Chapter 1016: Poor Boy Chen

Chapter 1016: Poor Boy Chen

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

After dragged Lili into the caldron and turned him into blood pills and magic crystals, Ji Hao held the Pan Bu bell up with both arms, put forth all his strength and rang the bell with his head.

On the surface of the bell, a layer of divine light started shaking intensely. Next, the surrounding rock layers broke. Those rock layers seemed to be fragile like pieces of tofu. Surrounding Ji Hao, gales roared as he shattered those rocks and climbed up thousands of meters high, until the rock layers above his head turned as transparent as crystal.

Dong! The Pan Gu bell bumped into the giant crystal piece which was created by Si Xi with his new magical power.

A long-lasting cracking noise was generated, while countless thin, spider-net-like cracks appeared on these thick transparent rock layers. Those thin cracks extended toward all directions for hundreds of miles.


Si Xi’s voice came into Ji Hao’s ears. "Ji Hao, good boy, I underestimated you! This bell…Hmm, it doesn’t look like any ancient bell recorded by our humankind. Where did you get this nice piece?"

Along with Si Xi’s voice, the transparent rock layers suddenly split up, showing a broad path.

Ji Hao had been wielding the Pan Gu bell to break those rock layers for a while, and by now, both his arms were soft. He dropped the bell, flew up to the ground through the path, released his spirit power and saw what happened on the ground. He saw the few crystal pieces thrown over by Ju Fu smash on Si Xi’s chest, shattering his clothes, but being turned into puffs of ash by the great counterforce that came from Si Xi’s body.

Ju Fu was strengthful and violent. The power generated by those crystal pieces he threw over was destructive, which was the reason why each crystal piece caused a thunderous bang against Si Xi’s body, and even caused the earth to quake.

Based merely on the thunderous sound, Ji Hao could imagine how massive that power that Si Xi had just taken with his body was.

However, Si Xi’s skin hadn’t even changed its color. Those crystal pieces bumped on his chest, yet failed to leave even a mark on his skin. Those crystal pieces were completely being to Si Xi, just like a breeze.

Ji Hao leaped up to the ground, looked at Si Xi, and shouted in shock, "Marquis Chong, you…you are…"

He scanned across Si Xi’s body with his spirit power, then clearly found out that his body had just been through a thorough change. Before, Ji Hao could still faintly sense the great inner spirit star power inside Si Xi’s body. But now, the density of Si Xi’s skin had raised by at least thousand-time. When Ji Hao touched Si Xi’s skin with his spirit power, he felt like piercing a needle in a diamond. He couldn’t reach even half an inch into that body of Si Xi.

Apart from that, by now, Si Xi was surrounded by a strong and strange power vibration. The source of this power vibration was similar to Ji Hao’s spirit power, yet completely different from it; it was a vigorous soul power. This strong and magical power vibration clashed against Ji Hao’s spirit power, bringing Ji Hao an overwhelming pressure, as if his spirit power was crushed by a thousand mountains.

Ji Hao never experienced anything like this. Therefore, he looked at Si Xi in a great shock.

"I couldn’t free myself from the illusion this thing created, which left me no choice but force a breakthrough." Si Xi pointed at Boy Chen, who was suppressed underground, sneered and said, "I was planning to help Wen Ming for a few more years, and allow him to take over You Chong Clan and some other works without much of difficulties, before I made this breakthrough…But this thing took my choice away,"

Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched, asking in both fright and surprise, "Are you already a…Supreme Magus?"

Boy Chen screamed out once again. From above the colorful mist transformed from his body, the multicolored bead drifted out and dazzled with a colorful light, adding a splendid glow to the surrounding crystal rick layers.

"Green Toad! Tusk Sandfly King! Aren’t you going to do anything?!" growled Boy Chen, "Don’t you forget that if you attack, you will only offend the humankind. But if you do nothing today, you will piss off that man, and the people behind him!"

Ju Fu stood on the hill in the distance. He waved his long arms, drumming his own chest, and shouted, "Green woman… and all of you! Fight! Kill Si Xi! Otherwise, you will be hunted by us until the end of the day!"

Ms. Green Toad and the other seven Chaos monsters each gave a roar, then helplessly glanced at each other and moved forward. They seemed to attack Si Xi together, but in fact, none of them truly did anything. Each one of them had been waiting for someone else to launch the first move. They stopped, looked at each other, then burst in raging shouts together.

Ms. Green Toad yelled, "Shame on you! I am a woman, how can you expect me to be the first?!"

Tusk Sandfly King growled in a fury, then gritted his sharp teeth and said, "Green woman, you’re the evilest one. How can you call yourself a woman? Cut the crap! Let’s do it together. Otherwise…troubles would come to all of us!"

Ju Fu howled furiously, then raised his arms and clenched his fingers in the air. He dragged a mountain-huge piece of jade out of the air and threw it at Si Xi.

This time, Ju Fu had obviously put forth all of his strength, because the jade mountain created an ear-piercing noise when it flew over, which even caused Ji Hao an unbearable ear pain. Nevertheless, Si Xi carelessly raised his left arm and stopped the roaring jade mountain, turning it into a stream of smoke. Si Xi’s palm skin didn’t even turn slightly red when he did this.

Ms. Green Toad and the other seven Chaos monsters glanced at each other, then each burst with a resonant roar once again. They rushed up together and launched their strongest attack.

Dense dark clouds were released that wrapped Si Xi up. Despite Ji Hao’s great eyesight, he couldn’t see Si Xi and the few monsters.

Boy Chen was still sealed underground, but abruptly, he laughed in surprise and said, "Kid, where is that bell of yours? You’re seeking death!"

Ji Hao lowered his head and saw the seven-colored bead spurt a thumb-thick beam of multicolored light, striking straight on the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows.

The colorful mist, which was transformed from Boy Chen’s body, quickly merged with the bead. Guided by the light stream, the bead easily moved across the enchanted ground and drilled into Ji Hao’s forehead at lightning speed.

Boy Chen moved so fast that Ji Hao didn’t manage to react timely. That bead was a pre-world supreme treasure after all, while Boy Chen was a powerful Chaos Monster. In the next moment, the seven-colored mist emerged in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, with the colorful bead floating above it, glowing a bright seven-colored light.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, this is my secret killing ability. I’d like to know if you will die or not after I have killed your soul!" Boy Chen screamed in excitement. But soon, he saw the mysterious man who sat in the middle of the spiritual space, with crossed legs.

The mysterious man’s eyes were shining with a dim blue light, while he silently looked at Boy Chen from up to down.

Boy Chen’s voice suddenly turned extremely weird, as he shrieked like a little girl who was surrounded by a group of ghosts, "Ha…haha…hehe…I must be in an illusion. I, I must be having a, a nightmare…I…Right?"

The mysterious man didn’t say a word, but he raised his right hand and slapped down, crushing the colorful mist which was transformed from Boy Chen.