si Xi. Currently, water-kind armies had surrounded the city, and the so-called flood-control mission was more of a war against the water-kind.

Since it was a war, it was related to military power. Apart from that, the one in charge would also have to be responsible for the entire military logistic system.

Military power, financial power, added with incredible merit and reputation… Whoever could take the lead and deal with the water, overcoming this flood for good, without a doubt that person would be the next human emperor!

Who would be willing to give such a great opportunity to the others?