Chapter 91: Huge Trouble!

In the adjacent room, a look of disgust appeared on Meng Hai Zhou and Li Zhen. A million taels of silver was certainly not a small sum, but it was not too high either! Hence, it was something they could still afford!

During the game at the Thousand Gold Hall a few weeks ago, Meng Hai Zhou and Li Zhen had indeed lost quite a fair share of their wealth! Hence, their pockets are rather tight at the moment. However, this Jade Sea Coral was something that they must obtain at all costs!

Three days before each auction, the Magnificent Jewel Hall would routinely send every major family in the Tian Xiang Empire a list of all the items which would be auctioned on that particular day. When Li Youran saw Jade Sea Coral on the list of items, he immediately sent out an order, "The Li Family must obtain the Jade Sea Coral at all costs!"

In fact, these auction listings were regularly sent to the Jun Family too. However, the Jun Family never seemed to be interested in auctions. As time passed by, the Magnificent Jewel Hall stopped issuing the list to the Jun's Residence. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie's intention to gather herbs for his uncle's treatment was meant to be kept secret. In fact, only three people in the Jun's Residence knew about the situation. If Jun Mo Xie had not run into Tang Yuan today, he would most likely have missed the Burning Heart Meridian...

Although the Jade Sea Coral was valuable, its purpose was only in facilitating cultivation! However, for Grand Preceptor Li who had a broken Dan Tian and could no longer use Xuan Qi, this was certainly a valuable treasure that could bring him longevity! There was also a chance that he could even achieve re-cultivation! Li Youran had heard from a reliable source that if the natural energy in the Jade Sea Coral was harvested appropriately, it was possible to restore a broken Dan Tian and start cultivating Xuan Qi again!

Only a handful of people in the entire Tian Xiang Empire knew about this hidden property. Li Youran had been searching the Jade Sea Coral for ages but it had always eluded him!

If Grand Preceptor Li could prolong his life by a few more years, it would be an immense benefit for the Li family! This piece of Jade Sea Coral might just be an expensive piece of decoration for many but for the Li Family, it had a strong impact on their future!

The appearance of the Jade Sea Coral at the auction was a great opportunity for the Li Family! Determined to acquire the Jade Sea Coral, Li Youran had ordered Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou to obtain the treasure at all costs during the auction! Had Li Youran knew that his long-awaited plan would be disrupted today, he would definitely have gone down to the auction house to bid for it personally!

The Meng and Li Families had teamed up earlier on and intended to rely on their combined prestige to make a high starting bid, hoping to discourage other buyers from outbidding them. They believed this would be a foolproof plan to obtaining the Jade Sea Coral with great ease. Little did they expect to encounter their old rival, Fatty Tang, today!

In addition, Jun Mo Xie had already realized their intentions completely using his spiritual awareness. However, the Meng and Li Families were completely oblivious about this!

Despite being an experienced auctioneer, the old auctioneer was still immensely shocked and surprised by Tang Yuan's initial bid!

For a long moment, the hall was completely silent. All of a sudden, someone shouted, "I bid 1.2 million!"

Li Zhen had to bite the bullet in calling this bid. Although the amount was well within their budget, this additional 2 hundred thousand taels was simply meant to intimidate Fatty Tang!

Without hesitation, Tang Yuan roared at the top of his lungs, "Are you trying to scare me with this pitiful amount? I bid 2 million!"

Fatty was relishing in the moment! Nothing felt better than watching his rivals' frenzied reaction towards his ridiculous bidding without him having to pay a single cent!

In the adjacent box, Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou almost fainted as their faces turned as white as sheet!

During this visit, Li Youran had handed them about 2 million taels of silver. They predicted that the highest price this piece of jade would go would be 4 to 5 hundred thousand, regardless of how rare and precious it was. Two million was certainly beyond their expectations! Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou initially thought they could pocket the remaining of the budget as compensation for their heavy losses at the Thousand Gold Hall recently. But at this point in time, they realized it had become an elusive dream. Thanks to Fatty Tang, they would have to start using their own pocket money if the bidding continues.

They did not even dare to approach Li Youran for additional reimbursement for the cost of the Jade Sea Coral!

"2.4 million!" Li Zhen announced. His face had already turned purple in anger and rising frustration, "Tang Yuan! Do you really want this Jade Sea Coral so badly? It is absolutely useless to you! Just give it up!"

"Nonsense! How do you know this is useless to me! If it is truly useless to me, then why should I even bother arguing with you? Do you think you are very handsome?" Tang Yuan retorted and stamped his foot down, causing the whole box to shake. He then shouted, "3 million!"

Although the walls of these boxes were soundproofed, everyone could hear the commotion taking place between these two boxes.

Meng Hai Zhou responded furiously, "3.5 million!"

After calling out, he jumped out of his box and came to the Tang Family*s box, yelling, "Fatty Tang, you have already extorted 2 million taels of silver from us at the Thousand Gold Hall back then, and that was more than sufficient to compensate your losses! What else do you want? You are just too unreasonable!"

"Huh? Both of you are really strange! Tang Yuan was the first to bid 1 million on this piece of jade. Nobody was interested in bidding further and the jade was clearly his. However, you intervened and deliberately bid for higher prices, forcing him to go even higher. You are the one trying to sabotage others. I am sure everyone here can testify for this. How can you accuse my good friend here of malicious intents?" Jun Mo Xie spoke up before Tang Yuan could respond. He continued, "Are the Li and Meng Families always so unreasonable?"

As Jun Mo Xie was speaking, a girl's voice sounded from one of the boxes of the Tian Xiang Royal family, "It's Jun Mo Xie." This voice was filled with respect, admiration, and relief.

"Jun Mo Xie! This is none of your business. There is no need for you to interfere with our affairs!" Meng Hai Zhou snapped furiously, his voice boiling with anger. Meng Hai Zhou's plans were also spoilt by Jun Mo Xie the previous time and it caused him to be caned severely by the elders in his family. That was not the end. Shortly after, Tang Yuan had also blackmailed him for an additional 2 million taels of silver! He had barely recovered from his losses yet! And here he was, standing before this terrible duo again. What a thorn in his flesh!

"My affair is his affair! Now, cut the crap. If you truly want the item, show us you have the money to afford it! If you have no money, then jolly well get out!" Tang Yuan challenged angrily as his fat belly stuck out awkwardly. "I bid 4 million! Can you challenge me? Let me tell you this. I have nothing but money! Precisely because I*ve so much money, I can afford to burn it fast! What can you do about it?"

Everyone in the hall was staring in astonishment. On one side, it was the Li and Meng Families, while on the other, it was the Tang and Jun Families! This had clearly become a feud between the young masters of four major families. Everyone remained silent and continued to watch the comical scene unfold.

Grandfather Jun had only stained his hands with blood recently and the blood on the streets had yet to dry up. Who would have the courage to cause such trouble again?

Cursing bitterly, Meng Hai Zhou stood outside the Tang Family's box, shaking in anger. He really wanted to walk out of this mess but he was too afraid to go against Li Youran. As such, he could only bite his teeth and endure the pain. With frustration, Meng Hai Zhou shouted, "I bid 5 million! 5 million taels of silver! Tang Yuan, do you have the guts the compete against me?"

Jun Mo Xie narrowed his eyes. His spiritual awareness could easily sense every disturbance or change in emotions of the people surrounded by his power. He could feel that Meng Hai Zhou was extremely close to the point of insanity. He also knew that this was probably the highest price that Meng Hai Zhou and Li Zhen would be able to afford! If Tang Yuan bid any further, it would simply drill a large hole through his pockets and force them to take home a mere piece of decorative jade. Jun Mo Xie quickly gave Tang Yuan a wink.

Taking the cue, Tang Yuan laughed and responded, "Young Master Meng, you really have a deep pocket, don't you? 5 million taels of silver! You are essentially paying 10 times more than the amount this piece of Jade is worth. I truly admire you. I admire you from the bottom of my heart! I do not have enough money this time, so I shall give it to you." He then leaned over and whispered into Meng Hai Zhou*s ear mysteriously, "Young Master Meng, to be honest, I did not bring any money at all today. I was just bidding for fun!"

Meng Hai Zhou*s eyes suddenly turned round and wide. He stared at Tang Yuan, pointing a pale trembling finger at him and stood there for a few seconds before coughing up blood and collapsing to the ground!

"I can't believe he is so weak. It's just a casual remark. How could we not bring any money today?" Jun Mo Xie shook his head as he watched Meng Hai Zhou falling heavily to the ground. He continued, "You can't even stand a simple joke? Such an embarrassment!"