Chapter 440: Swift Wolf Regiment! (2)

The other eight Companies were also in neat formations, with not a single soldier showing any signs of fear or cowardice. All that could be seen in their eyes was excitement, bloodlust and yearning for battle# to prove themselves.

These last several months of the Peerless Battalion had been spent training with all their might, and not only their personal strength, but overall strength had raised considerable. It was not just Zhou Weiqing or the officers who could see this, even the soldiers could see it for themselves, and feel their own rise in power. When each of them could use their bows and arrows to accurately shoot at a distance of five hundred yards and beyond, one could just imagine their excitement. When they all started gain their Consolidated Equipment Bows, to see the sheer force and range of the bows, the attached explosive or piercing powers endowed by the Consolidated Bow, their hearts was filled with an unspoken excitement.

The current Peerless Battalion was now truly no longer the Ruffian Battalion of the past. Although they still only numbered a thousand and five hundred men, barely a few hundred more than their past, their personal strength was like night and day. Not only that, their equipment was top notch, perhaps more accurately described as elites armed to the teeth.

After all the time and money spent, each and every one of the one thousand five hundred Peerless Battalion warriors were now geared with the titanium alloy light mail, including hat and mask.

These custom designed titanium alloy mail was named the Peerless Mail, an entire set only weighed about eleven kilograms, but their sheer defensive capabilities was finer than any full set of heavy plate armour. More importantly, the joints of the Peerless Mail were fine and flexible, not restricting movement in any way. Furthermore, due to the light weight, to these Peerless Battalion soldiers who all had Heavenly Energy, it was not a burden at all.

Besides the Peerless Mail, Zhou Weiqing also borrowed some ideas from the gear of the Heavy Cavalry Soldiers. Each of the Peerless Battalion soldiers were provided with a small round shield, also custom made. They were extremely tiny, only eight diameters each, but their edges were very sharp. With Shangguan Fei'er's unique close combat skills that she had taught them, these titanium alloy small shields could not just help in their defense, it could also be used as a surprise weapon.

At the same time, the warriors of the First and Second Companies were also provided with four javelins, holstered behind their back. Each of these javelins were three chi and six inches long. These were obviously not for close combat, but for throwing.

As for the remaining eight Companies, four were equipped with long spears, while the other four were equipped with large cavalry sabres. Besides that, naturally all of them were bearing a longbow on their back, along with four quiver of arrows. Even those arrows were of the diamond-shaped tip, forged with titanium alloy, extremely sharp and guaranteeing a power piercing effect.

Currently, the entire Battalion of them had already Awakened their Power Jewels, and as such in the entire Peerless Battalion, with the exception of Wei Feng who already had all his Consolidated Equipment, or all the Elemental jewel masters, pretty much everyone already had Consolidated Equipment Bows. Of them, six Companies all had Consolidated Bows with the explosive effect, while four had Consolidated Bows with the piercing effect. The reason why they still carried ordinary longbows was because their Heavenly Energy could not possibly sustain them through continuous firing during long battles, and these ordinary longbows were considered a spare.

Despite being &spares', these longbows were extremely rare and fine tough longbows. After all, they were all Jewel Masters, and compared to any ordinary soldiers their strength and physiques were incomparable. Even without using their Consolidated Bows, their killing range was at least at the three hundred yard range, with some of the finer archers even able to reach a four hundred yard range.

Wei Feng ran back towards Zhou Weiqing, giving him a proper army salute. ※Reporting, Battalion Commander Sir. Our Peerless Battalion is here in full strength, one thousand five hundred and six men present. Please give our next orders.§

Zhou Weiqing nodded towards him and said: ※Thank you for your troubles, Vice Commander Wei.§

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was also fully dressed in titanium alloy light mail, although his mail was decorated in strange red lines and patterns, definitely making it convenient to distinguish him from the crowd.

Zhou Weiqing took of his helmet, holding it under his arms before he swept his gaze towards his Peerless Battalion men.

※My brothers of the Peerless Battalion, do you still remember? When I first got here as your Battalion Commander, I set up those few rules# Amongst them was the one that stated when we faced any enemies, if we do not have absolute confidence in defeating them, we will not attack, needing at least several times their power before we do so. That is because our lives are extremely important, our most valuable asset, and that is what we must take care of. I will not hide anything from you, we are about to face the WanShou Empire's Swift Wolf Regiment, a Regiment of ten thousand Wolf Cavalry Soldiers. We only number one thousand five hundred in total, but we are about to face ten thousand Wolf Cavalry Soldiers. Such a difference in numbers might seem like we are at an absolute disadvantage. However, I am still adamant in bringing you all to fight. Do you all know why?§

Upon hearing that the enemy would be ten thousand wolf cavalry soldiers, a small commotion rose up from the Peerless Battalion soldiers. However, their formation remained steady and did not scatter at all.

All of them knew the notoriety of the Wolf Cavalry Soldiers, with some having even witnessed it for themselves. Yet, at the same time, a majority of the soldiers had seen for themselves how the seven masters of the Heavenly Bow Unit had taken out an entire Company of Wolf Cavalry soldiers just by themselves. Furthermore, just not too long ago, they had personally wiped out three Companies of Wolf Cavalry soldiers with ease, not even taken a single casualty or even injury.

Shangguan Fei'er swept her cold gaze across the soldiers, and instantly the few muttering protests were silenced, as no one dared continue speaking.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and continued: ※The reason why I have decided to lead you all into battle against such an enemy is because it is time to test your half year of training. As long as you all obey all our orders, I can personally guarantee that no one will be in any danger. What I want is not just a mere victory, but an absolute, complete victory with zero losses. Otherwise, I would not have chosen the path of archery for all of you. I will not talk too much any more# in the battlefield I do not require all of you to have to greatest morale or spirits, but I need all of you to obey all our commands absolutely. If we are fighting on the battlefield, anyone who disobeys a command, no matter who it is, we will kill him off instantly. You know very well how terrifying your seven archery masters and their archery is, and this time they will be the enforcers on the battlefield. Alright, each Company, receive your orders. Besides the First and Second Company, everyone move out in a reverse triangle formation.§

※Yes Sir!§ All the Company Leaders shouted in compliance. In the next moment, eight Companies, a thousand two hundred men in total, flew into action, heading out swiftly towards the plains.

Zhou Weiqing gestured towards Shangguan Fei'er before mounting his Single-Horned Ghost Demon Horse. Along with Wei Feng and the seven Masters of the Heavenly Bow Unit, they too headed towards the plains.

Although the enemy was still quite a distance from them, they knew that the Wolf Cavalry Soldiers were extremely fast, and it would be barely two hours before they would meet. Although Zhou Weiqing and the officers had already planned out everything, when they were actually on the battlefield, it would be a lie to say that they were not nervous. Even for Zhou Weiqing, this would be the first time he was in a full scale battle of numbers above ten thousand. After all, no matter how much confidence they had, they were still severely outnumbered by their enemies.

The atmosphere about them was stifling, almost oppressive, as the Peerless Battalion soldiers reached their destination and rested there upon command, bringing their Heavenly Energy to their max in preparation. Zhou Weiqing sat atop his Single Horned Ghost Demon Horse, Hua Feng and Wei Feng at his sides respectively. If one could be described as the most idle and indolent, it would definitely be Zhou Weiqing's teacher Mu En, who was currently gnawing on a chicken thigh. At the same time, Luo Ke Di was beside him drinking wine from a small bottle. The two of them looked as if they were here on holiday.

However, no one would have any complaints against the two of them. In terms of cultivation level, perhaps the Company Leaders of the various Companies would be comparable to them. However, even those Company Leaders were extremely clear that even if all of them were to fight the two Scoundrel Rogue pair, they would be no match for them. Just their miraculous archery# up until now the Peerless Battalion Soldiers had barely learned a smattering. Even so, they had already improved by leaps and bounds from that.

The Swift Wolf Regiment was indeed extremely fast, their war wolves moving swiftly like the wind, and any enemy they met in their path was smashed aside like an autumn wind sweeping fallen leaves, destroyed in an instant.

Butler sat astride his massive war wolf with gold fur, leading his tribesmen and soldiers in a charge. The Wolf Cavalry Soldiers did not carry any supplies with them; their supplies were their enemies, their loots.

The corpses of their enemies were the best food for their war wolves, and the supplies of their enemies were also the target of the wolfmen tribe people.

※Has the eagle tribe verified all the information?§ Butler asked the officer beside him.

※Yes Sir, they have already verified it. It appears that there is only a Battalion of ZhongTian Empire troops camped out in the seven o'clock direction. The Eagle Tribe has already scouted them out in detail, and due to the terrain of their camp, it is impossible for us to ambush them. However, they only number two thousand at most, and they are all infantry soldiers.§

A cruel light flashed in Butler's eyes as his mouth curved up in a merciless grin. ※Good, very good. Let those humans become the sacrificial offering to our lost tribesmen. Send out my order, kill them all, leave no survivors, not even any possible warhorses of their enemy. We will split the spoils of war after this.§

The Wolf Cavalry Soldiers nearby directly heard Butler's voice, and a thick bloodlust sprang into their eyes. The Swift Wolf Regiment had achieved fame since a long time ago, and it could be said that all their hands were soaked in blood. Slaughtering two thousand infantry soldiers was just simply too easy for them.

In the distance, the range of hills slowly entered the visions of the Wolf Cavalry Soldiers. Although it was still a distance away, they could see the shape of it in the distance, especially the flags of the enemies on the plains in front of the hills.

The flag of the Peerless Battalion only had a single side, but it was huge, almost fifteen metres tall. The design of the flag was simple, with the outer edges lined with silver, and the huge words &Peerless Battalion' in the middle. At this moment, this massive flag was held stably in Zhou Weiqing's hands.

As the Wolf Cavalry Soldiers spotted the Peerless Battalion Soldiers, naturally the Peerless Battalion Soldiers spotted their enemies at the same time.

※All stand!§ Wei Feng shouted out loud, and in a cacophony of clanging sounds, the Peerless Battalion soldiers all stood up, still in their reverse triangle formation. This formation would allow them space for all to use their archery properly.

※Consolidated Equipment Bows, Release!§ Zhou Weiqing's first order came down swiftly.